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1317 The Anecdote of Saint Divine

She had one book titled the Anecdote of Saint Divine as well.

Madame Jiang lent it to her when she was visiting her at the Jiang Family when she took leave.

In the book some stories about the Saint Divine Land were written, they were fun and interesting.

She enjoyed it and often read it whenever she had time and she had not been done with it.

For some reason, the book went missing and she could not find it.

She, Qing and Sword One once looked around and still did not find it.

Gradually, she accepted the fact that the book was gone, but what she had not expected was that at this moment, she would find the exact same book in Duke Norths hands.


Gu Chaoyan was not very certain if it was hers.

Maybe there was a copy at Duke Norths Mansion and he enjoyed it too.

Anyway, she could ask about it when Duke North woke up.

She could even borrow it from him to finish the remaining contents.

Gu Chaoyan thought for a while and unintentionally, she removed the book out of Duke Norths hands.

However, the moment she had it in her hands, the guard became shocked.

“Lady Chaoyan! How amazing! Duke North let go of the book! He has always held it tightly in his hands after he got injured, and we couldnt remove it.

Doctor Yinghan tried to remove it from him but failed too, but he let it go when you tried!”

The guard found it amazing and was delighted.

It was not a good thing for Duke North to have it in his hands all the time.

Gu Chaoyan looked confused – could this thing be so important for him, that he did not want to let it go even when he was badly injured

She put the book down neatly next to him.

However, the moment Gu Chaoyan put it down, Sword One saw it too and said with surprise, ” Elder Miss, that is your book!”

Gu Chaoyan turned to Sword One in confusion, and the guard also got confused as he looked at Sword One.

Gu Chaoyan also had a similar book, but she was not sure if that was hers, so what made Sword One think that

Sword One explained after seeing Gu Chaoyans confusion.

“Elder Miss, you remember that when Duke North was still a young master, he was badly injured and almost passed away at the imperial hospital You went to check on him and he woke up, but he could not move off the bed, so he asked me if there was a book that he could borrow.

Duke North did not like the medical books at the hospital, so I took this one from your collection and lent it to him!”


“Duke North said that he would return that back to you when he went through acupuncture.

I did not remember it, so the book went missing.

I thought that I dropped it, but it was Duke North who never returned it to you.

Here is the book, look!” Sword One said with a look of amazement.

No one would have expected this to happen.

It was just a matter of a book, which Duke North should not forget, but…

Duke North had not yet returned the book to Elder Miss after such a long while.

That was amazing and strange.

Duke North even had it with him, even though he was away from the mansion.

The more Sword One thought about this, the more confused she became.

Suddenly, it became quiet in the room, and Gu Chaoyan lost her words.

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