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“Hey, thank you, young man.

Thank you for helping me get my bag back!”

After Qin Xi and Han Shi returned, they handed the bag to the woman who thanked them sincerely.

“See if theres anything missing in the bag,” Qin Xi said with a smile.

The woman was not very beautiful, but she was dressed in branded clothes and looked like she came from a good family.

There was indeed something very important in the womans bag.

If this thing was lost, not only would she not be able to explain it when she returned, but she might also face a series of troubles.

She opened her bag in front of Qin Xi and Han Shi.

Instead of looking at her wallet, she looked at the stack of files in her bag.

When she saw that the files were not lost, she heaved a sigh of relief and smiled gracefully.

“Thank you.

Thank you for helping me find my bag this time.

Otherwise, I really dont know what to do.

By the way, my surname is Xue.

Im older than you.

You can call me Sister Xue.”

“Sister Xue, youre welcome.

Its good that nothing is missing.” Qin Xi smiled faintly.

Xue Ya saw that Han Shi was bleeding a lot and that there was a bloody cloth wrapped around his arm.

Her expression changed drastically and she yelled in fright, “Ah, youre bleeding What happened”

Immediately, she understood.

“That thief just now…”

Han Shi scratched his head and smiled shyly.

He did not speak, but he kept stealing glances at Qin Xi.

Qin Xi said, “Its fine.

If theres nothing else, well leave first.

My grandfather is still waiting over there!”

Seeing that they were about to leave, Xue Ya said anxiously, “Hey, I still dont know your names.

Its all thanks to you this time.

To express my gratitude, I want to treat you to a meal.”

“Sister Xue, youre welcome.

We still have something to do.

Well go back after were done.

We still have a lot of things to do at home.” Qin Xi quickly rejected it when she saw Han Dazhu pushing the bicycle towards them.

When Xue Ya saw this, she didnt insist.

After thinking for a moment, she took out two hundred-dollar bills from her wallet and handed them to Qin Xi.

“If you dont want me to treat you to a meal, at least take this.

This is the least I can do.

This young man is injured because of me.

Ill feel uneasy if you dont take it.”

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Qin Xi casually glanced at the womans wallet.

There was a stack of money in her wallet.

It was probably a few thousand yuan.

No wonder she was targeted by the thief.

However, looking at the 200 yuan the woman handed over, Qin Xi knew what was on the womans mind.

She wanted to use this way to stop them from asking more or having any designs on her.

Qin Xi took the money and said with a smile, “Thank you, Sister Xue.

We wont disturb you anymore.


With that, she pulled Han Shi towards Han Dazhu.

Seeing them leave, Xue Ya looked at Qin Xis back deeply, pursed her red lips, and turned to leave.

“Whats wrong with Stone Why is he bleeding so much” Han Dazhu asked anxiously when he saw blood on Han Shi.

Qin Xi explained, “Grandpa, he is fine.

He was just cut by a knife.

The wound isnt deep, but it looks scary.

Besides, Ive already stopped the bleeding and lectured him.

Its getting late.

Lets go get a tricycle first.”

Han Dazhu wanted to reprimand Han Shi for being a busybody, but after being interrupted by Qin Xi, he couldnt bring himself to reprimand him.

He snorted coldly to show his attitude.

Han Shi pouted and mimicked Han Dazhu, letting out a snort…


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