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Chapter 18: Too Childish!


On the eighth day after the starship set off to sail, Yang Yang finally felt the existence of his Soul Power.


It was a very mysterious feeling, as if his sixth sense was opened and it's like he gained extra ears and eyes.


However, Yang Yang couldn't control his perception ability very well for the time being.

Sometimes, he could feel the Soul Power surging in his Soul Palace and when he can't, he would be blasted by the animal balls.


But after all, he's still improving.


Archibald has personally guided Yang Yang these days and his temper was good enough to teach Boy Scouts.

Archibald was relieved to see that Yang Yang could finally sense his Soul Power.


However, he had yet to feel completely relieved when Yang Yang happily came out of the door and continued to work hard, “I shall learn the next step of using my Soul Power.”


These days, he also learned from Roth the requirements for controlling the Soul Cubeㅡmarking the Soul Power.


Therefore, he must at least mobilize his own Soul Power in order to "mark".


Yang Yang “I will have to continue to trouble the Duke.”


Archibald “...”


Archibald did not refuse.


His feelings towards Yang Yang are a bit complicated.

At first, he was an inconspicuous "plaything" then a clever "tanuki" who tells lies and then a "shameless" man who deceives people with a egg...

Of course, these days he also saw Yang Yang's seriousness and extraordinary perseverance.


T/N: egg - child


He can't simply define Yang Yang according to "like or hate", but one thing he was sure ofㅡhe's not good at dealing with Yang Yang.


However, he couldn't persuade himself to leave and to not be concerned with Yang Yang.


Yang Yang was unaware of the complex mood of Archibald.

In his eyes, Archibald was a righteous and easy-going big boy without his outward appearance of the brilliant "Military Star" and "Duke".


Overall, Yang Yang liked Archibald.


But before starting the next step of their training session, another thing came to fruition.


It was just at the end of dinner when Archibald's terminal suddenly rang a communication request.

After the call, he received another email.

When he finished reading the email, his face became dignified.


Archibald looked at Yang Yang.


Yang Yang was already immune to Archibald's "unhappy face" and asked, “Was it about me”


Archibald nodded and said, “The result of the artificial insemination came out.

The samples in the Incubation Center were indeed mine, but the Medical Research Institution did not find the person who leaked the samples.

Their access level is very high, but the data and traces of transferring the samples were all cleared and the authorized personnels in question had self-certified testimonies.”


Yang Yang was surprised, “Zhou Hua is that powerful”


Gu Lita dropped the knife and fork in her hand and sneered, “This can't be Zhou Hua.

It should be done by the person, who's thigh he's holding.

Since the Doton Family has been flourishing in the past two years, they wanted to take over.

Now, there are a lot of people who want to make the Dotons to be in chaos.”


Archibald's face grew ugly.


She patted Archibald's arm.

“Let Byrne talk to your uncle about this and leave it all to him.”


Archibald had no objections.

He was really not good at this matter.


Yang Yang picked up the cup of fruit milk and smiled.

He opened a topic, saying, “Well now you all can trust meㅡI really didn't lie on our agreement.”


Archibald looked at him again, he wanted to say something but then hesitated “...”


Yeah, he didn't lie on their agreement.


Gu Lita looked at Yang Yang and laughed, “I thought you should have seen our trust already.

Otherwise, you think we would only watch you bully Byrd using the child as your weapon”


Yang Yang put down the cup, he looked weak and helpless, “I didn't bully him, but the Duke has been scolding me in our training sessions these days.”


Archibald “...”


He scolded him, but in the end, was he not gentle and cautious with his tail between his legs


But he couldn't say anything to refute...

because he would lose face.


Gu Lita, however, laughed.

Seeing through the actual facts, she didn't say a word.

Anyways, one was willing to beat and the other was willing to suffer and she's also happy to watch the show.


Besides, Yang Yang's personality was to her liking.


And so, Archibald decided to end the topic, “In addition to the sample, I've also found out the results of Yang Yang's previous car accidentㅡthe car accident was man-made and not from reckless driving.”


In a split second, several people looked at Yang Yang.


Yang Yang calmly finished his last sip of fruit milk and said, “Was it done by Zhou Niya”


Archibald narrowed his eyes and asked, “Why do you think it's her”


Yang Yang wasn't surprised by Archibald's question nor did he think it was wrong.

Instead, he looked at Archibald with a meaningful smile on his face, “Because Zhou Niya has been madly "infatuated" with you.

She told me that she helped me escape at that time, but she only helped me to flee because she knew that Zhou Hua wanted to sell me to be your "little old wife".”


Archibald “...”


Archibald looked away.

—It was this sudden ridicule that made him feel that Yang Yang was being "willful".


Yang Yang pursed his lips and smiled, saying in a serious tone, “After she told me that she had helped me escape, I told Roth to investigate her and found some remarks on her small number.

Although there's no concrete evidence, she's also the biggest suspect.

ㅡSo, was it really her”


Archibald nodded, “The warrant of arrest has been approved.

Just waiting for the final verdict.”


Yang Yang hummed a response.


He doesn't pity Zhou Niya.

If he had this leisurely, he might as well pity the poor original host.


However, Yang Yang was a little curious, “How did you find out about the accident when you were investigating the sample”



Archibald said lightly, “When they went to the hospital to check your medical records, someone heard the wind and took the initiative to send a clue.”


Yang Yang thought about it and understood.


He's now already labeled as part of the "Doton Family" and someone had heard the news and took the means to send the "main culprit" over, in order to please the Dotons.


