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Chapter 1: What did you say I'm three months what


Yang Yang opened his eyes and saw a strange room.


Clean, bright and spacious.

One that's different from his past life.


"I really did exchange my soul."


Yang Yang's eyes were empty, he still couldn't believe it.


Before exchanging his soul, at the end of winter in year 2x08, he was unable to get food due to his physical disability, and on his way to Qingcheng, he was on the verge of death.

No, he died of starvation.


It was then when he heard a voice asking him if he was willing to exchange his soul and live again.


Yang Yang thought this was his last straw of hope, so he was delighted.

He also wished that he wanted to be healthy and have a lot of good food and nice clothes in his next life.


The voice answered him happily【No problem】and it also gave him two more gifts.


Then, Yang Yang woke up.


He stared at the ceiling.

There was no feeling of crazy hunger in his stomach, no bone-chilling cold wind blowing on his skin, and no constant pain in his hands and feet.

Yang Yang stretched out his hand from the quilt.

His hands were thin but his ten fingers were long and intact, without any deformities.




Yang Yang let out a laugh, and put his palms on his eyes.

After a while, he removed his hands.




Yang Yang's dark eyes were like the deep sea, and the dead spirit that had been accumulated for the last five years faded.


On the bed, he tried to sit up using his hands as support, but he found out that his body was very weak.

He just propped up, but his arms were already shaking.


Yang Yang frowned, but he did not give up.

He exerted more strength trying to lean against the bed while gasping, he called "Roth."


A voice immediately responded【Master, I'm here.】


This was Yang Yang's first gift, a copy of Artificial Intelligence life from a high-dimensional space bound to his soul.


Yang Yang slowly relaxed his body, and commanded Roth to scan his physical condition.


Roth:【Yes, Master.】


Roth's voice disappeared for 2 or 3 seconds, and resounded again:【Master's physical condition are low, you haven't eaten or exercised for a long time, your Soul Power is very weak and you are three months pregnant and there's a possibility of miscarriage.

I recommend that you continue to rest and to not exert too much force.】


Yang Yang froze," I'm three months, what"


Roth:【Master, you're already three months pregnant.



Yang Yang: ...


Yang Yang reached out and touched his belly, there was a small bump already.

Fortunately he didn't become a woman.


Yang Yang was relieved and thought that he could accept getting pregnant but not a change of gender.

Yang Yang used to be a doctor, in the end of the world he had seen people with intersex before, so he didn't think that this was strange.


However, Yang Yang himself was gay, and his mental state will never accept having a close contact with a female.

If he really became a woman he might have turned crazy.


Yang Yang withdrew his hand.

He curiously asked, "Can men in this world get pregnant"


Roth answered:【No.

This is a special constitution called a female body.

These females are characterized by a red cinnabar mole on the back of their necks and they can get pregnant regardless of gender.

The place of pregnancy is not in the uterus, but at the Soul Palace, a unique body organ of this world that can store Soul Power.】


Yang Yang's eyes lit up, he asked Roth with full interest, "Show me the human anatomy of this world."


Roth replied【Yes, Master.】


In the next second, Yang Yang saw a diagram picture of the human body.

The anatomical diagram was divided into two types, which differ from each other.


The organs of the common race are the same as Yang Yang's body, but with a Soul Palace.

The Soul Palace is located above the bladder and is connected to the reproductive system.


The circulatory and the nervous system are quite similar to that of a normal human being but the skeletal system was different, and Yang Yang can't clearly understand.

Their bones were strange and he even saw a picture of a beast skeleton.


Yang Yang pondered for a while and asked Roth, "Is there more intelligent life in this world"


Roth said:【Yes, the picture shown is the two forms of the same race.

These people are called Lesters, in the entire galaxy they take 70% of the intelligence life.

Some of the Lesters can become their original form, which is in the form of a beast.】


Yang Yang understood, "A beast"




Yang Yang rubbed his itching hands and he wanted to know more, but that could wait.

Yang Yang said, "Show me photos or videos related to pregnancy."


Roth:【Yes, Master.】


The image transformed before his eyes.

Yang Yang originally wanted to see the difference between the Soul Palace and the uterus, but his attention was attracted to the embryo—turned out it was actually oviparous 


T/N: oviparous - producing young by means of eggs that are hatched after they have been laid by the parent.(e.g.

birds etc.)


To be precise, the child born to the females are eggs—this contained a lot of Soul Power theories, and Yang Yang couldn't understand it right now.

He only understood that the pregnancy time of females is one year, but after the egg was laid, it would continue to grow, and the time it hatches varies from egg to egg. 




Yang Yang wanted to learn more about Soul Power, but his eyes were already tired, and his head was a little dizzy. 


Roth's voice rang in time:【Master, since I am bound to your soul, your soul is my source of energy.

Now your soul has been overused.

