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I shook off my worries about Ferze.

It is said that it was to perfectly adapt to the Visenna family, but it was because classes that I didn't know why I was learning were waiting for me.

"Shall we draw the magic formula we saw earlier"

I drew the magic circle as it was taught by the magician who came as a tutor.

I memorized everything in my head, but my hands are not listening.

Somehow it was so crooked.

"I don't know if this will work."

"That's all right, teacher.

I don't have mana anyway."

To be precise, it wasn't that I didn't have any mana, but I couldn't guess how much.

The magician teacher looked perplexed at my answer.

A young-looking woman in her 30s hid her troubled smile and started asking me for something else.

For example, magic formula calculation.

Calculating the point where the spell would fall and the time the spell would occur.

It wasn't easy, but it wasn't difficult to calculate magic formula, because i had a good understanding of that field.

"Miss Ciel, is there a fairy in your head who tells you the answer"

No, there's a 17-year-old in there instead of a fairy.

If I answered like that, I'd be taken away for research purposes, so I decided to pretend I was a genius from birth.

"Teacher is more like a fairy!"

"Oh my, really"

Miray gently stroked my hair with a satisfied smile.

Miray Mercury.

She is a grandmother in her 60s this year, but she has maintained her youthful beauty in appearance.

She was also the one who taught Sharkis and Shurei magic.

Although Eustia was a better mage than Miray, he was not a great person to teach anyone.

Sharkis used to call Miray 'Old lady' after knowing her original age, but after that, Miray fed up with it whenever she saw the first son.

Shurey called her 'Grandma' politely, so Miray hated it even more.

And after learning that Shurei was hiding his true nature, Miray began to avoid Visenna's second son.

'It's worth avoiding.'

Anyway, Miray Mercury.

She was an Archmage and a former Palace magician, envied Eustia, who was immortal.

It was because, no matter how strong her mana was, slowing down her aging was not an easy task.

In addition, there was a high possibility that she like my stepdad, when every time she saw Eustia's, her cheeks turning red.

I don't even know how old Eustia is.

It is said that the Visenna family was established at my age, but I do not know whether it is the real age or the apparent age.

This is because there are no detailed documents on how long he has lived.

Miray lifted up her slipped glasses and said.

"That's all for today, Miss Ciel."

"Thank you for your hard work."

When I greeted her with my hands on my belly, Miray gave a little scream.

Then, she covered her mouth with the back of her hand and slightly pinched my cheek.

"You're so cute~ Do you want to be my disciple"

"I like you teacher, but I don't like nepotism."

Stop touching my cheek and please reduce the class.

Looking at the papers scattered on the floor here and there, I lamented inwardly.

I don't have the magic power to use it right now, so what's the point of memorizing the formula

'Is this what it feels to pour water into a bottomless pit'

Miray did her best to teach me, no matter what Eustia ordered.

That someday you'll see the light.

After class, Barney come in my room with a tray of apple pie, muffins, and orange juice.

I was given a sweet break after Miray, who patted my head once again, and left.

After having a dreamy snack time, I headed to the back garden.

It was time to feed Tweety.

"What about the appetizer"

"No, you didn't forget to prepare a gift, did you"

"That's enough. You didn't forget to prepare a present, did you"

"Of course, Ena!"

As I passed by the hallway, I saw maids shouting with flushed faces here and there.

The Duke's mansion, which was always quiet, suddenly caused a commotion.

Unlike the excited maids, the knights looked disturbed.

It was amazing because their moods were never contrasted like this.

As I left the main castle and headed for the back garden, a wind with the scent of flowers blew.

I couldn't see Tweettweet, who thought he would be waiting for me, went to meet his lover.

Seeing that the female wyvern he brought each time changed, he was the world's bad guy.

'As expected, Tweety was a playboy.'

When I couldn't even see it at the entrance of the back garden, I went deeper inside.

When I pushed the thin, corroded door open, it opened with a squeaking sound.

It was when I went inside and looked around.

My eyes opened wide as I was looking straight ahead.

