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The three of them walked around for a while before deciding on a second-hand tricycle an old man wanted to sell.

Han Dazhu tried to pedal it and felt that there was nothing wrong with the tricycle.

Moreover, the old man even modified the trailer.

He covered the trailer with a canopy to prevent goods from falling off.

The old man didnt try to rip them off.

He offered a very reasonable price and they quickly reached a deal.

Qin Xi put all the things she bought into the tricycle.

The three of them walked around and bought everything they needed before riding home in a delightful mood.

As expected, as soon as they arrived at the entrance of the village, they saw a group of old uncles and aunties sitting under the tree, looking at them curiously.

Especially when they saw them coming back with a tricycle, they started discussing.

It was because the Han family rarely went out in the past few years.

They wondered why they bought a tricycle and where did they get the money.

Some people guessed that it was bought with the betrothal money the Qin family returned.

The news quickly reached the ears of the Qin family.

Li Guihua stood in the courtyard with her hands on her hips.

She pointed at Hu Xiaofengs nose and scolded, “You useless thing, you gave birth to a little b*tch who sides with outsiders.

She took the money from us to buy a tricycle for others.

Go and get the tricycle back.

If you dont get it back, dont come back.”

“Why should I go Im not the one who gave the money back to her.

Whoever wants it can go and get it.

Anyway, Im not going.”

Hu Xiaofeng had been in a bad mood lately.

That was her money, the money she got from selling her daughter.

Not only did she not get to spend a single cent of it, but the trouble her son caused also made her second branch ashamed.

Originally, she wanted to find a chance to secretly get the 400 yuan back to pay her sons gambling debt.

However, she did not expect that Qin Xi would use that money to buy a tricycle.

Hu Xiaofeng was also furious.

She planned to go and see Qin Xi tomorrow and teach her a lesson.

She believed that with Qin Xis weak personality, she would definitely hand out the money obediently.

However, little did she know that Qin Xi was no longer the pushover she used to be.

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“You dont want to go How dare you say you dont want to go Qin Hongtao, come out and bring your wife to see that little b*tch and get the money and that tricycle back.” Li Guihua shouted into the house angrily.

Qin Hongtao walked out of the house and yawned with impatience.

“Mom, why are you shouting and kicking up a fuss all day”

Seeing him like this, Li Guihua exploded with anger.

She pointed at the two of them and cursed, “Look at the two of you.

Youre lazy and useless.

You cant discipline a little b*tch well.”

“Useless or not, Im still your son!” Qin Hongtao said lazily.

Li Guihua picked up the broom and brandished it at him.

Qin Hongtao quickly dodged and shouted at Li Guihua, “Mom, why are you trying to hit me”

“You bastard, I gave birth to you and raised you, but not only did you not accomplish anything, but you even married a loser!” Li Guihua shouted, pointing at Hu Xiaofeng angrily.

As Qin Hongtao dodged, he retorted, “You were the one who asked me to marry her.

Why am I to blame for that”


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