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Chapter 2: Baby


Yang Yang's amnesia did not cause anyone to doubt.

Then the female doctor made a series of examinations on Yang Yang, and she also said some remarks. 


In addition to the information he heard in the previous conversation.

Yang Yang received the following information: The original owner is currently 30 years old (the average lifespan of Lesters are 184 years old), he graduated from the famous bridal college of the Jiuyu Empire.

The car accident was caused by reckless driving.

It happened when the original owner was on his way to the Star Harbor Terminal.

His terminal was damaged in the car accident, and since then he became a vegetative person and hadn't recovered.

T/N: his terminal looked like a smart wrist watch:


Oh by the way, Yang Yang had seen his own appearance.

He had fair skin, apricot eyes, thin lips and when he's not smiling he looks like a quiet little white rabbit, but when he smiles it's like the ice and snow had melted and spring came, and the flowers bloom; splendid and beautiful.

Even when he is angry, he looks like a child with bulging cheeks; soft and very cute.


This appearance was contrary to Yang Yang's former face, but he was very satisfied—first because he had good looks and secondly the confused look in his eyes.


After the last check up was done, Yang Yang was pushed out from the examination room and heard a noise outside—from outside the hospital. 


"What happened" Yang Yang was curious and turned to look. 


Outside the floor-to-ceiling window was a small garden in the sky.

There were few buildings higher than the hospital nearby, so the view was very wide. 


At this time, there was only one color left in the whole city, the very conspicuous red.

The holographic advertisement projections on the outside of the high-rise buildings all became the same picture. 


It was war news. 


"It is good news for the Duke of Doton." 


Zhou Hua, standing next to Yang Yang opened his mouth and said with a tone of honor and glory in his voice, "Haft a month ago, the No.

7 mine sent an alarm signal saying that they were attacked by soul beasts.

Afterwards, the Duke of Doton was responsible for leading the troops to attack.

This is good news, they have wiped out those soul beasts." 




Yang Yang nodded, but he immediately remembered who the Duke of Doton was—the nephew of Zhou Hua's wife.

No wonder Zhou Hua has this expression.


However, Yang Yang was also curious about the Duke of Doton.

Now he needs information.

Any kind of information about this world. 


Opposite the hospital on the huge projection, the host had finished reading the news and the video screen turned into the battlefield. 


Looking at the shooting angle, it should be from the camera recorder attached to the soldier's body.


The first thing that appeared in the video was a group of translucent things...


Yang Yang couldn't tell what it was, it looked strange.

It's size is the same as cows on earth and its body is translucent white and you can see the blue blood vessels all over its body.

Looking quite aesthetic. 


According to Zhou Hua's words, Yang Yang guessed that these were the "soul beasts". 




Suddenly, the black beasts with metallic shiny scale armor plunged into a soul beast, then into the second and third... 


It was like wolves capturing a group of silly rabbits.

First they circled those rabbits before they clawed one, tearing and killing them. 


The slayed beasts were like puddings getting cut.

Pieces of "debris" floated until they were torn to a certain degree before their white transparent parts disappeared, and then their blue parts would gather together into a ball and solidify into a blue stone. 


Yang Yang noticed that those black beasts would collect the blue stones. 


Yang Yang was stunned and suddenly remembered the anatomical diagram he saw before, so he asked in his mind, "Roth, those black beasts..."


Roth:【Lesters, the kind that can transform.】


Sure enough. 


Yang Yang raised an eyebrow.

He originally thought that the beast form of Lesters was like that of a furry animal.

He didn't expect them to be transformers. 


When the encircled soul beasts were almost harvested, the floating "debrises" suddenly gathered together and became a soul beast thrice its original size.


"Hey, I'll go to B-level fusion.

The little ones should retreat and give way to Colonel Byrd." 


A man's dynamic voice came from the recorder.

It didn't sound like he was fighting but more like a strong onlooker. 


At the same time a black spot appeared on the other side of the screen.

It was a person but it looked a bit strange.

He moved way too fast that Yang Yang couldn't see clearly. 


Yang Yang only saw him rushing forward, reaching out his hands, and then the three-meter-high soul beast was smashed and slammed into the recorder. 




The recorded video changed rapidly, accompanied by the deafening sound of the soul beasts, and finally stopped into an upward angle. 


At the same time, an energetic male voice sounded like he was frightened, "Byrd, can't you be more gentle towards me A stone flew over and it almost scratched my handsome and unparalleled face! Take a look at my face!" 


In that soul beast's huge head stood a man in a humanoid form but had a tail similar to that of a beast-shaped Lesters.

His body was covered with scale armor—but it was obviously a mechanic armor, not like those of beast Lesters. 


His tail was stuck in the back neck of the soul beast, so the soul beast could not move. 


Hearing the energetic male voice complaining, he just lowered his head and looked at the direction of the camera.

He then pulled out his tail and pressed it down on one knee.

He directly inserted his one hand into the huge head of the soul beast, accurately grasping the strongest blue vein and slammed it. 





Like the sound of jade smashed on the ground, the blue veins were pulled out, and the end of the capillaries remained in the body of the soul beast, but the thick trunk had been completely pulled out. 




