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Hearing Qin Xi ask this question, Liu Shuan was slightly stunned.

Then, he looked at Liu Dequan with a questioning gaze.

At this point, Liu Dequan had nothing to hide.

He said frankly, “Let her take a look.

Her medical skills are much better than mine.

She doesnt normally show her ability, but shes actually very good at it.

Perhaps she can cure your wife.”

Liu Shuan found it unbelievable.

If the person in front of him was not his second uncle, he might kick him out after hearing that.

What a joke.

Everyone in Shangwan Village knew who Qin Xi was.

She had been raised in a cow shed since she was young and couldnt even count to 100.

How could she know anything about medicine

However, even though Liu Shun did not believe Qin Xi, he believed his second uncle.

Liu Dequan could tell what Liu Shuan was thinking at a glance.

“Dont judge too quickly.

Lets go in and take a look first.”

Liu Shuan gritted his teeth and glanced at Qin Xi.

He turned around and pushed open the door.

“Caiyun, Second Uncle is here.”

When he pushed open the door to the inner room, a wave of heat rushed out, blowing past their faces.

During the summer, the temperature was about 35 degrees Celsius, but the temperature in the room was much higher than that.

It felt like a sauna room.

Qin Xi frowned and strode in.

On the heated bed, Xiao Caiyun was wrapped in several thick blankets, with only her head exposed.

Moreover, her pale lips were still trembling violently, and there were barely any signs of blood on her face.

This was obviously a sign of death approaching.

However, this was not the most serious thing.

What surprised Qin Xi the most was that there was a ball of Yin energy hovering above Xiao Caiyuns head.

Qin Xi quickly took a big step forward and made a hand seal with both hands.

She gently grabbed the Yin energy.

In an instant, an image appeared in her mind.

It turned out that things started from a wedding more than ten years ago.

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Xiao Caiyun was the village belle of Pingluo Village nearby.

She had a best friend named Zhao Hehua.

The two of them were at the right age for marriage.

That winter, Zhao Hehua got married to a young man in the village.

This was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but Xiao Caiyun bumped into the groom having an affair with a widow on his wedding night.

As Zhao Hehuas best friend, Xiao Caiyun immediately told her about it.

Zhao Hehua brought Xiao Caiyun to settle the score with the groom.

In the scuffle, Zhao Hehua accidentally pushed Xiao Caiyun into the water.

It was during the coldest of winter days when the surface of water was covered in a thick layer of ice.

However, after Xiao Caiyun fell, the ice, for some strange reason, shattered and almost drowned her.

The three of them were afraid that Xiao Caiyun would die, which wasnt what they wanted.

They worked together to save her.

Because the river was too cold, Xiao Caiyun fell sick and had a fever for several days before she could get out of bed.

From then on, she had been plagued by the illness.

However, this was just the memory from Xiao Caiyuns perspective.

From Qin Xis perspective, she saw that this was all Zhao Hehuas scheme.

Although Zhao Hehua and Xiao Caiyun were best friends, because Xiao Caiyun was too outstanding, Zhao Hehua was always upstaged by her.

Therefore, as time passed, Zhao Hehua, who was consumed by jealousy, came up with this scheme.

She asked her new husband to put on a show with the young widow in the village.

She promised that as long as she could teach Xiao Caiyun an unforgettable lesson, she would trick Xiao Caiyun into coming to her house and allow her husband to take advantage of her.

Zhao Hehuas original plan was to make Xiao Caiyun an adulterer.

However, her scheme did not work out.

An unexpected event happened and almost killed Xiao Caiyun.

The three of them immediately panicked.


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