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“Yes, yes, I remember that.

She was too busy with filming and didnt come to school for a year.

In the end, she didnt have enough credits and couldnt get her graduation certificate.

It caused a lot of commotion back then.”

“Kyokushin also became famous because of this incident.

From then on, everyone knew that it was difficult to graduate from Kyoshukin.”

“But Sonya is really amazing.

I thought she wasnt going to stay popular, but in the end, she went abroad for a year and won all kinds of awards.

Although she didnt win any awards at the Berlin Film Festival this year, shes still very amazing for getting three nominations.”

“I heard that she didnt film at all when she took a year off from school…”

“Ah Then why did she drop out of school for no reason”

“I heard…she elopedt!”

As soon as this remark was made, the surrounding people were all gossiping.

Zhou Xuefang furrowed her brows and walked forward.

“Its illegal to spread rumors.

She has already clarified it.”

Her goal was to become like Sonya.

She was also one of the few people in the entertainment industry that she truly admired.

Sonya was so career-minded, it was impossible for her to elope.

She was originally very happy to see her in person today, but as soon as she arrived, she heard these rumors.

When the people around saw her, they quickly stopped gossiping.

“Were just joking.”

“Thats right.

Were all going to be in the entertainment industry in the future.

Of course, we know that its not good to spread rumors.”

“And even though she hasnt graduated, didnt the school still invite her as a guest Thats all in the past, and it wont affect Sonyas current position in the entertainment industry!”

Zhou Xuefang glanced at them and did not say anything else.

She turned around and walked into the hall.

Because Sonya was there, the students were obviously distracted.

While the principal was speaking, they were all looking around for Sonya.

In the middle of the performance, Meng Na went on stage with a guitar.

She had spent the entire summer working on it, and her composition teacher had even helped her edit it a few times.

Meng Na was very confident in herself.

However, when she went on stage to sing, the students reactions were not as enthusiastic as she had expected.

It must be because Sonya was coming, so no one was listening to her song.

However, it didnt matter.

Chen Jing had already told her in advance that she would upload her song to the internet at the same time as the opening ceremony.

She would be able to see her fans reactions when she returned to the dormitory tonight.

The three-hour opening ceremony came to an end, and Sonya, who was the finale, finally appeared.

The moment she appeared, the entire place was in an uproar.

The woman was wearing a suit that was showcased at the Paris Fashion Week last week.

She stepped onto the stage with an elegant and charming aura.

She looked sophisticated.

And her beautiful facial features matched the outfit.

“Sonya is so beautiful!”

“This is what a real female star looks like!”

27 years old was undoubtedly the golden age for female artistes.

Her posters were in every shopping mall in A City.

With such popularity, who wouldnt go crazy for her

Su Ji lazily rested her head on Pan Lians shoulder.

“Does she get paid a lot”

Pan Lian turned around to look at her.

To be honest, Su Jis facial features were even better than Sonyas.

It was just that she was not popular, so no one noticed her.

“Of course.

The country has a rule that the pay cant exceed the limit and shes the limit,” she said with certainty.

Su Ji nodded calmly.

She was looking forward to the upcoming dormitory life.

Now that she had left the garden in Wang Zhichengs care, she was quite at ease.

With the financial support, she was going to try her best to break into what the modern people called the “entertainment industry”.


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