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After lunch, Qin Xi and Han Shi went to Liu Dequans house.

“Grandma Liu, is Grandpa Liu at home” Qin Xi asked with a smile when she saw Zhang Huimin feeding the chick.

When Zhang Huimin saw them, she quickly put down the grains in her hand and patted the dust off her hands.

She smiled amiably and said, “Oh, youre here.

Come in quickly.

I made some mung bean soup at noon.

Come in and sit.

Ill go fetch it for you.”

Recently, Qin Xi and Han Shi had been visiting Liu Dequan a lot.

She heard from Liu Dequan that Qin Xi was very good at Chinese medicine.

At that time, Zhang Huimin didnt believe it.

It was only when she heard that Han Dazhu could walk without a walking stick that she was finally convinced.

Moreover, the most rare thing was that Qin Xi wasnt stinky with sharing her knowledge.

She taught Liu Dequan an ancient acupuncture technique.

Over the past few days, Liu Dequan had been practicing it tirelessly.

“Grandma Liu, theres no need.

Were just here to visit you and bring you some vegetables,” Qin Xi said and asked Han Shi to put the potatoes and tomatoes in the kitchen.

Zhang Huimin had tasted the vegetables before, so when she saw them bring more, she was overjoyed.

“Hey, Xi, youre here.


Theres something I dont understand!” Liu Dequan said, coming out from the study room.

He pulled her into the study room and asked her one question after another.

It was only after more than an hour that he was willing to let Qin Xi out.

Seeing that she had finally come out, Han Shis sleepy eyes immediately lit up.

He ran to her side and held her soft hand.

Qin Xi blushed.

She quickly retracted her hand and glared at Han Shi.

Liu Dequan did not see their interaction and asked, “Xi, I forgot to ask you what brought you here today”

Qin Xi always had something to ask of Liu Dequan every time she came.

She did beat about the bush and said, “Theres indeed something.

Today, I heard Uncle Liu Shuan said that Auntie Liu fell ill.

Grandpa Liu, do you know what illness it is”

“Yeah, if you didnt bring it up, I almost forgot it.

When she was young, she fell into an ice cave and fell seriously ill.

Ever since then, she has been suffering from sequelae.

For the past ten years, she has been coughing non-stop and is especially afraid of the cold.

Especially in the summer, shell sweat a lot.

Now that shes old, her coughing is getting worse.

Last time, she even coughed out blood.

Sigh, what a bitter life!”

Liu Dequan shook his head and sighed helplessly.

Suddenly, he thought of something and patted his forehead excitedly.

“Eh, Im getting really forgetful.

Why didnt I think about you”

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“Lets go.

Come with me.

With your medical skills, you can definitely treat her.”

Qin Xi explained with a smile, “Grandpa Liu, thats why Im here today.

Uncle Liu definitely wont believe me if I offer my help.

Thats why I need you to go with me.”

Liu Dequan laughed and asked, “By the way, how did you know about her illness”

WIth a shake of her head, Qin Xi told Liu Dequan about the Qin family coming to kick up a fuss again, which made Liu Dequan indignant.

He said, “Qin Guobiao is getting more and more like a hooligan as he ages.

Hmph, I think Ill need to refuse to treat the Qin family in the future!”

Seeing that he was acting like a child, throwing a tantrum, Qin Xi was amused.

She revealed her canine teeth and said, “Grandpa Liu, you dont have to do that.

Arent you practicing the Five Elements Acupuncture Technique It just so happens that you need some lab rat.”

Liu Dequans eyes lit up and he laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha, smart, what a smart girl.

Next time they come, Ill show them what I learned.”

At this moment, a shout came from outside the courtyard.

“Is Doctor Liu at home Quick, come and treat my son.”

Speak of the devil!

Qin Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at Liu Dequan with a wicked smile.

“Grandpa Liu, the time has come!”


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