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Qin Xi quickly pulled the old man to the side and asked Deng Xinhe, who was fighting the hooligans in the crowd, “Hey, can you manage dealing with them alone”

Just as Deng Xinhe kicked a hooligan away, another hooligan pounced on him from behind and raised his hand to hit his head.

Deng Xinhe nimbly dodged his attack and gave him a side kick.

The hooligan screamed and was sent flying away, smashing into a table.

The table instantly shattered into pieces.

Although he was a good fighter, he was too outnumbered.

As time passed, he was gradually at a disadvantage.

At this moment, Deng Xinhe was covered in sweat and had been kicked a few times.

He cursed these hooligans in his heart for being as hard to get rid of as cockroaches.

When Qin Xi asked him, Deng Xinhe waved his fist and replied with a conflicted look on his face, “I really want to tell you that as a man, I can last as long as you want me to, but… I really cant hold on anymore!”

The old man grinned and rolled up his sleeves, looking like he was ready to fight.

He walked over with his head held high and teased, “Kid, you need to go back and train harder.

If a few hooligans can make you suffer like this, no girls will fall in love with you.

Go and rest.

Leave these little bastards to me!”

His eyes lit up as he said excitedly, “Haha, I havent fought in a long time.

I kind of miss it!”

The corners of Deng Xinhes mouth twitched as he advised, “Grandpa, youd better step aside.

This is not a joke.

If a punch lands on you, your old bones will definitely fall apart!”

“You brat, are you looking down on me Today, Ill show you what Im made of!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his eyes instantly became fierce, and his true aura suddenly revealed itself.

He clenched his left fist and threw a solid punch at the hooligan.”

The hooligan screamed and rolled on the ground, hugging his arms.

Deng Xinhes eyes widened in surprise.

“Grandpa, thats impressive.

Its my fault for underestimating you because of your age.

My apology.”

The old man laughed and said humbly, “Im getting old and not as agile as before!”

In the middle of the fight, a group of police officers blew their whistles and ran over with batons.

The police officer in the lead berated, “What are you doing Whats the fight about Do you really think youre part of the Mafia Behave yourselves and get down with your hands behind your heads!”

“Brother Tao, its me, Xiaodao.”

Seeing that it was an old acquaintance, Xiaodao immediately went forward and took out a cigarette from his pocket to hand to the police officer called Brother Tao.

Brother Tao took the cigarette and said unhappily, “Its you again.

Cant you behave yourself”

Xiaodao pointed at the bump on his forehead and said angrily, “Brother Tao, this time, its really not me who started the fight.

These bastards hit me for no reason.”

Brother Tao took a puff of the cigarette and asked impatiently, “Alright, cut that crap.

Do you think I dont know what kind of person you are Tell me, how do you want to solve the matter this time”

Brother Xiaodao smiled sinisterly and said, “Thats easy.

Just handcuff them and lock them up.

My boys and I will teach them a lesson.”

Then, he leaned towards Brother Tao and whispered to him.

“Ill give you something good tomorrow.

I guarantee that you will like it.”

Brother Tao understood what he meant.

He immediately thought of the woman and money Xiaodao had sent him last time.

He was tempted and said with a lecherous smile, “Good, you are getting smarter.

Lets do that.”

He waved his hand and said to his subordinates, “Arrest these two thugs and handcuff them.”

Xiaodao pointed at Qin Xi, who was standing there with a calm expression.

“Brother Tao, dont forget that chick!”



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