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Chapter 384 – Girl and magic energy vortexes – Part three

Miss Lan and the others look really worried when I tell them about the monster that jumped out of the magic energy vortex.

I tell them they don’t have to worry so much, because I have Freinet and Wea with me, but they tell me to be careful not to overdo it anyway.

Seeing people be concerned about me like this makes me feel happy somehow.

Being concerned about someone is proof that said person is dear to you.

But still, it wasn’t really a problem this time, but if an even more dangerous monster jumps out next time… I really have to be careful!

“Wea, how likely is it that more monsters are going to appear”

“Well… More dangerous beings could jump out.”

“…That’d be a problem.

We have to do something about this quickly.”


I think it’s unlikely that monsters like those will appear but… They might.”

It would be very bad if monsters started appearing.

Most people in our village can fight, so I think we’ll be all right unless really strong monsters appear, but still…

“Something good might happen if we do something about the magic energy vortexes.”


It will become inhabitable but… I also feel like when it becomes an easier place to live in, it will become full of monsters and people that couldn’t come here before.”

“…That’s true.

It won’t become inhabitable just for us, for everything around us too.”


You’re the miko, so you’re probably fine, but I don’t know if the same can be said for others if they’re attacked by people that start coming here.”


This place has those magic energy vortexes and no one lives here, but that’s also part of why it has some nice spots.

Not many people know we live here.

If it becomes known that I’m the miko, people will probably come after me.

And the ‘knights of the miko’ have powers that other people don’t too… If a big country decides to come after us, it could very well turn into the same situation we were in a long time ago.

We’re here so we don’t lose anyone else, so I don’t want to create a situation that might lead us to lose someone.

I want to purify the magic energy vortexes as quickly as possible, but once they are all purified, is that going to bring a positive result for us Honestly, I get the feeling that I won’t know until it’s actually done.

Once they are all purified, this place probably won’t be as easy to live in as we expect, but if it really becomes that good of a place to live in, that might cause trouble.

Hm… It’s difficult.

I want to do something about the magic energy vortexes because I don’t want monsters to appear, and I think it’d be great if a place where there used to be a country became livable again.

But being surrounded by a forest means it’s easy for all sorts of things to get in… That would be a problem too.

“Hmm… There’s so much to think about.”

“Well, you can take your time.

We are not done purifying the magic energy vortexes anyway.”

“That’s true.”

Hm… What would be the best option

The magic energy vortexes are the reason why dangerous monsters won’t go there.

That’s a good thing.

These ruins are decaying, but there are still all sorts of things left.

That’s probably because of the magic energy vortexes too.

Then again, thinking about not wanting anyone to get in here once the magic energy vortexes are gone is probably being selfish too.

It’s not like no one will come after us once they know we built a village in the middle of the forest anyway.

Not everyone in the world is bad, but some people only think about taking things from others.

I share with Miss Lan and the others what Wea and I have been talking about, because we all need to talk about this sort of thing.

They also have serious looks on their faces when they hear what we say.

If the magic energy vortexes are gone, the ruins could also become a place where we live.

We don’t know how much our population is going to grow, but we want our village to become a country anyway.

A country is a place with a lot of people, like the Kingdom of Migha.

We don’t have a lot of people, so I doubt others would see us as a country even if they knew where we are.

“Having too few people might lead other countries to look down on us.

Even if we want to increase our population, it’s not easy, but doing something about the magic energy vortexes might make things a little simpler.

It might increase the chances that we’ll be attacked from outside the forest, but it would be good for the sake of increasing the population of our future country.

But Lerunda, you don’t have to purify the magic energy vortexes if that’s not what you want.

We respect your wishes.”

Miss Lan says it will be good for our country regardless.

And she says with a smile that I should decide what I want to do.

It looks like Mister Dongu and the others agree.

I tell Miss Lan that I think we really should do something about the magic energy vortexes.

She responds by smiling and saying ‘then we will deal with whatever may happen after they are gone.’

Thank you for reading this far, but we have finally caught up with the raws.

Future chapters will be released as the raws come out.

You should probably expect one or two every month.


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