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Chapter 69: Tai Shang Mirror (2)


The hurricane’s vortex was getting bigger and bigger, carrying countless sand and dust, and blocking everyone's sight. 

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Tian Zhen was in the center of the funnel, but she can no longer see the outside situation.

Looking up, she could see that the center of the vortex was in fact a limited space, where thousands of arrows were ready to rain down; it was extremely dangerous.


"Tai Shang Mirror is not the tranquility you imagined.

Do you want to follow me"


"I’ll follow."


"Your tears make me happy."


This situation was too much like a TV series,  but Tian Zhen didn't have the strength to scold him as tears continuously rolled down her face.


"This petty Tai Shang Mirror can't hold too much," He stroked her face with his clean fingers, wiping her tears.

"Once I leave, will you return to Phoenix King"


He was still thinking of this! Tian Zhen didn't know what to say to him, so she just shook her head.


"Very good." The Devil God put his left hand on her shoulder, "Phoenix God's neidan can inherit divine power.

Protect the Demon World for me."


The gentle power poured into her body, and was quickly absorbed by the neidan.

Speaking of which, it was quite strange that her fragile body was able to endure his divine power without feeling any sense of discomfort.

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Tian Zhen finally realized the problem and exclaimed: "You had planned to go back! You did it on purpose!"


The Devil God admitted: "I already predicted this outcome."


"Yet you still came" Tian Zhen shook her head and forcefully grabbed his lapel.

"You obey Heaven’s Will, so why did you..." Why did you deliberately respond to my confession Why did you say those heart-warming words


As if reaching an epiphany, she murmured: "You desired the Phoenix God's neidan.

You treated me like that just so that I could protect the Demon World for you You also want to use me"


The devil held her hands with one hand: "Do you think so"


Whether she was being used or not, Tian Zhen had no mood or time to think about it seriously.

She was full of anger as she withdrew her hand fiercely, and then she fell to the ground like she lost her strength and fell to the ground.


The Devil God held her up with one hand.


Tian Zhen pushed it away without thinking.


"If you want to leave, then leave," Without scruples, she stared at him fiercely, but her tears welled up without stopping.

"This is the Heavenly Realm, they outnumber us greatly.

What about your subordinatesEven if I have 10% of your power, how can I beat them"


Devil God said: "You don't need to worry about this,"


Was it also arranged Tian Zhen was in a trance.


"Phoenix, don't cry." His beautiful fingers slowly stroked her forehead.

Suddenly on her smooth forehead appeared a small golden bindi.

It extended to the back of the head, it was glistening and very beautiful.

"A gift for you."


The Devil God seemed satisfied as he said, "I said before I will give you this chance to seal me."


Tian Zhen didn't notice this, and stared at him blankly, unable to understand.


A gift.

She once thought it was comforting words before the accident, but it was a fact that was decided long ago.

After he arranged everything, he just let everything go as is, but what about her For what purpose did Jiu Sicang, Devil Minister Mo Ye, and the others train soldiers every day To allow her to seal him with her own hands Does the almighty god never need to consider other people's feelings


A god was always a god.

To not care much even if they were to see a full picture.

Maybe she was wrong from the beginning


The feelings that she thought she had received was just a lie to exploit her She couldn't believe that these are all his calculations; plans that have been drawn up long ago.


With 10% of his divine power, how could the Heavenly Emperor, Immortal Emperor and Demon King be at ease with such an existence This was to cut off the possibility of her returning to the Heavenly Realm, and can only stay in the Demon Realm to serve.

To detoxify herself and leave behind the Phoenix God's neidan, the intimacy and touch of these days, including today's rescue, were they all fake He had planned everything and she was only part of the plans


There was a smile in his narrow eyes.

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Tian Zhen remained silent.


She had to confess, she was moved a little bit, attracted a little bit, to the personality hidden under his handsome face.

His pride and belligerence, martial, moral, defending his subordinates, ignoring trifle matters, his great intelligence that may appear to be stupidity, and his occasional unreasonableness and bad temper……


It was not exploitation, others would exploit her, but he won't.

She understood him, how could a god with high virtue do something that he loathed In fact, he was interested in this phoenix.

At least he cared more than others and that was why he would mind when she defended Zhao Hua Jun.

The phrase "marry you" should not be a lie, and the six realms he will miss also included a phoenix, right It's just that he accepted Heaven's Will, the premise left behind no longer existed.

What was there to retort What was to blame


There was no reason to blame, so he did not give an apology.


Tian Zhen slowly stretched out her hands and wrapped it around his neck, forcing him to lean in.

With a smile on her lips, she said: "Since you're leaving, Your Highness wouldn't mind kissing me, right Count it as a goodbye."


After a while, a hand wrapped around her waist.


"I grant you this opportunity, and I grant myself a chance."


His handsome face slowly leaned down towards her, the straight and domineering nose bridge pressed against her nose.

After adjusting his position his thin lips finally fell on hers.


There was no further action, nor did he leave immediately.

Because of his injury, there was still a taste of blood on his lips.


His long eyelashes moved slightly, and she could feel his hesitation.

Tian Zhen burst into tears, but she laughed internally.


The power of the vortex was getting stronger and his protective light was getting dimmer.


Finally, the Devil God patted her on the back and pushed her away: "I'm going."


Tian Zhen closed her eyes.


All the noise around her disappeared, it was pitch black, and there was silence.

After an unknown time, she heard Lu Xiaocan's loud cry.




Tian Zhen slowly opened her eyes in a daze.


The vortex above her head had disappeared, and the mighty figure was gone.

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Lu Xiaocan fell to his knees, wiping his tears with his small hands while crying.

Lu BingHe put away his glaive, bowed his head, and slowly knelt down on one knee.

Jiu Sicang, Minister Mo Ye, and others followed and knelt on the ground.


They had suffered a crushing defeat.

They had not expected such an outcome. 


Although the cost was high, the harvest was even greater.The immortals and gods were overjoyed as they praised the Immortal and Heavenly Emperor.  


The imperial canopy was displayed out again as the Cloud Tower rose above, the Heavenly Emperor and the Immortal Emperor climbed to the top of the building again.


The Heavenly Emperor regained his majesty, and he didn't even care about his own injuries.

He said, "The sealing of the Devil God proves that the Heavens do not tolerate demons.

If you are willing to surrender, zhen will pardon your crimes."


Hearing these words while still in grief, the generals of the demon world were furious and wanted to continue fighting, but were stopped by Lu BingHe.


Lu BingHe replied lightly, "On the bases of you"


At present, there were countless casualties of soldiers and generals, but their own combat power still had an overwhelming advantage.

The Heavenly Emperor turned to look at the Immortal Emperor Guan Heyue Wei: "The demons should be punished.

What does the Immortal Emperor think about letting our two realms join hands to correct the demons to the right path"


Guan Heyue Wei had a reputation for being virtuous, so he could not help but softly decline.

"The demons are innocent.

The people of the Heavenly and Immortal realm are also deeply burdened by the war.

Since the Devil God has been sealed, I think it's better to forgive them."


Jiufu taigong nodded and sighed: "The Heavens are kind."


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