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Yu scratched his bald head and frowned.

“Then what do you think we should do Dont anger Shi Lian, or else Yu Bings marriage might be completely delayed.

If Yu Bing cant get married, lets see who you can ask for the betrothal gift from.”

Yu Pan listened excitedly at the side.

Her eyes darted back and forth between her parents as she couldnt help but interrupt, “Dad, my mothers judgment must be right.

Marrying Yu Bing is equivalent to marrying a medicine jar and she has to be taken great care of.

Auntie Shi is famous in the courtyard for being shrewd.

How can she accept such a bad deal This matter definitely isnt that simple.”

With her daughters support, Duan Mei felt that she couldnt agree so casually.

“Dont worry about this.

Ill figure out the real reason for Shi Lians change in attitude first.”

When Yu Pan heard this, she had an idea.

“The reason must be Yu Bing.

Why dont I write a letter to Yu Bing and ask her Ill let her tell us what happened in the past few months in detail.

Well analyze it then!”

Duan Mei also felt that she could only start with Yu Bing, so she agreed to Yu Pans suggestion.

In the eyes of the Yu family, Yu Bing was still the obedient and hardworking old cow from the past, so they subconsciously thought that Yu Bing would be as obedient as ever and cooperate with all their requests.

Shi Lian waited for a few days without a response from the Yu family, so she decided to take the initiative.

She stopped Mr.

Yu in the corridor.


Yu, are you off work”


Yu smiled in response.

Shi Lian pretended to ask nonchalantly, “Mr.

Yu, hows the discussion about Yu Bing and Yao Nian going”


Yu replied according to his wifes instructions, “This is a new era, so marriage is ones personal freedom.

We have to consider our childs wishes.

Duan Mei wrote to Yu Bing to ask about her thoughts.”

The corners of Shi Lians smile froze.

If Yu Bing was willing, there was no need for her to do this! She would directly let Yao Nian occupy Yu Bings body.

It would be best if she got her pregnant again.

At that time, the betrothal money would be saved.

She smiled and said, “Free love sounds nice on the surface, but the most important thing about marriage is that it has to be suitable.

After all, after marriage, its all about money.

Who can rely on love to eat their fill Were already so old, so dont we have more experience to help them make the right choice Its better for us parents to make the decision regarding their marriage.

Ill talk to you later.

Ill go back and cook for my husband first.”

As soon as Shi Lian turned around, the smile on her face immediately disappeared.

If the Yu family found out that Yu Bing was the factory director, wouldnt the betrothal gift cost an astronomical price She had to think of another way.

At night, Shi Lian pulled her husband to the Yu familys house after dinner.

There was a rhythmic knock on the door.

At this moment, the Yu family had just finished eating and Yu Pan was clearing the dishes.

“Yu Pan, open the door.” Duan Mei was already knitting on the sofa.

Yu Pan looked at Yu Wu, who was sitting on the sofa, and said unhappily, “Im cleaning up the dishes.

Let Yu Wu go!”

Duan Mei sat up straight and glared at Yu Pan.

“Your brother is already sitting down.

Youre standing.

Open the door immediately and stop talking nonsense!”

Yu Pan threw the cloth on the table away and stomped her feet as she opened the door indignantly.

“Auntie Shi, Uncle Yao.”

Seeing this, Shi Lian smiled and teased, “Whats with your unhappy expression Did your mother make you angry”

Duan Mei replied angrily, “Shes angry just because we asked her to do something.

That wretched girl has been spoiled by me and her father!”

Yu Wu stood up and greeted them before walking into the room.

He didnt want to listen to these elders chat.


Yu hurriedly invited Shi Lian and Mr.

Yao to sit down and poured two cups of tea.


Yao smiled and said, “I havent been to your house for a long time, so I came to chat.”


Yu also smiled and replied, “Youre welcome anytime.

Shall we play chess”


Yao was interested.

“Lets have a round!”

The men took the chessboard to the table at the side.

They all knew what the two women wanted to talk about.

It would probably take a lot of time.

They didnt want to participate.

It was better not to get involved in a conflict between women.

It was too stressful.

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