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1095 Miraculous Skills

The doctors face turned red and he rebuked angrily, “What are you guys doing This is a hospital! Youre so bold, you actually dare to publicly lay your hands on a patient!”

“Youre mistaken.” Jiang Yu explained.

“Im a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner.

I did acupuncture on him.

This is recorded in traditional Chinese medicine.

However, the doctor did not listen at all because he did not believe that Jiang Yu knew any acupuncture.

“Shut up! youre so young and you already know acupuncture” The doctor said angrily, “And you say youre a Chinese medicine doctor When I was your age, I was still in medical school! You cant even be considered an intern!”

“Youve really misunderstood.

Im really a traditional Chinese medicine doctor.

” Jiang Yu explained helplessly, “If you dont believe me, well just see if he wakes up later.”

“Nonsense! This is a human life, how can you joke around with a human life!” The doctor refused to agree and asked Jiang Yu to remove the silver needles as soon as possible.

Jiang Yu wanted to drag on for a while longer, so she casually changed the topic.

“Doctor, my medical skills have been recognized.

I wont risk my reputation to treat him, so I definitely wont lie to you.”

“That wont do either!” The doctors face turned red.

Just as he was about to speak, he heard the person on the bed moan.

“The patient is awake” The doctor was shocked and quickly called for the nurse who was doing the ward round to make the record.

“Check the patients various statistics and see if there are any abnormalities.” The doctor ordered.

“Alright,” he said.

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The nurse on duty gave Yaqi a comprehensive examination and recorded all the data.

She handed the recorded data to the doctor, and the doctor was shocked when he saw the data.

his bodys stats are returning to normal”

“Yes, I am.” The nurse on duty nodded and said in an excited tone, “this is a miracle, doctor! Its all thanks to your superb medical skills.

Otherwise, we dont know when this patient will wake up!”

“Im not the one who saved …” The doctor scratched his head and looked at Jiang Yu in embarrassment.

“The one who cured this patient is this female Chinese medicine doctor.

“Ah” The nurse looked at Jiang Yu in surprise, but her eyes were soon filled with envy.

“Hes younger than me, but his medical skills are so superb!”

Jiang Yu was embarrassed by the compliment and her face could not help but blush.

“Hes awake now, ” she urged.

“Can you please give him a check we still have something to ask him.”

“Sure, no problem.”

The doctor gave Yaqi a simple full-body examination.

After confirming that there was no major problem, he took the first aid box and was ready to leave.

unexpectedly, Yaqi reached out and grabbed the doctors sleeve.

he shouted in fear, “What is this place Why did you lock me up here”

His eyes were listless, and his eyes were wide open when he spoke.

It was as if there was a mouthful of phlegm stuck in his throat.

“Where is this place Why is it so dark why didnt you turn on the lights” Yaqi was still shouting.

The people who heard him shout out all looked at him in surprise.

Yaqi, he cant see

Jiang Yu waved her hand in front of Yaqis eyes and realized that he had no reaction.

he really could not see.

Milan, who had been hiding at the door, found that Yaqis eyes could not see, and he was very happy.

it seemed like even god was helping her.

as long as Yaqi couldnt see her and Mi Feis faces, he could only identify Mi Fei when the time came.

Seeing that no one responded to him, Yaqi couldnt help but cry, “Wuahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This place was too dark! theres clearly someone here, why arent you saying anything! Are you trying to scare me on purpose”

Yaqi seemed to have thought of something.

He stopped crying and said in disbelief, “… You didnt turn on the lights.

Im blind, right ”

Since he himself had already realized this problem, there was no need to hide it from the others.

“Yes, your eyes cant see,” Jiang Yu said.

Yaqi was in a daze, and even his breathing seemed to have stopped.

The doctor quickly arranged for a CT scan of the brain.

Half an hour later, the results were out.

The reason why Yaqi couldnt see was because when he fell from upstairs, his head had suffered a serious impact, which formed a small blood clot in his brain.

The small blood clot was pressing down on Yaqis optic nerve, which was why he couldnt see.

However, this was only a temporary phenomenon.

Once the clotted blood naturally dissolved, it would be visible.

After hearing the news, Yaqis mood calmed down a little.

He looked at the ceiling in a daze.

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