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“Who… are you”

Deng Xinhe could not suppress the awe and fear he felt.

He felt that everything about Qin Xi was a mystery.

“You dont have to know who I am.”

Qin Xi smiled faintly and swung her hand.

The dark chain wrapped around her fair wrist and miraculously attached to it.

Seeing that, Deng Xinhe and Liu Dequan were stunned.

They felt that their entire understanding of the world collapsed.

Deng Xinhe was about to lean over to ask questions when Qin Xi shot him a glare.

“Do you still want the talisman you mentioned before”

Deng Xinhe immediately said, “Yes, of course.

Im counting on it to save my life!”

Qin Xi snorted and took out the talisman papers and cinnabar.

She asked, “What talismans do you want”

Deng Xinhe knew nothing about talismans.

He asked tentatively, “What talismans are there”

Qin Xi thought for a moment and said, “There are many kinds, such as evil-warding talismans, marriage, studies, fortune, and so on.

Anything that you want basically.”

Of course, with her current strength, she could only draw some low-level talismans.

When her Mystic Medical Technique advanced another level, she could draw higher-level talismans like the Spirit Gathering Talisman, the Lightning Attracting Talisman, and the Fire Explosion Talisman.

Deng Xinhe clicked his tongue.

“So many Then, give me one of each talisman No, two, can you”

Qin Xis smile widened.

“Of course!”

As long as she got paid doing it, she didnt mind giving him as many talismans as he wanted.

She picked up the brush, dipped it in a cinnabar, focused, and drew.

“Safety Talisman, Mind Calming Talisman, Refreshing Talisman, Exorcism Talisman, Love Talisman, Job Promotion Talisman, Wealth Talisman, Memory Talisman…”

The series of talismans stunned Deng Xinhe and Liu Dequan.

It had to be noted that writing talismans consumed a lot of True Qi, but Qin Xi was equipped with the mystic medicine technique and was destined to be different from ordinary mystic cultivators.

She completed 21 talismans in one go.

Each talisman flickered with light, containing extremely pure True Qi.

After doing this, Qin Xis face turned slightly pale.

The sweat on her face drenched the hair on her forehead.

“This is the Eight Trigrams Soul Gathering Talisman.

Burn it into ashes, mix it with liquid, and feed it to her.

Dont worry, my talisman is of a higher level than hers.

It doesnt need to be water.

It can be coffee or wine.

As long as she takes it, it will have an unexpected effect.

However, the time is limited.

It can only last three minutes.

Think about it.”

“Really Thats great.”

Deng Xinhe picked up all the talismans like they were gold and danced excitedly.

He had the urge to hug Qin Xi, but he remembered how formidable she was.

He quickly turned around and hugged Liu Dequan.

Because she exhausted too much True Qi, Qin Xi was a little tired.

She looked at Liu Dequan and said, “Grandpa Liu, its rare for you to come to Luoping.

Go and pay your son a visit.

Ill rest in the hotel and we will go back tomorrow afternoon.

How about that”

Liu Dequan was still a little worried about Qin Xi sneaking out and getting into danger.

“Why dont you come with me”

Qin Xi said helplessly, “Grandpa Liu, I know you mean well, but with my ability, no one can do anything to me.

If youre really worried, why dont you call the hotel to check on me now and then to see if Im sleeping”

Liu Dequan thought for a moment and nodded.

“Alright, Ill call the hotel when the time comes.”

Qin Xi looked at Deng Xinhe and said, “Young Master Deng, since you have nothing to do, why dont you send Grandpa Liu to see his son Thank you!”

Deng Xinhe was stunned.

Qin Xi was the first person who had the ball to order him around like this.


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