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“Have you finished with the cure, Lord Zaar” asked Grand Commander.

“Yes,” I answered as I turned to them.

“Everyone, please lay down,” I added.

They did as I told them, and a moment later, three black seeds appeared on my fingertips and flew toward them before seeping into their bodies.

As they did, they fused with the old seeds that had in them and started silencing the curse.

I could feel the aura of the three of them getting denser as the curse got under control; the curse was still suppressing some of their powers, but with the new method, all the suppressed power was getting out, which made all three of them excited.

5% of the strength may seem small, but it is huge; it is a difference between going offensive and defense and life and death.

The slightest increase or decrease in power could bring a huge change in the battle.

Lord Singh was the first to finish; Supreme Commander and Rai had finished at about the same time.

The curse inside three of them is complete silence, and as long as they do get injured enough to die, my seed will handle the curse.

“The curse inside you is silenced, but it is a temporary measure that will last only about one to two months,” I said, surprising them.

“I have complete confidence that you will be able to find a way to destroy this curse inside us,” said Supreme Commander.

I talked to them for a few minutes before the two left while Rai had remained behind.

“Do you have something to ask me, Rai” I asked him, seeing him still being in the infirmary.

“I dont want to pressure you since you are already trying your hardest, but how long will it take you to find a day to remove the curse inside us” he asked.

“Do you want to advance to Grand Lord Class” I asked back after a moment of silence.

He looked quite surprised by it.

It is not really hard to guess, with the curse fully suppressed for at least a month; there is no need to ask this question unless he is planning to take that step.

“Yes,” he replied.

“When I got cursed a few days ago, I had never felt so weak in my life.” “You know, I had never been affected by the curse or any special energies; my abilities have dealt with that so much I had started to feel immune to the special energies till this curse had shown me to my place,” he added, with a mirthless smile on his face.

“The curse is dangerous, beyond the limit; if it had entered me, I would have been too powerless against it,” I consoled, to which he shook his head.

“I dont want to feel powerless again, Micheal; if I level to Grand Lord, I dont think with my abilities, even this above-the-limit curse would be able to do anything against me,”

“Not to mention the power I will get; I dont think even that bastard Rhaek will be able to kill me,” he said and looked at me; the question was clear in his eyes.

“You are about right, but I will need at least a month to solve the curse, and I dont think you should hurry; the broken seals are still holding the vast power, and you should learn to harness it all before you think about leveling up,” I advised

The three seals he had broken had completely merged with it; they now control the power inside him, especially uncontrollable mutations inside him.please visit panda(-)N0ve1.co)m

His progress is better than I had imagined, but before thinking of leveling up, he needs to harness all the strength inside him, not only to gain more power when he leveled up but also to a mutation that had merged in him; it had also sensed the limit and preparing.

He could break through into Grand Lord at any moment, but success is not guaranteed.

When he level-up this time, the mutation will explode, and he will have to be strong enough to force it back.

The seals will help, but ultimately, they are tools; he needs to be strong enough to use them efficiently.

“I know that, but still, I do not like dancing on a razor edge.” He said as he clenched his fist.

“We only have matron as the powerhouse that could stop Rhaek; if something had happened to her, then that bastard would lay waste to us, so we need to bury him before that happens,”

“Having someone with power similar to a matron will help us a lot,” he said, and I couldnt help but nod.

“You harness all the power inside the broken seals; the moment you do, I will help you make a breakthrough.

It will not matter, even if there is a curse inside you.” I said finally.

p AndD nOve1.cO,m

“I will be counting on you for that, Michael,” he said and disappeared; he is likely waiting for that to hear, seeing how he disappeared the moment he heard that.


I sighed, I wanted to ask him to talk to the marina, but with the speed he had disappeared, there seemed to be no chance of it.

I shook my head and turned back to studying; while I was talking with Rai; my clones were studying the data I had gotten from the three of them, and they found something interesting in them; especially in the data of Rai.

It is a very tiny thing, and if I had not studied the mutation in Rai deeply, my clones wouldnt have been able to notice it.

The thing my clones noticed is interesting, but I dont know what to do with it.

I will have to study it further before I am able to know enough to find any use for it.

It would be wonderful if it could help me remove the curse from the bodies, but nothing could be said without further studies.

I sat down by the chair and closed my eyes; only three had come while others were still fighting.

So, I decided to stay here; it would save me a trip when they return from the battle.

‘Clone two, resume working on the inheritance, I said as I appeared by the structure of the curse.

Rai is not the only one who is worried about what would happen if something happened to Matron Mavis.

There is not one powerhouse who could deal with that bastard.

I do not wish for something to happen to matron mavis, but there is a huge possibility because she is the only powerhouse who could contend against the Rhaek.

Everyone is preparing for that scenario in their own way, even matron mavis had urged everyone to increase their strength in any way possible.

Not to mention that bastard is constantly getting stronger, and in every battle, the strategy of matron mavis would shift defensively after some offensive attacks.

This is why despite the curse being the main objective, I had sent my one clone to work on the inheritance.

While the time of a few months is not enough to make anything, much less create an inheritance of Grand Lord, if I learned anything till now, that every bit counts, and miracles do happen.

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