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“Opinion Dont have one, hahaha.”

Huang Yuzao crossed his arms. “Easy for you to be relaxed when your disciple is now someone nobody will underestimate or can easily kill.”

Tang Mian expressed, “Our plan was supposed to be for him to provoke the four unorthodox factions into committing violence, and then we would monitor their actions to forecast their future plans. Truth be told, I cant make sense of the links in this case.”

If the most prudent admitted defeat, then the others could only look to Ming Huayu for answers. Tiandao Alliance expected Ming Huayu to oppose the plan because he was known for protecting those on his side, yet he acquiesced readily.

Ming Huayu took a nip of wine from Yan Shisans pouch and smiled. “Demon Sect is fine.”

Tian Mian questioned, “What makes you say so”

“They sent Bai Tianbin and Zhuxing Wuchang. If they wanted to research God of Battles body, they sent the wrong people.”

Yan Shisan opined, “Indeed. Bai Tianbin is a rule follower and not pro-conflict. Zhuxing Wuchang is but a warrior. No matter how skilled he is at fighting, thats all he amounts to. If they wanted to research God of Battles body, they shouldve sent Xue Yanjun.”

Yan Shisans viewpoint held a lot of weight because he had been at loggerheads with Ximen Chuideng for the longest time, yet he defended the latter.

“Is that all the evidence you have, though, is it”

“Obviously not.”

“What else is there”

Ming Huayu pointed to his skull. “My instincts.”

“What good is your intuition”

“I wouldnt underestimate it; it works like magic. Neither Bai Tianbin nor Zhuxing Wuchang appear to be here for a fight, is what my gut tells me.”

Unlike the restless others, Abbess Bailou had already turned the page. “Next”

“As for Sky Palace, very suspicious but very likely, hahaha, to not start a fight,” replied Ming Huayu.

They looked to each other for elaboration until Ming Huayu elaborated, “While true that they stirred Miguos pot, they didnt benefit from the end result despite their investment. Now its back to waiting for another opportunity to strike when you least expect it.”

Wen Yiyi queried, “How do you know”

“Gut feeling.”

“Again Really”

“And my understanding of them. If youre feeling insecure, go find their new sacred maiden. The fact that they have a sacred maiden means that their incumbent leader is in trouble. As such, they wont be able to action anything for a while.”

“Big Bro, supposedly, Valley of Villains was involved,” Hong Ba reminded.

“Yeah, its suspicious for them to suddenly get involved when theyve kept to themselves for quite some time. That said, they never dispatched anyone to act in public and only made use of Miguos existing plan behind the curtain. Theyre practically old wine in a new bottle, always trying to ensure the world is in anarchy. Its likely they only wanted to try and reap something without getting their hands dirty. If they wanted God of Battles blood, they wouldnt be staying out of the spotlight.”

“Evidence” Huang Yuzao asked.

Wen Yiyi: “His intuition, obviously.”

Huang Yuzao grumbled, “Doesnt that mean it was all for naught We didnt achieve anything despite coming together”

Tang Mian: “Slow down. Theres still League of Assassins.”

Hong Ba slighted, “They only sent two measly leaders; not one of their adepts was sent.”

Compared to all attendees, League of Assassins members would rank within “average”. They werent feared fighters or shrewd schemers. The two leaders they dispatched were virtually spectators who gained nothing and lost nothing. In agreement with these observations, Ming Huayu asserted, “League of Assassins is clean.”

Hong Ba: “See Told you so.”

“Which is why theyre the most suspicious.”

Hong Ba slammed the table. “Told you so! Big Bro, we truly are connected.”

“From start to finish, they were hiding something. In saying that, my disciple can handle them, not that Im interested in getting involved.”

The most Ming Huayu ever contributed at the meetings was providing ideas. When it came to physical involvement, they could never count on Mount Daluo. Once he had pointed out the things they should pay attention to, it was up to the others to follow up.

“I have another question,” stated Huang Yuzao. “Is he really God of Battles son”

Ming Huayu smiled. “You take the wrong medication”

“Ran Clan is the only clan to carry God of Battles blood.”

“Youre the ones who insisted my disciple inherited his bloodline. Youre the ones who insisted on his participation to test if the unorthodox sects would get him killed. I let you have your way. Hes alive and kicking, isnt he”

Tang Mian: “He neutralized the Fengpengs energy, though. Plus, hes learnt Daoism and Buddhism disciplines. Unless he was a descendant of God of Battle, its hard to explain how he can achieve that much.”

Ming Huayu: “And you give up just because things are hard Discard that mentality, young one. You disappoint me. Wen Darling, how about I give you a hug”

Wen Yiyi: “Dig yourself a hole and climb in.”

