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The thief hiding around the corner heard footsteps approaching.

He gritted his teeth and held the dagger nervously, his heart pounding.

The moment Han Shi appeared, the thief brandished his dagger and stabbed it at him.

Han Shi sensed danger and subconsciously dodged.

The thief missed it.

He turned around and charged at him again, brandishing the dagger.

Han Shi used his arm to block the attack.

With a slash of the dagger, a stream of blood immediately sprayed out.

When Qin Xi saw this scene from afar, her heart tightened.

She looked around anxiously and felt that there was no weapon she could use.

She took off her shoes and injected true Qi into them.

She shouted, “Stone, squat down.”

At the same time, the shoes in her hand flew over.

When Han Shi heard Qin Xis voice, he subconsciously squatted down.

Qin Xis shoes hit the back of the thiefs head.

The thief felt as if a brick had hit the back of his head.

His head buzzed and his vision blurred.

His body went limp and he fainted.

“How is it Does it hurt Show me the wound.”

Qin Xi checked the wound on Han Shis arm worriedly.

The wound was about 7 to 8 centimeters.

It was not deep, but it was bleeding profusely.

Seeing this, Qin Xi quickly took out an acupuncture bag from her pocket.

As she stopped the bleeding, she reprimanded, “Youre not allowed to do this in the future.

What if something happens What are Grandpa and Mother supposed to do”

Han Shi could hear the anger in her words.

He pouted, not daring to say anything.

When Qin Xi stopped the bleeding, she looked up and saw the stubborn look on her husbands face.

Her face darkened.

“Why arent you saying anything Do you think Im wrong in saying that”

Han Shi still did not speak.

He used his silence to protest.

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Qin Xi asked with a straight face, “Do you not know what you did wrong”

“Im not wrong,” Han Shi said dejectedly.

“Do you think youre especially brave for being a Samaritan”

“Is that so” Seeing that Han Shi was silent, Qin Xi questioned loudly.

Han Shi was shocked and felt a little aggrieved.

“I-I just want to help…”

“You can help others if you want, but the premise is that you can only do whats safe.

If anything happens to you, what will happen to Mom and Grandpa What will happen to me Do you want Grandpa to die in sorrow and grieving for your bravery”

Qin Xi was furious and started to lecture Han Shi.

As she lectured, she heard Han Shis dejected voice.

“I-I just want to be a useful person.

I dont want others to treat me like a fool.”

Qin Xi could not continue.

Her heart felt like it was being clenched tightly, making her unable to breathe.

“Youre not a fool.

Youre just sick.

When I cure you, youll be like a normal person.

Do you not believe me, Stone”

Han Shi hastened to explain, “No, I believe you.

My wife is the best!”

“Thats right.

Tomorrow, no, after we go back, Ill treat you, okay” Qin Xi said.

Actually, Qin Xi also wanted to treat him in the next few days, but the treatment method needed some knowledge of mysticism.

Previously, Qin Xi had read his face.

His original fate should be that of a rich and powerful person.

However, because of the black fog, his fate was altered.

In the end, he became an insignificant commoner.

And the person who could change his fate was her.


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