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Chapter 70: A Happy End


The Heavenly Emperor was about to say more when suddenly a strong gust of wind blew.

The strong evil energy in the wind surprised all the gods and demons, and they turned their heads to look, only to see a large army marching against the wind.

The man in front was holding a folding fan, he had silver-haired and silver clothing; the allure hidden under this pure exterior, it was Demon King Fu Qianqiu.

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The Heavenly Emperor's face turned cold again: "Fu Qianqiu, you want to intervene"


"The devils and demons are in the same vein, and now the Demon World is in trouble, how can I just sit back and watch" After the Demon King finished speaking, he greeted Lu Binghe with a fist to palm salute and sighed.

"The day before yesterday, this King's brother came back and mentioned the grace of the Devil Emperor and respects him very much.

When he heard that something was wrong, he begged me to come and help, but...

ah! I was a step too late."


Lu BingHe returned the salute: "We have troubled you."


The Demon King continued regretfully: "I had persuaded him from the beginning, but the Devil Emperor insisted on.

Now, as expected...

I am also saddened by this matter, but with all due respect, the Heavenly King must focus on the overall situation and preserve the foundation of the Demon World."


Lu BingHe nodded: "I understand, thank you."

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Tian Zhen fell to the ground and stared blankly at the sky on the top of Mount Youpo.


Saving Fu Sanshan turned out to be the reason for the Demon King to send troops to help today.

Although the Demon King’s desire of having him sealed again was fulfilled, the Demon King would never allow the situation where the Demon World were to be overwhelmed by the Immortal Realm.

Before they arrived, the Devil God had already destroyed the barricade set up by the Immortal Realm with his divine power.

That was why the army of the Demon Realm could come in so smoothly to support them.

He had long arranged everything.


Should she praise the Devil God for his wisdom and foresight Why was it still difficult to let go Was it because she didn’t see him in grief He was sealed without complaint, leaving her without even a word of apology.


She wanted to smile, but her heart was full of bitterness.


"Hey, hey!"


Hearing someone calling her while in a trance, Tian Zhen turned her head dully to look.

It was Lu Xiaocan next to her, when he saw that everyone’s attention was on the Demon King, he quietly stretched out his hand to get her attention.


"Hey, that’s enough!" As soon as he touched her hand, Lu Xiaocun whispered, "Aiya! Fuhuang did not hesitate to use his true form to change your physique.

It turned out that he wanted you to be able to bear divine power."


Change my physique Tian Zhen looked down at her hands and finally understood the truth of her seven-day coma.


No wonder she was able to withstand his divine power, no wonder his body was depleted so badly.

Even though he had long left, she still had his power on her… Doesn't he know the consequences of doing so From now on, every time she uses divine power, she will remember.


Tian Zhen said angrily, "I won't remember, no matter how much divine power."


"That's a pity," Lu Xiaocun wiped his tears and said, "Fuhuang wanted me to tell you one more thing, if you don't want to hear it, then forget it."


Tian Zhen clasped his little hand abruptly: "What did he say"


Lu Xiaocan turned his eyes and continued to cry: "Fuhuang—"


Tian Zhen grabbed him: "What did he say Hurry up!"


"Don't be so loud!" Lu Xiaocan used the technique of sound transmission to stop her, "The polar iceland’s magic lotus is about to open.

Fuhuang and the elder brother went out the other day to direct the spiritual veins of the six realms there.

He wanted to nourish the lotus with the spiritual energy of the six realms.

When it blooms, it will bear a heavenly vien that can shake the earth and heaven.

Fuhuang will then use its power to break the Tai Shang Mirror and return to the Six Realms."

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Return to the Six Realms What did this mean


He’s coming back


"I grant you this opportunity, and I also grant myself an opportunity." He gave her the opportunity to seal him, and the opportunity to return to himself.


No wonder!


He did not apologize, he was not in grief, because there was still a chance to come back!