Huang Yuzao frowned. “Im not convinced. Lets put aside him neutralising the Fengpengs energy for now. Knowing your relationship with Tianfeng Yu, would you really leave Ran Clans scion to their own device”

Ming Huayu paused before he smiled. “What if I did, and what if I didnt”

“Are you admitting your disciple is Tianfeng Yu and Ran Feikongs child”

“What if I did, and what if I didnt”

“Ming Huayu, Im not picking a fight. Im asking a genuine quest-”

“Shut up!” roared Abbess Bailou.


“Youre knocking on the gates to hell, and you dont even realise it! If you want this cavern to be your grave, keep mentioning Tiangfeng Yu.”

Huang Yuzao gulped, then hesitantly stole a gander at smiling Ming Huayu. Logically, Ming Huayus mood shouldnt have been so positive when Tianfeng Yu was the topic. His abnormal reaction was the polar opposite of his true reaction: he was angry enough to tear a head off a shoulder.

“Sister Lou,” Ming Huayu affably called, “why save him Wouldnt it be better to have some peace and quiet”

“Dont do anything stupid. Hes the leader of scholars… Let it go on my account.”

“Sure. Ill spare him on your account. Ol Huang.” Ming Huayu brushed Huang Yuzaos neck before the latter noticed Ming Huayu position himself behind him. “If you want to live a long life, learn to manage your mouth.”

Yan Shisan interjected. “I, too, have a question to ask.”

Ming Huayu looked over to Yan Shisan. “Brother Yan, you going to be like this, as well”

Yan Shisan: “Brother Ming, I only have one question… What do you want your disciple to do”

“Mm… Whatever I want him to think.” Giving them no time to decipher his answer, Ming Huayu added, “All of you have asked me a lot of questions. I also have a question for you.” He shook the wine pouch on hand. “Where do I find wine now that Im out” He strolled out, humming a tune, looked left and right, then stopped at the dip between the mountains. “Sorry for keeping you waiting, Brother Shen.”

“Sir.” Shen Wuzheng saluted Ming Huayu with the same salute reserved for his superiors.

“Dont give me unwarranted titles. Dont bring up the past.”

“Understood.” Shen Wuzheng switched his hands into a cupped-fist salute. “I have fulfilled your request. Feizhen is safe and sound.”

“Thanks for watching over him.”

“To tell the truth, I did not do anything. He was the one who converted the energy.”

“He was lucky to meet someone wise.”

“Someone wise”

“Hahaha, youve improved tremendously since we last met. Youre going to catch up to me in a matter of years.”

“I am still a long way off.”

Ming Huayu gently patted Shen Wuzheng on the shoulder. “Of course, of course. Young people should be modest.” He leaned in close to whisper, “Watch out. Something seems amiss in the capital.”

“… What suggests so”

“My intuition.”

“I shall bear it in mind.”

Ming Huayu gave Shen Wuzhengs shoulder another pat giddily. “I hope Im wrong. Im going for a refill. See you at the party.”


“Why didnt you use theWhat discipline I taught you sooner”

Ming Feizhen: “You think Id want to use it unless it was my last resort”

“Well, you had to resort to it in the end, anyway. Man… I cant believe you absorbed the Fengpengs consciousness years ago. 10%…”

The both of them sighed in unison. “Life isnt easy.”

“So, what is it you want me to do” Ming Feizhen inquired.

“Given youre the disciple of an orthodox sect, isnt it obvious that its exercising justice” The youth pointed north. “Head all the way to Luoyang. A family is marrying off their daughter in a few days. I have a hunch that someone is up to something, so I want you to watch over her.”

“Im impressed you know a family five hundred kilometres away is marrying off their daughter, but Im even more impressed you know someone wants to kidnap the bride.” Ming Feizhen lifted his chin to express disdain. “The bad guys are your men, arent they”

The youth mimicked the way Master Le smiled. “Whatever do you mean I just coincidentally happened to have a special moment. Its quite a common thing for me.”

Ming Feizhen acted out a vomiting motion. “Which family is the bride from”

“Luoyangs wealthiest family - Feng Clan.”

“The clan thats supposedly richer than His Majesty Who can afford her”

“His Majesty.”

“… Youre going to kidnap His Majestys wife You and your entire League of Assassins should just turn yourself in.”

“We really are innocent. Youre the one who said hed pay me back. You accepting the commission or not”

“… Consider it done. Im heading out now. Were even now.”

“Of course.”

On his way out, Ming Feizhen queried, “Hey, Zhile, who exactly are you”

“I am me, though my subordinates typically call me,” Changan Zhile turned in the option direction Ming Feizhen went, “‘Boss.”


‘What discipline - The disciplines actual name is that “What”.

Changan Zhile - In case anyone has forgotten, hes the kid whos always following Master Le as the latters assistant. In other words, Changan Zhile is the true boss, while the chubby Master Le is only a proxy.-

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