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An hour later, they arrived at home.

After a few minutes, he finally understood!

His third brother…had really taken a fancy to that woman

He heard that his grandfather wanted to matchmake them, but usually the more the elders tried to meddle with his business, the more rebellious he was.

How could this be…

When they entered the house, they saw Pei Xingxing, who was presenting his kiss to Su Jis face in the poster.

Pei Song pulled his ear which made him pout.

“Dont be silly, she might be your aunt in the future!”

Last time at Huichun Hall, he knew what this kid was thinking, so he had to destroy his hope.


Pei Xingxing: ʘʚʘ

A second later, he struggled even harder, not convinced at all, “nowadays, its free love.

Whether or not shell be my aunt still depends on Uncle Pei Huais ability!”


Pei Huai turned his head and glanced at him.

How arrogant

Pei Song could not be bothered to argue with him.

His sons stubborn personality was carved from the same mold as his mother.

The man sank into the sofa, and leaned against the back.

It was almost September, but the weather was still so hot.

Pei Huai was always in a bad mood during the summer.

During the company meetings, all the higher-ups would be in living hell.

But this year…it seemed to be a little different.

Although his third brother had not spoken more than ten sentences to him today, he had said a lot to Ms.

Su at Cainiao courier station!

He was very talkative!

When he thought of this, Pei Song smiled.

She was also in the entertainment industry…

The Pei family wouldnt all fall into the hands of celebrities, would they

On the TV, footage of a female star attending the Berlin International Film Festival was played.

An image formed in his mind.

Dazzling crystal chandeliers.

Hot and humid air around them.

He saw a pretty figure smiling and beckoning him with her finger.

He was infatuated.

He subconsciously reached out to the crystal chandelier…but in the next second, the big electric toy plane hit his hand.


“Dad! Your hand is blocking me! How annoying!”

Damn kid!

The illusion in front of him was instantly shattered, and the veins on Pei Songs forehead throbbed.

He looked at the back of his hand which was red.

His fingertips, which used to always smell like tobacco, now smelled like medicinal herbs.

Who would have thought that Second Master Pei, who had broken the hearts of countless women in A city, would now be taking care of his child at home

It was karma indeed.


Before the weather became cold, Kyokushin welcomed the start of the school season.

Every year, Kyokushin only allowed parents to enter the dormitory during the first few days of the new semester.

There was a welcome poster outside, and the girls would pay attention to what they were wearing in the dormitory.

Su Qianrou had been assigned to the same dormitory building as Su Ji, so Ning Lihua and Su Cunyi went with them.

Su Qianrou was on the 9th floor while Su Ji was on the 13th floor.

Ding! The elevator reached the 9th floor.

Su Qianrou smiled and turned around, “mom, dad, this is my floor.”

“Okay, Ill go take a look at your room.” Ning Lihua stepped out of the elevator and found that Su Cunyi was still in the elevator, “dear”

Su Cunyi pressed the close button calmly, “you guys go first, Ill go to Su Jis.”


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