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Li Yue and Ah Xiangs chat history should have been deleted, but it wasnt completely deleted.

From the few sentences left behind, Jiang Yu could vaguely make out something.

Ah Xiang: “Ive already got it.

When will you come and look for me”

Li Yue: “Can you show me what it looks like first”

Ah Xiang: “Of course.”

There should be pictures or videos below because Li Yues next words were: “Alright, then this is it.

Send me the location and Ill go look for you now.”

But unfortunately, Li Yue had deleted the records of that area, so Jiang Yu didnt know what it was.

Although Jiang Yu could restore the items that had disappeared, it was a waste of time.

Moreover, through these words, she knew that the person called “Ah Xiang” was the person who had given the poisonous hook beetle to Li Yue.

Since things had come to this, there was no need to look at the following chat logs.

Jiang Yu imported these few sentences and the account called “Ah Xiang” into her phone and then deleted all traces of her search in the browser.

After deleting everything and making sure that there were no traces left, Jiang Yu turned off the computer and returned it to Chang Kai.

Sister Xia and Chang Kai didnt know what Jiang Yu had done with the computer, but they tactfully didnt ask.

“If theres nothing else, Ill be leaving first.” Chang Kai took the computer and prepared to leave.

“Wait a moment.” Jiang Yu stopped Chang Kai and opened her phone to show him Ah Xiangs account, “Can you help me investigate this person I suspect that he is the person who provided Li Yue with the information, so please help me investigate.”

Chang Kai took out his phone to take a few detailed photos and said, “Alright, leave this matter to me.”

“Thank you then.” Jiang Yu thanked him sincerely.

“Youre welcome.” Chang Kai waved his hand and left with his computer.

After Chang Kai left, Sister Xia asked Jiang Yu, “Jiang Yu, what did you use his computer to check just now Who is thatAh Xiang Is he the person you found”

Jiang Yu said, “Nothing much.

I just checked who Li Yue has been talking to recently.

As for Ah Xiang, I found him.

Hes the person who has been trading with Li Yue recently.”

“Its… the poisonous hook beetle” Sister Xia was a little scared.

Jiang Yu nodded, “Yes, its that thing.

Li Yue might have been worried that this matter would be exposed, so she deleted her chat history with Ah Xiang.

But it wasnt completely deleted, so she still left a few sentences behind.

From those few sentences, I can basically determine the relationship between Ah Xiang and Li Yue.”

“You just found this out” Sister Xia asked.

Jiang Yu nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Then why didnt you show those words to Chang Kai If he had seen it, he could have just arrested Li Yue directly, right” Sister Xia didnt understand.

Jiang Yu explained, “But these few sentences can not be used as evidence.

When the time comes, as long as Li Yue gritted her teeth and refused to admit it, these few sentences will not be considered evidence.

Moreover, I secretly read Li Yues chat records.

Its not right.

If Its serious, its against the law.

So we cant say this out loud.

We can only ask Chang Kai to help investigate this person calledAh Xiang.”

“I see.” Sister Xia suddenly understood.

“So now we only need to wait for Chang Kais result.

For the rest of the time, lets see how Li Yue jumps around first.” Jiang Yu said calmly.

“However, with your abilities, you should be able to find thatAh Xiang, right Why would you hand this matter over to Chang Kai” Sister Xia had just heaved a sigh of relief when there was another thing that she could not understand.

Jiang Yu shrugged, she said indifferently, “I still have to film, so I dont have much time to investigate.

Moreover, Chang Kais identity is a police officer.

The things that he finds out will be more convincing than what I find out.

If thats the case, then Im not afraid that Li Yue will be thick-skinned and refuse to admit it.”

“I see.” Sister Xia nodded.

Li Yue, who had been secretly checked on the chat records, was not aware of this.

She was even glad that she had deleted the chat records with Ah Xiang in advance.

If that was the case, even if the truth was exposed, no one would be able to trace it back to her.

“Jiang Yu ah, Jiang Yu, youre lucky this time.

Just wait and see.

You wont be so lucky next time.” Li Yue looked at the doll on the bedside table that was filled with needles, there was a note with the words “Jiang Yu” on it.


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