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211 Resumption of Diplomatic Relations

Madam Sun was speechless.

At that time, after Lai Tong finished speaking, he looked at Sun Guo with sympathy.

Her first reaction was that Wen Qin and Mr.

Wei had an affair.

At the thought that Wen Qin might have cheated on her, she rushed home angrily.

Madam Sun knew very well that she couldnt let Wen Qin leave the Sun family.

Otherwise, she and her son would have to do those chores, especially the heavy work in the field.

If her son couldnt do it, without Wen Qins help, her work points wouldnt be enough to exchange for food!

At the thought that Wen Qin ran away with someone and that there was no one left for her to order around, Madam Sun panicked.

Hence, she made a prompt decision and asked Sun Guo to tie her up at home.

It wasnt easy for Wen Qin to get such a good opportunity.

She couldnt bring herself to give up, so for the first time, she put on a tough front with Madam Sun.

Hence, Madam Sun starved Wen Qin today to force Wen Qin to compromise as soon as possible.

Seeing this, Yu Bing sneered and gave Mr.

Wei and Zhao Lin a look, asking them to stop Sun Guo.

Then, she quickly went forward and rolled up Wen Qins long sleeve.

As expected, there was a large bruise on her arm.

This scene made Yu Bing clench her fists.

She immediately began to untie the hemp rope.

“Village Chief, Wen Qin is an employee of our food factory.

Now that she has been mistreated like this, she cant work normally.

As the factory director, I have to figure out the situation.

After all, it wasnt easy for us to spend so much time and effort to nurture an accountant.”

When Madam Sun saw that her son was being stopped, she could only go forward and stop them.

The village chief felt embarrassed in front of the villagers, so he scolded angrily, “Madam Sun, Sun Guo, how can you guys hit someone!”

When Madam Sun saw the village chiefs angry expression, she hurriedly explained, “This b*tch was fooling around outside.

If we dont teach her a lesson, itll be too late if she really sleeps with another man.”

After Yu Bing helped Wen Qin up, she said sternly, “You said that Wen Qin was fooling around, but thats just your groundless accusation.

But now, there is conclusive evidence of illegal imprisonment and domestic violence!”

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As a woman, Zhao Lin empathized with her and couldnt help but speak up for her.

“Wen Qin is pregnant with your familys child.

How can you be so ruthless!”

When Madam Sun heard the wordevidence, she panicked and shouted, “What imprisonment I dont understand what youre talking about! Shes my daughter-in-law.

If I tell her to stay at home, she has to stay at home.

Which couple doesnt fight Moreover, I only hit her hand.

Her body isnt injured, and the child in her stomach is fine!”

Madam Sun deemed it their familys internal strife.

At this moment, as long as no one died, it was really difficult for the police to intervene in the fight between husband and wife unless the victim pursued legal action.

Yu Bing looked at Wen Qin encouragingly, in hopes that she would stand up for herself bravely.

When Wen Qin glanced at Yu Bing, her originally lifeless eyes lit up and she opened her mouth slightly.

Madam Sun had been staring at Wen Qins reaction.

When she saw that Wen Qin seemed to want to speak, she suddenly coughed.

When Wen Qin turned around and saw the warning in Madam Suns eyes, her eyes dimmed again.

“Miss Yu, Im sorry.

I cant go back to work.”

Madam Sun revealed a smug smile and looked at Yu Bing provocatively.

“My daughter-in-law doesnt want to go, so dont interfere in my familys matters.

Get lost!”

Zhao Lin and Mr.

Wei couldnt help but frown at Wen Qin.

They didnt understand Wen Qins choice.

If it was a fight between husband and wife, it was understandable that she didnt want to cause trouble at the police station and wanted to settle it in private, but she had such a good job in the factory.

Even with the factory director around, she didnt try hard to fight for the opportunity and gave up directly.

They really couldnt understand.

They only felt that the Wen Qin they saw here was completely different from the outgoing Wen Qin they usually interacted with.

Yu Bing had observed the changes in Wen Qin and saw that she changed her mind after she glanced at Madam Sun.

When she thought of her previous guess, she decided to give it a try.

She pretended to be nonchalant as she said, “Wen Qin, when you make a decision, dont let others affect you.

The previous dynasty has been dead for many years.

A few years ago, we resumed diplomatic relations with America.

This era is really different from the past.”

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