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Chapter 29: Prelude

    When Yang Yang came out of the storage room, he looked at Gu Lita with awe.

    Gu Lita raised her eyebrows, “Are you satisfied”

    Yang Yang nodded again and again, and showed his filial piety by giving his own preserved fruit, “You worked hard, Auntie Gu.”

    Gu Lita glanced at it, but didn’t eat it: “That’s preserved red fruit, for females to eat during pregnancy.”

    Yang Yang changed to a plate of nuts from the table and handed it over, Gu Lita took it and asked: “What did you see”

    Yang Yang roughly described the sequence of Zhou Hua’s three kinds of soul power changes, and the how it looked before and after.

    Gu Lita nodded and explained the three kinds of soul power changes: “Happy, nervous or guilty, angry.”

    As soon as she finished speaking, Amber called everyone back.

    As soon as Monta came in, he jumped in front of Gu Lita and asked curiously, “Mom, how did you scold them just now I saw Zhou Hua and the others had faces as black as briquettes when they left.”

    Gu Lita smiled lovingly and looked at Monta “Want to hear it”

    Monta “…”

    Monta “Oh, forget it, Mom, you worked hard, I won’t waste your saliva.”

    Gu Lita gave him a smile of “you know it*” , then took back her gaze, and said to Archibald, “Zhou Hua and the others will come back at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning.

Prepare yourself.”

*basically meaning, you’re sensible you know what to do in this situation.

    Archibald nodded and said nothing.

This is the time it’ll all end.

    Seeing that what they had said was almost done, mother You greeted them and said, “Okay, don’t talk about those bad things, it’s almost noon, everyone pack up and prepare for lunch.

I have prepared a big meal for you.”

    He Shu smiled and said, “That’s great.

Mother worked hard.”

    Mother said with a cheerful smile, “It’s not hard work, I’m also happy helping.”

    So everyone else went to wash their hands and change to their home clothes.

Amber came over and said to Yang Yang.

“Little Madam, I’ll take you to see your room.”

    The villa had four floors.

The second floor was reserved for the Donton family, the third floor was a guest room, and the top floor was an outdoor swimming pool and garden, as well as Archibald’s room.

    The room that Amber arranged for Yang Yang was right next to Archibald’s room.

    Archibald “…Amber, didn’t you say this was the study room reserved for me”

    Amber “Yeah, I’ve wrong little madam.”

    Archibald “”

    Amber smiled at Yang Yang again and said, “But don’t worry, little madam.

Although the room is not big, it has all the things it should have.

If you still need anything, just tell me directly.”

    Yang Yang glanced at Archibald and smiled.

“I see, thank you Amber.

I’ll go take a look first.”

    Amber nodded and stepped forward to open the door for Yang Yang.

    The room is actually quite big, it should be more than 40 square meters, like a loft apartment, with an autumn theme decoration, simple and cozy.

Everything was thoughtfully prepared down to details, even the closet was full of new clothes of the right size, and they were all washed and ironed.

    Yang Yang felt that her heart also warmed up, so he turned around and thanked Amber again, “I like it very much, thank you, Amber.”

    Amber’s smile was kind, “It’s good if you like it.

The second young master and the little madam can clean up now.

We’ll have dinner in about half an hour.”

    After speaking, Amber turned around and went downstairs.

    Archibald stood at the door of Yang Yang, his eyes swept across the arrangement in the room, and fell on Yang Yang again.

    Yang Yang pursed his lips and smiled, “Does the Duke want to come in and sit”

    Archibald “…”

    Turned around and left.

    Yang Yang laughed, closed the door, put on a set of pleasing home clothes, and went downstairs first.

    The lunch was indeed very rich, and Yang Yang also has a special set of menu.

The taste was somewhat similar to the rice made by He Shu, but it was more cooked.

    Yang Yang ate to his heart’s content and didn’t take part in the after-dinner walk.

He went upstairs to get some sleep first.

He stayed up all night yesterday, and he was airsick again today, so he was already exhausted.

    Yang Yang slept very deeply, and it was already 10 o’clock in the evening when he woke up.

No lights were turned on in the room, and the moonlight shone through the window, seeming like a layer of hoarfrost on the floor.

    “Master, you’re awake.”

    Black panther Roth raised his head from the bed, looked at Yang Yang and said, “I have already sent the post, and now Zhou Niya’s matter has been picked up, and many people are going to ask the truth from Zhou Hua’s official blog.”

    Yang Yang was still a little dazed, and was taken aback by the black panther, but fortunately, the black panther’s baby voice broke its style in time.

    Yang Yang reached out and patted the black panther’s head, “Don’t come out suddenly in the middle of the night, it’s scary.”

    Roth laughed twice, agreed, and said, “Someone from the board of directors of Zhouhua Group called him and I intercepted all those calls.

Zhou Jihui also called, but Duke Donton didn’t let me intercept him, so I tampered with the call information in the middle.”

    Yang Yang raised an eyebrow, “Oh What did he ask you to do “

    Roth answered enthusiastically: “The Duke asked me to imitate their voices, and then changed the information sent back.

What Zhou Jihui heard was that Zhou Hua wanted him to deny everything and not to admit what happened on the Internet.

But Zhou Hua heard was that Zhou Jihui asked him if he could report to Niya next week.

In the end, Zhou Jihui hung up the phone with peace of mind, and Zhou Hua hung up angrily.”

    Yang Yang smiled and had to admit that this was a good move.


    Yang Yang looked at the black panther: “When did you start listening to him”

    Rotter put his paws on the edge of the bed and stretched out his fingernails to hook the sheets, with some grievances: “I wanted to wake up master, but after the Duke knew that you stayed up late, he didn’t allow me to wake you up.”

