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In the evening, Deng Xinhe came to look for Qin Xi in a joyful mood and asked her to go to the night market together.

Qin Xi did not refuse.

She thought that since she had just earned a huge sum of money, she must shop for some clothes for her family.

At the thought of this, the two of them hailed a tricycle at the entrance of the hotel.

It was the kind of tricycle that could carry passengers.

The two of them sat on the tricycle and shuttled back and forth on the neon street, feeling the cool evening breeze blowing against their faces.

They felt very relaxed.

When they arrived at their destination, the place was bustling with activity.

The sound of vendors peddling and shouting echoed through the crowd, and the smell of spicy and fresh food filled the air.

Qin Xis eyes lit up.

She pointed at the food stall not far away and said excitedly, “Lets go and eat something over there.”

The two of them came to a barbecue stall that was packed with people.

Qin Xi looked around and saw a young couple leaving.

She asked the waiter to clean up the table and sat down.

“Uh… Ill go order some food.

Wait here!”

Deng Xinhe was not against this kind of food stall.

Although he had been living a luxurious life since he was young, he would occasionally eat and drink at the food stall like this with his friends.

As soon as he left, an old man walked over.

Seeing that Qin Xi was alone, he asked with a smile, “Miss, do you mind if I share a table with you”

Qin Xi responded with a smile.

“Please go ahead!”

The old man nodded and sat opposite her.

He asked with a smile, “Are you alone Its not safe to be alone outside now.

Go back home after you are done eating.”

Although the old man was old, he was in good spirits.

His every move was decisive and dignified, especially his face.

Qin Xi knew from reading his face that he was not an ordinary person.

Qin Xi replied with a smile, “I came with a friend.

I plan to go back after shopping.

What do you want to eat, sir Ill get my friend to order for you!”

“Hahahaha, then thank you, my young friend.”

The old man laughed heartily and asked for more than ten mutton and beef skewers.

Just as he was about to ask for a bottle of rice wine, Qin Xi rejected him with a shake of her head.

The old man frowned and said unhappily, “What do you mean”

He had sneaked out tonight without telling his family because he wanted to drink rice wine very badly.

At home, he had to listen to his children and grandchildren.

Outside, he had to listen to a young girl.

He suddenly felt bitter.

Qin Xi did not seem to notice the old mans displeasure.

She said, “You have lung disease.

Its better not to drink wine.”

The old man was stunned for a moment before he suddenly became interested.

“Young girl, impressive.

How did you know that I have lung disease”

Qin Xi said with a smile, “Im a Chinese doctor.

From your voice, I can tell that you have lung disease.

Moreover, your lung disease was caused by a disease when you were young.

When you were young, you didnt care about it.

When you got old, the disease started to relapse.

When it was serious, you would even cough up blood, right”

The old man looked very shocked.

“Young girl, you are really an expert.

You can even tell the whole story at a glance.

Indeed, this is a disease left behind from my early days.”

He let out a long sigh and said with sadness in his eyes, “Its a pity that I cant be cured.

Actually, at my age, there isnt really much to ask for.

I just want to drink a few sips of wine.

However, my children are too strict.

If not for the fact that I still have some tricks up my sleeve, Im afraid I wouldnt be able to sneak out tonight.”

Qin Xi asked bluntly, “Do you want to drink”

The old man gave her a side glance and said in a serious tone, “Isnt that obvious If I dont want to drink, why did I sneak out”


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