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Chapter 949: She Has Lost Weight

Five minutes later, Jing Tong was invited to the living room.

She then saw Jiang Yu walking downstairs in his uniform

She hadnt expected to meet Jiang Yu for the first time in three years under such circumstances.

She had always thought that even if they met by accident one day, she would still walk past him as if he was a stranger, but now, she had come to him on her own accord, asking for his help.

The man didnt look any different from he did three years ago.

He still had a well-defined face, and his dark eyes were deep and cold.

His emotions couldnt be seen at all.

Besides, the man was still wearing his uniform at this time.

She wondered,Does he wear his uniform 24/7 even when hes still sleeping

However, Jing Tong suddenly felt self-deprecating when she recalled how she had been most infatuated with him when he looked handsome and ascetic in a uniform.

She bit her lips and didnt know what to say.

Jiang Yu was also sizing her up.

He felt that she had lost weight.

The girl with bright eyes and baby fat had become a slender and beautiful woman.

Her pink lips were pursed, looking stubborn.

Jiang Yu looked at her lips and said, “Sit down.

Why didnt you tell me you were back Where do you live If you dont want to stay in the old manor of the Jing family, I have an apartment under my name.

You can stay there first.”

Jing Tong was stunned for a while and then she said coldly, “I have a place to stay.

You dont have to worry.”

She didnt understand what that man was thinking.

Who was he to comfort her and invite her to stay in his house Was he her enemy

“Sit down,” Jiang Yu said again.

“Its cold today.

I asked the kitchen to prepare some ginger tea for you.”

Jing Tong said, “Dont bother.

Ill leave after I say something.”

Jiang Yu raised an eyebrow.

“I think youve heard that Ji Shiting and Ye Shengge are trapped at the banquet.

Can you get them out” Jing Tong said, getting straight to the point.

Jiang Yu paused.


“My father left behind an institution for illegal research.

I dont know what that research institute is for, but its definitely evil.

It seems to be related to mind control.

The person in charge of this institute is Hua Cheng, and on the surface, shes the boss of Night Banquet.

Shes my fathers capable subordinate.

She has many capable subordinates who are very loyal to her.

There are also a few researchers, whose names I dont know yet at the moment, but they should have all faked their deaths.

After that, they stayed in this research institute to do illegal research for my father.

Countless people died under them,” Jing Tong said, his voice trembling.

Gu Yimo had told her all this, and she believed that there was no need for him to lie.

She couldnt help feeling heartbroken at the thought that such an evil organization was created by her biological father.

She seemed to be more and more at a loss as to how to face her father, but her father was sentenced to life imprisonment and had been deprived of visitation rights.

If there were no accidents, she might never have to face him in her life… Jing Tong found it amusing and sad.

Jiang Yu listened expressionlessly and said, “Evidence.

Witnesses and physical evidence are both acceptable , but what you said is just a guess.

It cant be used.”

“Theres no evidence.” Jing Tong stared at her.

“But Im not lying.

Believe me, Jiang Yu.

This organization is very threatening.

You dont want it to get bigger, do you”

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