Unfortunately, his label was fake.


Yang Yang wiped his mouth and said, “I believe in justice and that is how it should be.

Shall we start our Soul Power training tomorrow or play games”


Archibald “No, we will have actual combat training.”


Yang Yang hesitated and thought that he had heard it wrong, “Actual combat”


Isn't this jumping on levels too much


Archibald's tail wagged and his voice was cool, “I've asked Aunt Gu.

Your body has recovered well.

In order to stimulate your potential more effectively, it would be better to do this kind of training.”


Yang Yang looked at the tip of Archibald's tail that was unconsciously shaking and roughly guessed what was going on.

He smiled and said, “Okay.

I'll go and have a rest first.

Good night everyone.”


As soon as Yang Yang left, the other three turned their heads and looked at Archibald.


Archibald's shaky tail stopped and his face remained expressionless, “What's the matter”


Gu Lita laughed, “I said he was recovering well, but I didn't recommend the actual combat training.”


Archibald said, “I'm telling the truth.

He has the talent and the perseverance to play a guided game.

It's better to let him experience the dangers firsthand.”


“You think highly of him.”


Monta interjected, he had never been involved in any of those games except for the first dayㅡto be precise, he was rejected by Archibald.

Thus, he didn't know how did Yang Yang performed.


However, Archibald praising people as "persistent" could only be counted with one hand.


Monta was a little curious, “I'll join you tomorrow”


Archibald readily agreed this time, “Sure.”


He Shu beamed in relief and said to Archibald, “I was always worried that you would be unhappy and hate him because of the agreement.

Now it seems that you get along well with him.”


Gu Lita laughed and said “Yeah, they get along well.

It's my first time seeing someone who had done wrong in training to even dare to talk back to Byrd, but wasn't beaten up.

It seems that Byrd likes Yang Yang very much.”


Archibald had a straight face, “I didn't like being coerced, but I can understand his standpoint at the time.

And as for the reasons for not doing anything to him, first, he's not my soldier and secondly he was pregnant.”


“Oh~” Gu Lita laughed, “So, you won't take a little revenge on this pregnant man tomorrow on account of getting angry these days”


Archibald “...”


Archibald “It's just normal training.”


Gu Lita raised an eyebrow at him.



Archibald remained still with a sense of justice on his resolute and handsome face.


Gu Lita retracted her gaze and shook her head, “Okay, I'll go take a rest.

I believe you have a sense of propriety.”


Archibald didn't say a word, got up and sent her back to the room.



The next day, Yang Yang was taken by Archibald into a slightly larger room.

He did not use the holographic equipment, but only put some sensors on his body.


Archibald was explaining while instructing Yang Yang on how to wear the device, “This is a small simulation training room.

The target of today's simulation battle are Class A soul beasts.

Your training program is to build soul shields to block their attacks.”


Yang Yang put on the device and raised an eyebrow, “It sounds a little dangerous.”


He's guessing that Archibald was going to be the devil today, but he knew Archibald is not Monta and wouldn't be out of line.

Therefore, he will not toss him excessively.


Sure enough, he heard Archibald saying, “Rest assured that I've set the attack intensity to the lowest level.

Although it's not that you won't completely feel nothing, at most it's just like the pain of being flicked by a finger.”


Yang Yang became more suspicious.

How could that be —He didn't believe that Archibald didn't do anything.

This 21-year-old young Duke, though steady and mature, he was not rigid in personality.


Archibald straightened up and raised his jaw slightly, “If you're ready, we can start.”


Yang Yang nodded, “I'm ready, let's start.”


Archibald opened the panel and a glimmer of light flashed through the center of the room, and a dozen of Class A soul beasts appeared in front of them.


After seeing the appearance of the soul beasts, Monta who was curiously watching the drama couldn't help raising the corners of his mouth and looked at Archibald, “Is this your revenge”


In the middle of the huge room, there were more than a dozen worm-shaped soul beasts with long arms and large bodies that was bright in color, hairless, looked soft and had eye-like markings on their heads with a dozen pair of downward wriggling curved tail like feet, as they lazily crawled in the determined area in a not so slow rate.


Archibald cold-heartedly said, “Like I said, it's just normal training.”


“You're too childish.”


Monta couldn't believe it, “Who would be afraid with this kind of stuff It wouldn't be worse if you used the beans to scareㅡ”


Monta's voice stopped because he saw Yang Yang running to the door and was trying to open it.


Monta “...”


Archibald saw it too and criticized, “Yang Yang, although you're not a soldier, it's also a cowardly behavior to escape from the battle.

Start training!”


“Don't start!”


Yang Yang turned back and cried in horror.

However, there were a dozen large worms crawling and coming fast towards him.


All of Yang Yang's hair stood up and before he could even realize it, he had already pulled his legs and ran away! But he didn't forget to speak some harsh words, “Archibald! You just wait for me!”


Archibald turned a deaf ear and even reminded Yang Yang carefully, “Although its attack intensity is in the lowest setting, its touch is realistic.

If you want to avoid them, remember to use your Soul Power.”


Yang Yang was madly running around the room, “You bastard!”


Monta “...”


Monta looked at Yang Yang who's afraid of the simulant worms and looked like a headless fly.

He then looked at Colonel Byrd standing in a serious posture next to him, who couldn't suppress the corners of his mouth from raising an arc.


Monta “...”


Are you two in kindergarten


The author has something to say:

Yang Yang: “Perhaps you wouldn't believe it, but the Duke had died at least a hundred times in my head today.”


Archibald: “...”


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