The soul beast screamed like a cow, and its huge body struggled violently.

The seemingly transparent body slammed against the ground and made a huge pit. 


But it soon stopped.


Because the humanoid Lester crushed the blue veins in his hand, those blue veins broke into pieces, and then condensed into dozens of blue stones in the air.

The huge body of the soul beast shattered and disappeared.


The man fell to the ground with the raining stones.

His tail fell down quietly, and because it was too long, the tip was curled up.


He turned to look at the camera and the tactical helmet on his face was still tightly put, and all you could see was darkness. 


Then his voice sounded, "Major Monta, please keep your beast form during battle.

If you can't do that, I don't mind tying a bell on your tail." 


It was a very nice low-pitched male voice, probably because of tiredness after the battle.

It was a bit hoarse but it sounded very sexy. 


But before Yang Yang had time to admire it, he was startled by the screams and cheers outside.


Almost the whole city was cheering, some are in the nearby buildings, and he could vaguely distinguish a few words, such as, 


"Ah, Colonel Byrd is so awesome!"


"His cuteness killed me!"


"Finally I heard the Duke of Doton's voice again..."


Yang Yang: "..." 




Colonel Byrd was the Duke of Doton, and he's very famous. 


And with Colonel Byrd's words, the news was over.

The advertising holographic projection restored the colorful advertising time, and a lot of regretful voices sounded outside, but the atmosphere still continued to be exciting and joyful. 


"He's great, isn't he" 


Zhou Hua retracted his gaze and bowed his head to chat with Yang Yang. 


Yang Yang looked at Zhou Hua, still ignorant, "I don't quite understand what is going on." 


Zhou Hua smiled and explained to Yang Yang in detail, "He was fighting against the soul beasts.

Soul beasts are soul creatures from the Soul Cloud.

Soul Power is their food, and the mineral resources and our soul are the most delicious for them.

Warriors like Duke of Doton are responsible for protecting us from the hands of the soul beasts." 


Yang Yang nodded, "That's great."


Zhou Hua smiled and touched Yang Yang's hair and said, "Let's go back to the ward.

If your test results are all good, we can go home tomorrow." 


Yang Yang wondered, "Go home" 


Zhou Hua: "Yes, home.

Remember those photos I showed to you before" 


Zhou Hua had been accompanying Yang Yang for check ups, and he also told Yang Yang about his living conditions and so on.

The photos Yang Yang saw before were given by Zhou Hua.

Of course, it also included photos of Zhou Hua's friends and family. 


Zhou Hua's house was a manor, just in the west part of the city, surrounded by beautiful mountains and waters. 


Yang Yang nodded, "I remember." 


Zhou Hua pushed Yang Yang's wheelchair and said, "I have told your aunt about your condition and your room has been cleaned up.

Don't worry, she's always been fond of you.

Your relationship with your aunt is better than with me." 


Yang Yang said "En" and continued to be well-behaved. 


Yang Yang was quickly sent back to the ward, and then a robotic nurse sent a warm porridge. 


Zhou Hua brought the cup and handed it to Yang Yang, explaining, "You have been sleeping for too long.

Although we have been doing maintenance for you, your stomach is still too weak.

You can only eat some fluid food in the next few days.

There are some medicines mixed inside that can help you recover as soon as possible.

Well, it won't taste that bad." 


Yang Yang held the cup and smelled it.

The aroma of these cooked grains is kinda fruity.

It tasted mellow and one could feel the ground particles, but it didn't taste much. 


—Of course, for Yang Yang who starved to death in his past life, food is precious. 


After finishing a cup of porridge, Yang Yang clearly felt that his stomach became warm and it even relaxed his spirit, just like his whole body being soaked in a invisible warm water, and each of his nerve endings was transmitting a comfortable signal. 


Roth's voice sounded in Yang Yang's mind at this time:【Master, there's a sleeping component inside which exceeds a 10% dose from the prescription.】


Yang Yang: "What's the effect"


Roth:【It only allows you to sleep deeper.】


Yang Yang: "Oh, that's fine."


Yang Yang did not resist his body's reaction, he lay in bed and soon fell asleep.


However, although his body was asleep, Yang Yang's consciousness went to another place—the second gift he received, the Soul Cube. 


It was a peculiar three-dimensional space.

with four sides in total.

Yang Yang had only opened the "cultivating the soul surface".

As the name implies, it can contain the soul.

As for other functions and other aspects, Yang Yang doesn't know for now. 


After a while, Roth's voice suddenly sounded in the Soul Cube:【Master, Zhou Hua did not leave.

He is watching you at the bedside.】


Yang Yang wasn't surprised: "Roth, do you know what kind of behavior this is"




Yang Yang: "He has a guilty conscience."


Roth:【Master, you mean to say that Zhou Hua did a lot of bad things to you】


Yang Yang: "Not to me, but to the original owner.

Right, Roth.

I need to rest, help me watch the outside world."


Roth:【Yes, Master.】


After Yang Yang said that, he let his consciousness sleep in the Soul Cube.

When he opened his eyes again, he found that he was no longer in the hospital.


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