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212 Report

“We women have to learn to be independent and fight for our legal rights! The country protects the vulnerable!”

Wen Qin suddenly grabbed Yu Bings hand and stared at her as she asked in shock, “What… what did you just say We resumed diplomatic relations with America”

Yu Bing felt her hand hurt from being grabbed, but she was even more certain of the rumor she had heard in her previous life.

She looked straight at Wen Qin and replied firmly, “Yes, it happened three to four years ago.

Our relationship is very good now.”

Wen Qin suddenly laughed out loud.

The more she laughed, the louder she became.

Gradually, her laughter turned into wailing, as if she wanted to cry out all the grievances of her life.

Everyone present was stunned.

Worried, Sun Guo wanted to go forward, but he didnt dare to.

He looked at Madam Sun timidly.

Madam Sun felt a little scared and wondered if she had driven Wen Qin crazy.

After a while, Wen Qin wiped her tears and stood in front of the village chief as she said firmly, “Village Chief, I want to make a report! I want to report my mother-in-law for domestic violence and corruption!”

Domestic violence and corruption were two mainstream terms of taboo conduct.

Madam Sun had never thought that Wen Qin would dare to point the blame at her.

She glared at her and picked up the tobacco pipe hanging from her belt to hit her.

The current Wen Qin was no longer afraid.

She used all her strength to grab Madam Suns hand.

Wen Qin did manual labor all year round.

Although she was very thin, she was still very strong, so Madam Sun couldnt pull her hand out.

Knowing that Wen Qin was about to fall out with her, she shouted at her son, “Sun Guo, take out that letter and give it to the village chief!”

When Sun Guo heard this, he hurriedly shook his head and begged his mother, “Mom, you cant take it.

Wen Qin will be doomed.”

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When Madam Sun saw her sons expression, she was furious and shouted, “If you dont bring it here, shell ruin my life! Hurry up!”

Sun Guo didnt dare to disobey his mother, so he could only enter the room to get the letter.

Madam Sun looked at Wen Qin proudly.

As long as this letter of treason was released, who would have the time to care about her minor crimes

Soon, the letter was in the village chiefs hand.

Yu Bing immediately went forward.

It was an English letter.

The village chief frowned.

How could he understand a foreign language

Yu Bing reminded him, “Village Chief, this is in English.

It says the campus situation of Wen Qins sister, who went to study in America.

You can also look for the intellectuals in your village to help translate.”

Communication with foreign countries was a big deal.

The village chief thought about it and remembered that Yu Bing wasnt from the village after all, so he called someone over at the door to call an intellectual who knew English over to confirm the contents of the letter.

After the three young people who knew English came, they translated the entire letter and confirmed that it was an ordinary letter.

Although there was no news in the countryside, the village chief went to a meeting every month.

He knew that their country and America had resumed diplomatic relations with each other.

Hence, he quickly made up his mind about the letter.

“Our two countries are on friendly terms now.

Moreover, this is an ordinary letter.

Theres no treason involved whatsoever.”

When Wen Qin heard this, she finally relaxed and a tear streaked across the corner of her eye.

When she came to the countryside back then, she happened to meet the mailman who had delivered the letter her sister had sent her, so she stuffed it into her bag and brought it to the countryside.

At that time, the village had not prepared a dormitory for the intellectuals, so she was arranged to stay in the Sun familys house.

Madam Sun had sticky fingers.

When she wasnt around, Madam Sun rummaged through her bag and saw this foreign letter.

Then, she used it to threaten her into marrying Sun Guo.

Back then, the relationship between the two countries was very tense and the law wasnt as lax as it was now.

Those people wouldnt care about the content at all and wouldnt even give them a chance to refute.

Anyone who received a foreign letter might be directly deemed as a traitor for betraying the country and colluding with the enemy.

In order not to implicate her elderly parents in the city, she could only choose to compromise.

There was no external information channel in the countryside.

Wen Qin didnt expect the relationship between the two countries to have changed long ago, so she had been enduring it silently.

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