    Yang Yang was stunned, a little surprised, but when he thought about it, it wasn’t an accident.

——Archibald clearly had a *knife-mouth, tofu-heart.

*meaning that his words are harsh but his heart is soft

    However, although Yang Yang was a little moved, what should be done still had to be done.

    Yang Yang: “Did you get the checklist I asked you to take”

    Roth nodded and said: “I got it when I was still on the starship.”

    Yang Yang got up, went to wash first, and then found a bottle of eye drops in the medicine cabinet in the room.

    Roth asked with concern, “Master, are your eyes uncomfortable”

    Yang Yang “No, but I can’t cry at will.”

    Roth “”

    But soon Roth understood.

    After Yang Yang took the eye drops, he looked back and forth in several places in the room, and finally chose the lazy sofa by the floor-to-ceiling window.

He leaned up, turned on the camera function of the terminal, and then dripped into his eyes two eye drops.

    Started to take pictures.

    A few minutes later, Yang Yang chose one of the more than ten photos that he was the most satisfied with and threw it to Roth.

    Roth “…”

    Three minutes later, Youtu user Soul Pierces Through Your Heart posted again.

    Soul Pierces Through Your Heart: I didn’t expect the uncle to treat me like this.

Although the child was an accident, he is still my child.

How could he be so cruel! [Heartbroken][Picture][Picture]

    The first picture was the inspection sheet that Roth brought from Gu Lita, which records the inspection time and the residue of Mandela grass in detail.

    The second picture is the photo that Yang Yang took meticulously just now.

He looked at the night sky at a 45-degree angle, two lines of tears fell from the corners of his eyes, with encompassing sadness.

    Today, Duke Donton’s matter was very popular.

Yang Yang’s Weibo post has only been posted for a few minutes, and the comments have exceeded three digits.

    Different from the scolding of the previous Weibo, this Weibo attracted a lot of melon eaters.

    ——My God, is this look serious

    ——OP is fast, and even the checklist is ready.

    ——The sofa of the o master is from the E family, and it looks like 50,000 star coins each.

    ——Fuck, OP is really a local tyrant!

    In addition to these, there were people who are watching the fun and encircle Archibald and Monta.

——Of course, they cannot summon such dragons.

Even Dear Monta has more than 9 billion fans.

    After Yang Yang finished it, he climbed into bed again and asked Roth, “Has there been any response from Zhou Hua Group”

    Roth said, “Yes, they are writing a public relations draft.

According to the news brought back by Zhou Jihui, they plan to deny doing these things completely.

    Yang Yang laughed without commenting.

    “I’m going to go back to sleep, you watch Zhou Hua, don’t make any mistakes.”

    Roth “Okay, master!”

    Yang Yang quickly fell asleep again.

This time, he was in better spirits, and he did not lose consciousness immediately after entering Soul Cube, and took a look at his stomach.

    In the belly, the fluorescent ball flickered obediently, as if confirming that it had returned to the Soul Cube, and then flew out again with a “whoosh*”.

*咻 – spelled xiu, whoosh, cry [of an animal], can mean a lot of things but here it should be whoosh

    Flying like a bumblebee*.

*might be a coincidence but the same characters as Flight of the Bumblebee composed by Rimsky Korsakov

    Yang Yang “…”

    Forget it, as long as its healthy.

    Yang Yang lay in the Soul Cube, quietly watching the fluorescent balls scurrying, and then noticed the difference in the Soul Cube.

    Yang Yang: 【Roth, has the Soul Cube became brighter】

    Roth:  【En.

As the master’s proficiency in controlling the soul power increases, the Soul Cube will gradually open and restore to its original appearance.】

    Yang Yang was a little curious【What does it look like】

    Roth:  【I don’t know.】

    Yang Yang【…】

    Yang Yang didn’t expect anything from Roth anymore, got up and walked around in the Soul Cube, and observed it himself.

    The Soul Cube used to be a black void, and now it has become black and gray, but it still had no borders.

No matter how far Yang Yang has gone, it seemed that he was constantly standing still after returning to his senses.

    On the contrary, the fluorescent ball thought that Yang Yang was playing with him, and flew over to circle around Yang Yang.

    He wasn’t sure if it was because it was flying too fast, Yang Yang always felt that it was dragging a wisp of cloud and mist.

    “Don’t move.”

    Yang Yang grabbed the fluorescent ball and pinched it so that it could not move, and then looked closely, and found that the cloud and mist were suspended above the Soul Cube, very faint, if not brought down by the fluorescent ball, he wouldn’t have noticed it.

    What’s this

    Yang Yang was curious, but he couldn’t reach it, so he could only give up in the end.

——It seems that he still had to control his soul power to do that.

    Yang Yang released the fluorescent ball and flicked it with his fingertips, “Okay, you can go play by yourself, and I will continue to sleep.”

    After that, Yang Yang lay down on the spot and continued to make up sleep.

    The fluorescent ball was suspended and did not move.

After Yang Yang fell asleep, the fluorescent ball slowly fell down, and unbiased landed in the middle of Yang Yang’s forehead.

    It seemed that the position was not ideal, the fluorescent ball jumped in place again, bounced twice, and fell into Yang Yang’s hair.

    Unknowingly, the round body moved left and right, and put a few strands of Yang Yang’s hair under its body, forming a small nest.

    Then the fluorescent ball stopped satisfactorily, and after a while, the frequency of flashing also slowed down—and also fell asleep.


Author has something to say:

Fluorescent Ball: I have special cushioning skills! OVO

Salted fish jing*: Then your dad went bald

Yang Yang: ………..

*salted fish means someone lazy but I’m not entirely sure about the jing part.

Must be some sort of joke I’m too uncultured to understand


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