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Chapter 25: Enter V notification

Roth also realized that something was wrong, so hurriedly looked through the recorded cases.

As he looked at it, sure enough, he found some similar accidents*.

*門道 – lit.

doorway, meaning a way of doing things or a method.

Roth: 【I checked the information, there is no difference in the loss of control of the dislocated soul power, but the only thing you can’t see is your own soul power, Master.

And you don’t know how to use your soul power, but you can easily grab someone else’s soul power—this kind of touching soul power is called manipulating soul power, and only a doctor with at least a third-level medical certificate can do it.

Yang Yang still didn’t understand: 【So 】

Roth: 【So master, you are not sick, but because Soul Cube is always working, your physique has been changed by Soul Cube—or rather it had been over-purified by Soul Cube.

Yang Yang was a little nervous: 【Is it harmful 】

Roth: 【No.

Many people want to control soul power, and this is a turning point in the levels of soul power usage.

These people need to use their soul power to purify their bodies all year round in order to use themselves as a bridge to draw soul power.

However, the purification process is very difficult, so these people often only focus on purifying one finger or one vein, creating a path that works like a soul power conductor.

And your current situation, Master, is that your entire being has been purified into a soul power conductor.

Yang Yang understood, he was saying that he was awesome.

Yang Yang was happy:【So I really encountered the Duke’s soul power just now I saw his reaction, is it possible that he will feel me touching the soul power 】

Roth checked again, and said: 【Soul power is an existence that connects the body and the soul.

There are innumerable connections between the five senses and emotions.

An experienced doctor can use the soul power to soothe mania, or heal the body from diseases caused by soul power in their body.

However, the perception and distribution of soul power is different for everyone, and it takes a lot of experience to judge how to manipulate it.

And the stronger the soul power of the opponent, the more difficult it is to pull, or the effect of manipulating is not much.

——Something like the acupuncture points in traditional Chinese medicine, but everyone’s acupuncture points are not fixed.

And this acupuncture point can also affect the mood.

After Yang Yang understood it in his own way, he was also became interested in his physique.

It would be terrifying if he could fully grasp his soul power.

For example, if he grabs someone else’s soul power, he might be able to control their brain*.


paralysed brain/cerebral palsy but Yang Yang isn’t planning on committing murder here so brain control.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be so powerful, but following this line of thought, if nothing else, it could be his job after the breakup!

So Yang Yang decided to learn to use his soul power.

Starting with control.

Yang Yang: 【Roth, since my soul power is not out of control, I can use my soul power these days, right 】

Roth: 【Yes.

Moreover, I suggest that the master should learn to control the soul power as soon as possible.

I am worried that if Soul Cube continues to purify like this, your soul will leave your body*.

*like in near death experience when you can feel yourself floating above your body

Yang Yang became interested: 【Can my soul leave this body 】

Rot: 【En, but then it can’t come back.】

Yang Yang: 【…】


Yang Yang: 【Then you can collect some training methods for controlling soul power for me first, try to be as secretive as possible.

He didn’t plan to tell anyone about it.

Roth obeyed and went to collect information obediently.

Yang Yang also stood up and went out to find Archibald—the script was not finished yet.

Archibald went out, turned and entered directly a public restroom.

Monta followed in, just to see Archibald slamming the door into a compartment and locking it.

Monta glanced at the door, and after thinking back for a while, he asked hesitantly, “Byrd, are you… hard”

The person in the compartment stepped on the door and made a loud “bang“, and then Archibald’s irritated voice came: “Shut up! Get out!”

Monta didn’t move and was shocked: “Holy **! Really!”

Archibald: “…”

Monta was still shocked: “My God, after so many years, the most excited I saw you was when you tore up the C-level soul beast two years ago.

You’re not even interested watching a movie*, it turns out that you also will get hard!”

*like a pornographic one

Archibald: “…”

Monta began to get excited: “Why are you hard, and Yang Yang didn’t… Oh, the blindfold on his face today is quite attractive, but it’s not enough to—”


A large hole was suddenly stabbed in the alloy iron door.

The scales glinted with a sharp sheen like a sword.

Archibald’s voice returned to calm, and he repeated: “Shut up and go out.”

Monta immediately raised his hands and surrendered: “Okay, I’ll go out now.

—Don’t worry, I’ll hold the door for you, you can suit yourself~”

After saying that, he slammed the door shut.

Archibald: “…”

In the cubicle, Archibald sat on the toilet seat with his elbows on his knees, his hands clasped on his forehead, and he took slow, deep breaths with hunched back.

In fact, he did have a strong reaction, but not in the lower body, but psychologically.

——When Yang Yang looked at him just now, for a moment, he seemed to be pulled by someone, and then a string of crazy possessiveness appeared in his head.

——Put the person on in front of him in your pocket and take him away.

