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She forced a smile and walked into the Yu familys house.

“Duan Mei, Yu Bing and Yao Nian have gone to support the rural construction.

Its hard to say if theyll be able to return in the future.

These two children are already at the age of marriage.

Why dont we let them get married in the countryside”

When Duan Mei heard this, she looked at Shi Lian in disbelief.

She knew how much Shi Lian despised Yu Bing.

This sudden change in attitude made her feel that something was fishy.

She sneered and asked, “Why did you change your mind again”

Shi Lian didnt know if Yu Bing had told her family about her becoming a tractor driver and factory director, so she probed, “Im indeed not very satisfied with Yu Bings weak health, but theres nothing to be picky about.

Shes smart, and shes not bad-looking.

Most importantly, our families know each other well.

Its better than letting Yao Nian marry a village girl in the future! You dont want Yu Bing to marry a farmer in the village either, right”

When Duan Mei heard this, her knitting hand paused for a moment.

Of course, she didnt want Yu Bing to marry a farmer.

She had raised Yu Bing for so long so she hoped that her betrothal money could subsidize Yu Wu.

Farmers wouldnt be able to afford that much betrothal money.

However, Shi Lian was very scheming.

Duan Mei didnt believe that Shi Lian would want Yu Bing to be her daughter-in-law for this reason.

After all, Yao Nian was only two years older than Yu Bing.

What was the hurry

However, Duan Mei didnt insist.

Yu Bing wasnt in good health, so there were not many people who were willing to marry her.

Hence, she smiled and said, “Lets wait and see.

Yu Bing is only 18 years old.

Theres no hurry.

I still want to keep her for two years.”

When Shi Lian heard this reply, she knew that the Yu family didnt know anything.

Otherwise, if she came knocking on their door now, Duan Mei would put on airs in front of her!

At the thought of this, the smile on Shi Lians face became more sincere.

It seemed that Yu Bing resented the Yu family since she didnt even tell them about such a big matter.

However, this wasnt surprising.

Duan Mei and her husband had always ignored Yu Bing and allowed outsiders to bully her.

Yu Bing wasnt in good health to begin with, but she did the heaviest work at home.

However, Shi Lian was happy to see this happen.

After all, the more dissatisfied Yu Bing was with the family, the less likely it would be for her to use the Yao familys things to subsidize the Yu family in the future.

After marrying Yao Nian, she would be closer to the Yao family!

Hence, she continued, “Duan Mei, its not that I want to criticize you, but Yu Bing isnt in good health.

Only after she gets married can Yao Nian help her.

Otherwise, if Yao Nian helps her, the villagers will gossip.”

Duan Mei pursed her lips.

When did Shi Lian become so kind as to care about Yu Bing

No! There was definitely something fishy!

However, Duan Mei continued with a fake smile, “The childs marriage is a big deal.

I have to discuss it with my husband.”

Shi Lian looked understanding.

“Thats understandable.

Then go ahead.

Well talk after your family has discussed it.”

With that, Shi Lian didnt stay any longer and left the Yu family.

After all, the Yu family didnt know Yu Bings situation yet.

If she was too enthusiastic, it would make Duan Mei overthink things.

However, Duan Mei had known her for many years.

From the moment Shi Lian took the initiative, Duan Mei had already set up a defense.

As soon as Shi Lian left, Duan Mei gestured for Yu Pan to close the door.

After Yu Pan closed the door, she leaned towards her mother and analyzed, “Theres definitely something wrong!”

As Duan Mei knitted the sweater, she glanced at Yu Pan.

“Of course.

Why would a shrewd and scheming person like Shi Lian do losing business We cant rush this.

Lets figure things out first.”

Yu Pan nodded in agreement.

Soon, Mr.

Yu returned home.

Duan Mei told him what had happened, but Mr.

Yu wasnt that meticulous.

He said in disdain, “Who can Yu Bing marry Shes just a burden.

Its already good enough that someone is willing to marry her.

Marrying her to Yao Nian is considered choosing a city dweller for her.

Well look good too.

We can also shut those people in the courtyard up, lest they keep poking their noses into our business and saying that were not good to her.”

Duan Mei rolled her eyes at Mr.


“What do you know! Do you think well definitely profit from agreeing to Shi Lians offer Let me tell you, it might be a losing deal!”

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