I didn't find Tweety.

Not far away, I saw a boy in a oversized white linen shirt.


I heard a gentle voice swaying in the wind.

A boy standing in the middle of the garden with flowers in bloom spotted me and greeted me in a clear voice.

A pair of blue butterflies sat on his white hand.

Who is it

I was nervous because I had never seen his face before.

It wasn't Shurei Visenna at first glance.

Shurei was a handsome boy with gorgeous blonde hair and a beautiful eye.

At first glance, his appearance was very different.

He looked about 14 years old, had curly brown hair, and freckles on his rosy cheeks.

He was just a boy with a normal appearance that you would often see on the street.

You're a gardener, aren't you

While I was thinking about that, I heard a soft voice.

"Are you the new slave brought in this time"

"Huh I'm not a slave."

He is a new servant

Then it was understandable that he didn't know me, so I didn't feel so bad.

I approached the boy and said.

"You don't know me in the Visenna family, are you the new gardener"


The smile disappeared from the boy's lips.

Was it a servant, not a gardener He doesn't look like a knight in his comfortable clothes.

It was then.

The ground thumped, and before I knew it, a wolf the size of a house ran toward the boy!

The boy was also surprised by the sudden movement of the monster.

'What is that again'

Surprised, I grabbed the boy's wrist for a moment.

Then I dragged his arm behind me.

The boy was looking at me with innocent eyes, perhaps frightened.

I stood in front of the wolf-type monster that rushed at me with open arms.

"AAAHH, You big bad dog!"

I took a carrot out of my pocket instead of a dagger, and tightened my trembling legs.

I, who won the battle with Tweety, was a little scared of the wolf as big as a house.

Even the wolf's mouth was dripping with saliva, probably because he had been starving lately.

"Are you going to protect me from that monster"

I could hear a low laugh as if this situation was very interesting.

The boy's eyes twinkled as he looked at me.

Seeing him giggle even in the situation right before his death, it was also strange for Visenna's servants.

"You're going to protect me with that"

The boy's gaze turned to a carrot that sounded pitiful in my hand.

Because it was an urgent situation, instead of answering, I glared at the wolf-type monster.

"Oh, no.

I have a way too!"

Having said that, I closed my eyes tightly and shouted in a loud voice.


It wasn't that I didn't believe in anything.

Even after winning the ranking fight with Tweety.

I firmly believed that Tweettweet would refuse to date and come for me.

Wyvern is a monster that is difficult to tame.

Nevertheless, once recognized as the master, he devoted his allegiance until his death.

The owner was my stepdad Eustia, not me, but I still believed that he would come, because I also rode on his back, I gave him carrots and cookies, so I believed he would come.


But, contrary to my expectations, nothing happened.

"Oh, this isn't it."'

I was embarrassed, but I stared at the monster who didn't attack while drooling.

No wonder….

That cheeky Tweety made the same expression when he saw me.

What is she doing It was this kind of look.

It was also a moment when the wolf's gaze looking at me changed to sympathy.

"You're not Visenna."

The boy with his arms crossed behind said in a cold voice.

Somehow my pride was hurt, but I had no choice.

I only believed in Tweety, but that damn Wyvern betrayed me.

The wolf, which had been hardened for a while, seemed to have come to his senses, and rushed at me with a growling sound.

It was the same type of entity seen during the last test, but it was larger and more menacing than the one Eustia had defeated.

It was when the wolf opened its huge mouth and tried to eat me.

There was a gentle scent of spring wind behind me, and the boy was right next to me before I knew it.

"Don't you know that Visenna's servants are not protected by their masters."

The arm that brushed my cheek stretched forward.

The bright eye's boy stretched out his porcelain-white hand and grabbed the wolf's muzzle.

Then he started to apply strength to his hands.

The veins stood out on the back of his hand, which I thought I might have heard of a book.

It was my delusion that I thought it would be slender.

The boy's hands were full of old scars.

By chance, I saw a slave's seal in the boy's hand.

The burning seal was clearly engraved on the back of his hand.


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