I suggest you take a rest immediately.】




Yang Yang responded and the picture disappeared from his sight.

He leaned back against the bed, and closed his eyes to ease the dizziness, at the same time he began to plan a fitness program. 


Just then, footsteps and disputes came outside the door.

Two people are quarreling, a man and a woman. 


As soon as they reached the door, the footsteps stopped, and then a man's stern voice was heard, "Let's have a cesarean today! I don't know if the outcome will be good, but I want the child in his stomach alive and intact!"



Yang Yang couldn't recognize the voice, but his body knew—it was the original owner's uncle, Zhou Hua.


Zhou Hua was in the top 100 richest men in the Jiuyu Empire, and his wife is the aunt of the Duke of Doton.

When the original owner was 10 years old, he lost his parents and has been staying at Zhou Hua's house since then. 


This memory was left by the original owner.


Yang Yang opened his eyes and looked at the closed door with a somewhat strange look.

Zhou Hua wanted to dissect him



Zhou Hua." 


A woman's voice sounded with a serious tone, "I want to remind you again.

The patient is three months pregnant.

If you want an egg cesarean, you will have to remove it together with the Soul Palace.

Once the Soul Palace is removed, the patient will die." 


Zhou Hua was not moved, "Of course I know, but is there any other way Six months ago he had a car accident.

I thought he could survive but who knew that he would become a vegetative person.

After a month, his condition began to deteriorate.

Now he can't even open his eyes.

Can you guarantee that he won't die"


The woman's voice had a hint of helplessness, "That's why I didn't recommend you to do an artificial conception back then! He is a female and being pregnant will consume his Soul Power.

His condition now was delayed by his pregnancy.

If you have an abortion now, his situation may get better." 


Zhou Hua said coldly, "Dr.

Liu, remember that wanting a child was Yang Yang's last wish.

And if it wasn't for his condition getting worse too quickly, I wouldn't have applied for an artificial conception for him.

This was also what the hospital had suggested after a serious consultation and discussion and it has been reviewed by professionals.

Now you want to recommend an abortion.

Is this your's or the hospital's decision Can you make sure that he will wake up after the abortion If so, then I'll agree."


The woman was stunned, and she was dumbfounded for a long while, "Let's observe the situation again.

Getting a cesarean section will kill him."


Zhou Hua was angry, "Dr.

Liu, watch your words.

The cesarean surgery has been approved by the hospital." 


The woman took a deep breath and said, "Okay, since you insist on doing this, then I have nothing to say.

But, I will not perform the surgery." 


Zhou Hua doesn't agree because this female doctor is the most knowledgeable in the female research team, that's why Zhou Hua specifically wanted her to do the surgery, and so they argue about the cesarean operation outside the door again. 


In the room, Yang Yang was sitting on the bed digesting the information he had just heard.

He now had a certain understanding of his current situation.


Judging from their conversation just now, Zhou Hua's suggestion of cutting his stomach open can be considered 'reasonable', however Yang Yang can sense Zhou Hua's indifference to the original owner.

Zhou Hua's decisiveness was too cold.

His 'guarantee of great insurance' was all just talk.


Obviously, what Zhou Hua wanted more than the possibility of him waking up was to ensure that the child in his stomach is intact.


Yang Yang contemplated for two seconds before asking Roth, "Roth, did the original owner leave a will"


Roth: 【Apologies, Master.

I have rewritten the database when I was engraved.

From the data information related to this dimension, I only detected that the former owner will die in this operation.】


Yang Yang responded and did not continue to ask.

There's no need to worry about the surgery because he is already 'awake'.

As for the other matters, it could be dealt with later. 


After a while, the argument outside the door lowered down, and the door was pushed open, and a man in suits came in.

With one foot stepping inside the room while his head twisted back to say his final statement to the woman outside the door.


"If you insist on refusing the surgery, I will consider using legal means."


The woman standing at the door sneered and she seemed to want to talk back, but at this moment, her gaze shifted to the hospital bed in the middle of the room. 


Yang Yang was leaning against the bed with his eyes open, calmly looking at the woman.


The woman screamed in surprise, "Yang Yang!!!" 


Zhou Hua was startled and turned around. 


Yang Yang moved his eyes from the woman to Zhou Hua.

Well, this uncle was much more handsome than he imagined.

If he didn't hear their conversation just now, Yang Yang could give him a score of 7 points out of 10. 


What's more, Zhou Hua's expression was somewhat interesting.

Surprised, shocked, and finally, it turned into horror. 


Now this is interesting. 


Yang Yang smiled, then frowned.

He showed an innocent expression and asked, "Who are you" 



It might be too dramatic, but it is practical.



T/N: please don't blame my poor engrish, also I'm fat and lazy.

don't have a fixed update schedule.

By the way, he had an accident 6 months ago then he became a vegetable, but he is 3 months pregnant I'm confused lol


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