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Su Ji was about to graduate, but it was Su Qianrous first day at school.

Shouldnt he go to her dormitory first

Before Ning Lihua and her daughter could react, the elevator door closed in front of them.

In the other elevator, a servant pushed her luggage out.

Ning Lihua and her daughter looked at each other, both their faces looking ugly.

On the 13th floor, Su Cunyi asked Su Ji to knock on the door first.

After making sure that her roommates were fine with it, he entered the house.

There was an opening ceremony this afternoon, and they heard that the school had invited an important guest, so the students were all present today.

When Su Ji and the others arrived, the other members of the dormitory were also there.

Su Ji didnt have much luggage, and only a servant followed her.

Su Cunyi had bought desserts for her roommates.

Pan Lian came out of the bathroom and smelled the aroma, “is it Black Swans red velvet osmanthus cake”

“Su Ji, is this your group member” Su Cunyi smiled kindly.

Su Ji nodded and introduced the two.

The Pan family was an important family in A City, and the two families had business dealings before.

Pan Lian ate the red velvet osmanthus cake and greeted them enthusiastically, “hello, Uncle Su.”

Su Cunyi said, “I was wondering whose nose is so sharp.

It turns out that youre the daughter of the Pan family.

I went to your house when you were young.

Youve grown up so quickly.”

After saying that, he noticed that there were two other girls in the dormitory, so he offered them food.

Zhou Xuefang was applying foundation in front of the mirror when she saw a box of pastries being brought to her.

She hesitated for a few seconds before accepting it with a smile, “thank you, uncle.”

Meng Na was tuning the guitar on the balcony.

At the opening ceremony in the afternoon, she would go on stage and sing the new song she had finished during the summer break.

She didnt have Zhou Xuefangs patience.

Before Su Cunyi could approach her, she refused, “Im trying to control my weight, so I wont be eating.”

She didnt even raise her head when she spoke.

She even brought her servant to school

Su Ji chuckled and looked at Su cunyi, who had been given the cold shoulder, “you can go back now.

Theres nothing here that you need to worry about.”

Su Cunyi looked at her worriedly, and after a while, he nodded.

He heard that his daughter was not very popular in the group, so he came to take a look.

Who knew that young people nowadays had such an attitude.

They didnt even pretend to be polite.

It was really difficult to talk to them.

Su Ji walked him to the door.

He thought for a while and said, “if I had known this would happen, I wouldnt have let you join any girl group back then.

If you really cant get along with them, Ill help you terminate your contract with Tianyu Entertainment.

Well go solo.”

Su Ji leaned against the door frame with her arms crossed.

“Tianyu Entertainment is big.

The penalty for breach of contract starts at 50 million.”

Su Cunyi solemnly patted her shoulder, “going solo is risky, I believe youll find a way to get along with your group mates!”

Well, money-mindedness ran in the family after all.

“Go home,” Su Ji smiled.


After lunch, before the opening ceremony even started, the entrance of the auditorium was already packed with people.

They were all discussing the important guests.

“Really The school really invited Sonya”

“Sonya, who was nominated for three categories at the Berlin Film Festival last month Shes been working abroad for the past few years, right”

“Oh my God, shes my number one idol! It was the most successful transition from a girl group to a solo star! She can sing, dance, and was nominated for three categories at the Berlin Film Festival in her first foray into the film industry!”

“But…she hasnt graduated, has she”



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