This inexplicable thought flooded his brain.

If it wasn’t for his strong self-control, he’s afraid that he would have really packed Yang Yang and taken him away at that time.

This was not normal, Archibald knew, but the most important thing at the moment was to wait for the crazy desire in his head to calm down.

outside the bathroom.

Yang Yang came here when he saw Monta.

Although he couldn’t see Monta’s expression, he could hear Monta’s “hehehe*“.

      *the same heiheihei like in that memes the other chapter haha

Yang Yang: “…what stimulated you like this”

Monta continued heheheing: “Nothing, I’m just holding a door for Byrd.

Are you looking for him”

Yang Yang nodded: “Yea, I haven’t finished talking about Zhou Hua’s yet.”

Monta: “Hehehe, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a while, he’s busy—”


Before Monta finished speaking the door behind him opened from the inside, and Archibald stood there with a frosty face, staring at the back of Monta’s neck, as if he was trying to twist it off.

Monta instinctively took two steps away, then turned back to look at Archibald, and glanced down secretly.

So fast

Silent is better than sound*.

*Silence is useful than sound, speaks more than sound, etc, an idiom

Archibald ignored him, and looked at Yang Yang.

After sizing him up, he asked, “Did you manipulate my soul power”

Yang Yang was not surprised that Archibald would notice, After all, Archibald has been fighting with soul beasts all year round, so he was naturally more sensitive to his own soul power perception than ordinary people.

And on the way here, he had already thought about how to deal with it.

Yang Yang shrugged and said, “I don’t know what you mean by manipulating your soul power, but if it was your abnormality just now, I think it might be related to me blocking your  soul power.”

Archibald narrowed his eyes, exuding pressure on him with his gaze.

—But unfortunately, Yang Yang couldn’t see it.

Yang Yang continued: “I don’t know why, but your soul power was floating, like a cotton candy just pulled out of the machine, floating around.”

Yang Yang said and waved his hands, without putting any strength.

Archibald: “…”

Yang Yang: “Then a trace of it flew to me, and it was about to stick to my clothes, so I subconsciously blocked it.

Then I saw you jumping up.

—So what the hell is going on here”

Archibald didn’t answer and carefully observed Yang Yang’s expression for a while, but couldn’t see any flaws, so he decided to believe Yang Yang for the time being.

Archibald: “Go and ask Aunt Gu to check it later, and don’t touch other people’s soul power in the future.”

Yang Yang spread his hands, compromising: “Okay, then let’s talk about the details of the script.”

Because he didn’t know Zhou Hua’s situation, there were not many details that could be discussed.

Yang Yang mainly emphasized “cooperation” —after all, they have been online dating for many years, and they were about to get married as soon as they meet.

Archibald seemed to have just remembered this setting, and his face was not very good-looking.

Seeing this, Yang Yang smiled immediately and said, “Of course, if Duke doesn’t want to, there’s a way.

It just you need to pay me a little extra.

One, one zero, one zero more is enough.”

When Archibald heard the words he looked down at Yang Yang’s expression and his mood improved instead.

”Close Is that so”

After saying that, Archibald lowered his head and pulled Yang Yang’s hand, interlocking their fingers, making them more intimate*.

*親密無間 – intimate, without barriers

Archibald’s hand was a circle larger than Yang Yang’s.

His palm was dry, and there were thin calluses on the fingers.

It felt a little rough to touch, but when he was clasped all his five fingers, it brought a huge sense of security.

Yang Yang didn’t expect Archibald to react like this, and was stunned for a while.

And Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s stunned expression, and his mood even brighter.

He glanced over at their two interlocked hands and said in a relaxed tone: “It doesn’t seem to be difficult.”

Yang Yang: “…”

Yang Yang: 【Roth, take a shot of our hands, also remember to include our shoes into the picture.

Archibald’s lower body was in the shape of a beast, so the shape of the boots was also different from that of a normal person, which is very recognizable.

Roth: 【Okay, Master.

Yang Yang withdrew his hand and looked at Archibald expressionlessly: “In order to save some money, the Duke really sacrificed a lot.”

Archibald also withdrew his hand and raised the corner of his mouth: “I can admire the way you grind your teeth.

It’s not a loss.”

After speaking, Archibald turned and walked away, his tail swaying slightly behind him, looking like a big cat walking after a meal, with a sense of joy all over his body.

Yang Yang looked at his back and couldn’t help raising his voice: “Childish.”

Archibald didn’t answer, but his tail swayed more vigorously.

Yang Yang: “…”

Is it his illusion Why do you feel that Archibald’s cold and abstinent image had collapsed in just a few days, and his face has become thicker


The author has something to say:

Monta: Isn’t it thanks to you

Yang Yang: How is it possible, I am such a sensible* person.

Monta: …

Byrd: …

*通情達理 – reasonable, sensible


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