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Yu Bing took out the governments purchase order slip from her bag.


Ma! Is Peonys jam packaged like mine! Its just that the brand is more famous now.

This is already the lowest price.

If the price gets any lower, well lose money.

The government bought more than you, but I didnt give them any discount.”

The factory director took a look and confirmed that it was indeed the same price.

Hence, he said, “Since you guys still owe me money, if you lower the price, Ill buy it immediately!”

Yu Bing chuckled.


Ma, if the price is any lower, we wont be able to earn money.

This factory has to operate normally to have a chance to repay your money faster, right”

When the factory director heard this, he realized that she made sense.

“Getting rid of the decimal cents should be fine, right”

Yu Bing said readily, “Of course! We can still afford to lose this small amount.”

Yu Bing successfully obtained the order from the fertilizer factory and from the pesticide factory for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Coincidentally, the farm decided to distribute a batch of daily employee benefits this month, so they ordered the ordinary version.

Holding the four orders, Yu Bing felt over the moon.

After entering the village committees office, she handed the order and deposit to Mr.


He was overjoyed and kept showering Yu Bing with praise.

Two days later, Feng Cai also returned from City H.

In addition to the clothing factory order given by Shen Ge, he also obtained the mechanical factory order from Chen Mins father.

He went to seven or eight factories in the city and finally obtained three orders.

The presales of 20,000 bottles of jam gave the food factory a good start!

The eggs from the farm had also been chosen.

There were more than a hundred eggs that hadnt been fertilized, but Yu Bing didnt plan to sell them.

She planned to place them in the shade to preserve them first.

She planned to start producing other food after the jam was done.

In many places, rural enterprises only started production after receiving orders.

Without orders, they would usually be busy with the fields.

However, Yu Bing wanted the factory to be operating all year round.

Agricultural products were bought at low prices.

Only by processing them into food could profits be increased.

The factory was in full swing, and the villagers were filled with hope.

As Yao Nian looked at the factory that had already begun to operate, he was secretly anxious.

Ever since everyone realized that Yu Bing didnt take the so-called betrothal seriously, some families in the village with sons of the right age started to have designs on Yu Bing.

It was true that villagers didnt like thin girls, but Yu Bings ability could make up for these shortcomings.

Unable to hold back, Yao Nian wrote another letter to his mother.

After Mrs.

Yao received the letter, she read that the factory had already begun to produce.

When she learned that Yu Bing was still the factory director, she began to waver.

Moreover, Yao Nian repeatedly emphasized that he couldnt take it anymore.


Yao thought about how her husband couldnt find a chance to transfer Yao Nian back, so she made up her mind to let her son marry Yu Bing.

If Yao Nian really had to stay there for the rest of his life, since Yu Bing was the factory director, she could arrange for Yao Nian to enter the factory as a manager.

At the very least, the two of them would live more comfortably than farmers.


Yao went to the Yu familys house after dinner.

“Duan Mei, are you knitting at home”

Duan Mei was Mrs.

Yus name.


Yaos name was Shi Lian.

When Duan Mei looked up and saw Shi Lian standing at the door, she smiled and said, “Yu Wu has grown taller, so I might as well knit a new sweater for him.”

Yu Pan, who was reading a novel at the side, looked up and greeted Shi Lian, “Hello, Auntie Shi!”

Shi Lian said amiably, “So Yu Pan is also at home.

Arent you going out to play with your friends”

Yu Pan smiled and replied, “Im not going.

Im accompanying my mother at home.”

The two of them chatted awkwardly for a while.

Even after seeing that Duan Mei didnt say anything else to her after greeting her, Shi Lian didnt mind.

Shi Lian knew that Duan Mei was blaming her for breaking the contract because of Yu Bings weak body, but Shi Lian didnt think that there was anything wrong with her doing this.

As a mother, how could she choose a sickly person as her sons wife If it were Yu Wu, Duan Mei might have been even more ruthless than her!

However, there was no choice now.

After all, Yu Bing changed so dramatically after going to the countryside.

Shi Lian could only humble herself.

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