Great sorrow turned into great joy, Tian Zhen felt as if she was in a dream, still in disbelief as she asked: "Really"


"Of course! Since fuhuang was not sure this plan would work for sure, he deliberately didn't tell you.

But you really cried!" Lu Xiaocan gloated at her misfortune, "Don't be too happy, you’ll make them suspicious."




"My father said that the lotus will bloom in five years."


Unable to contain her ecstasy, Tian Zhen pulled Lu Xiaocan into her arms and hugged him.

She lowered her head and buried her face on his back to hide her expression, her shoulders kept twitching.


"Hey hey! What are you doing" Lu Xiaocan struggled, "Let me go!"


"Xiaocan, my baby!" Tian Zhen was unwilling to let go.

She continued to hug him while sobbing.


"Why are you crying on me" Lu Xiaocan bit her hand angrily, "Disgusting!"


"XiaoCai!" Tian Zhen abandoned him, hugged the snake next to her and continued to cry.


The snake trembled.


Lu Xiaocan patted the snake's head and whispered a few words.

The snake looked at the two of them for a while, then turned, and slid up Mount Youpo.


No wonder why she always felt that her body was different.

It turned out that the Devil God had formatted her to improve performance.

The system was not incorrectly reinstalled, right Tian Zhen burst into tears, and then whispered, "Can I beat that War God now"


Lu Xiaocan cooperated and loudly cried twice before replying.

"Let's bait him out to try next time!"



While the two of them sang together, the Heavenly Emperor's mood index dropped sharply.


The Demon King shook his fan and smiled unhurriedly: "The barrier has been destroyed, yet the Heavenly Emperor still refuses to withdraw his troops.

Could it be that the imperial court is inviting a new tenant"


The barrier to the immortal realm was destroyed, the door was wide open, the rear was empty, and the army was exhausted.

Now that the demons were intervening, it was obviously unwise to continue fighting.

The Heavenly Emperor squeezed the word "withdraw" from his gnashed teeth.

Immortal Emperor Guan Heyue Wei obviously had no objections.

The Devil God had been sealed, so their goal had been achieved.

The power of the immortal realm was not as good as that of the heavenly realm.

If the Devil World were to be destroyed, it would not benefit the immortals.


The generals of the two realms received their orders, and each counted the remaining soldiers.


Zhao Hua Jun walked to Tian Zhen: "Little Phoenix, you..."

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"Don't be pretentious," Lu Xiaocun wiped his tears.

He jumped up to stop him, and cursed in a vicious voice, "She won't go with you!"


Zhao Hua Jun looked at Tian Zhen.


Guan Heyue Wei stood in front of her at some point, but he remained silent.


"Be polite, even when dealing with the enemy." Tian Zhen pulled Lu Xiaocan and walked towards Lu Binghe with a straight face.

Even until the army of the two realms withdrew, she never gave the two another glance.


The Demon King said: "As for the matter of the Devil Emperor, I ask the Heavenly Kings to restrain your grief-stricken and take care.

I won't bother you anymore and shall take my leave."


Lu Binghe said: "The incident happened suddenly.

Forgive me for my rudeness.

I will thank you for your kindness in the future."


"Heavenly King is too polite.





The tranquility of  Mount Youpo was restored once again.

The cold wind blew away the dust and smoke, leaving behind a devastated land, confirming the battle that had taken place.


Tian Zhen smiled secretly as she watched the demon army depart.


Well, in this world where time was measured in increments tens of thousands years, five years was actually not a long time.

She had plenty of time left.

Since there was a change, how could there not be a way for her to assist him


This plotted scenario, she wondered who was to blame for her misfortune and happiness, her crying and laughing...


Accompanying the demons as she squeezed out a few more tears, Tian Zhen turned around and hugged Lu Xiaocan.

"Don’t cry, my son.

Although your father is not here, and your mother still loves you..."


Lu Xiaocan took one step and ran away.


"My son—"


(The End)


Pure: Stay tuned! There’s still two extras!


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