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Chapter 31: Severing the Relationship

    Yang Yang didn’t want to have a runny nose, after all, it didn’t look good.

But Archibald torn his face so simply and fast* that he drew his gun just after a few words.

*乾脆利落, lit neat and tidy, meaning simple and refreshing way

    Yang Yang didn’t even get to warm his buttocks before running down with the eye drops, but his hands trembled for a while, and when putting in the eye drops he accidentally poked the corner of his eye…

    Yang Yang cried real tears.

    The stagnant atmosphere in the small tea room was broken by Yang Yang, Archibald paused for a moment, then slowly retracted his hand with the gun.

    “Don’t cry.”

    Archibald lowered his head, his voice soft.

    Yang Yang shook his head, twisting in Archibald’s arms like a slippery fish.

    Archibald “…”

    Yang Yang sucked in his nose, and then slowly raised his head, his nose red as he looked at Archibald: “Byrd, calm down, let me talk to Uncle, okay”

    Archibald “…”

    Archibald looked down at the wet marks on the military uniform, and now he couldn’t calm down.

    Yang Yang pushed Archibald out of the door and looked at him pleadingly “Byrd.”

    Archibald “…”

    Archibald took a deep breath, then nodded, and said his line “Okay, but don’t speak for him, don’t force me to choose between you and the Dontons.”

    Yang Yang hurriedly shook his head, looking at him affectionately and pitifully “I won’t, I love you so much, you know it.”

    Archibald “…”


    Archibald didn’t answer any more, but turned and walked away with a grim face, and he didn’t forget to shot a glance at Zhou Hua before leaving.

    Zhou Hua tensed his body, and didn’t relax until the door was closed again.

    The room was calm, and only Yang Yang’s sobbing could be heard.

But this voice made Zhou Hua feel at ease.

He looked at Yang Yang as if he was looking at his life-saving charm and cash cow.

    “Yang Yang, this is really a misunderstanding.”

    Zhou Hua began to explain to Yang Yang with a sad face.

    Yang Yang looked at him with tears in his eyes, and then removed the spirit power restriction ring on his wrist, releasing his spirit power.

    The goal was that the white soul power cloud that was contracting on Zhou Hua’s body was slowly expanding and spreading.

——It was probably because of the ups and downs of his mood, and the change of this kind of soul power was also very obvious.

    Expanding is joy, contracting is guilt or tension.

    Yang Yang could almost guess what Zhou Hua was thinking now.

    “Enough, uncle, stop talking.”

    Yang Yang sat on sofa sat Archibald just now, glanced at the smashed coffee table, and then took a small tea spoon on the messy table and pinched it in his hand playing with it, like an unconscious movement of a nervous person.

    Zhou Hua was a little anxious after hearing Yang Yang’s tone: “Yang Yang, don’t you believe Uncle If Uncle really had bad thoughts about you, he would directly authorize euthanasia on you as early as you were diagnosed as a vegetative person!”

    Oh, then thank you.

    Yang Yang looked up at Zhou Hua, squeezed the silver spoon in his hand tightly, as if he had brewed enough courage, and finally asked emotionally ;”What about the Mandela grass!”

    Zhou Hua was stunned: “Mandela grass”

    Yang Yang called out the previous checklist from the terminal, and shoved the screen on Zhou Hua’s face: “This is what Aunt Gu found out during the check up on me the night I left.

My body contained Mandela grass pellets remains, and judging from the amount left, it had been happening for several days.”

    Speaking of which, Yang Yang choked up again: “Uncle, since you made me pregnant with the Duke’s child, why did you give me Mandela grass Don’t you know that it is poison to pregnant females!”

    As he spoke, Yang Yang’s soul power had already extended from the spoon, a thin strand twisted and stretched in the air in Zhou Hua’s direction.

    “What mandela grass How could I possibly feed you mandela grass”

    Zhou Hua’s emotions became agitated, and his soul power contracted slightly, but at the same time, his soul power began to pulsate uneasily.

That was a sign of anger.

    Yang Yang was taken aback, angry why

    No matter, let’s end it first.

    Yang Yang stretched out his soul power and stabbed the soul power making Zhou Hua jump up.

    Immediately, Zhou Hua’s soul power exploded like a fish pond where someone threw a stone.

    Zhou Hua also began to lose control, gasping for breath and unable to calm his emotions, and finally hit the armrest of the sofa as if he couldn’t bear it, and said: “I, Zhou Hua, hate being wronged the most in my life, don’t think of accusing me of things I haven’t done!”

    Yang Yang “…”

    The effect is outstanding.

    Yang Yang temporarily took back some of his soul power, and then started to play, shouting back at a high voice: “Then where did the madela grass in my body come from Do you know that the soul of the child once disappeared It was almost gone, and it’s likely to be a…”

    Yang Yang seemed to be unable to bear to say that word, and choked up halfway, staring at Zhou Hua with sadness and anger: “How could you treat me and my child like this”

     Without Yang Yang’s stimulation, Zhou Hua’s soul power also calmed down a bit.

He thought of Byrd’s previous attitude and felt that he had found the answer—it was because of the child’s health that Byrd was “taking out anger” on him!    

     But he really didn’t do it.

     “I didn’t do it!”

     Zhou Hua explained anxiously: “Yang Yang, think about it, well, even if you think I secretly made you pregnant with Byrd’s child, then I would definitely want the child to be healthy, only such a child would be valuable! How could I start with weakening your child at this time”

     This was said from his heart.

     Yang Yang took the opportunity to take a look at Zhou Hua’s soul power, and found some fluctuations that had not appeared before.

Was it sincerity

     Just try it and find out.

    Yang Yang retorted, “Weak children are easier to control, aren’t they”

    At the same time, he used his soul power to stab the new wave on Zhou Hua’s body.

The soul power didn’t have a reaction similar to throwing a stone in a fish pond like before, but the scope of the wave spread a little.

    But Zhou Hua became eloquent.

    Zhou Hua: “If it’s another family, maybe yes.

The Doton family has a genetic disease.

For them, only healthy children are superior, and weak children are naturally inferior products.

    I am the top 100 merchants in the empire, how can I not know how to make the goods more valuable

    So I definitely didn’t give you mandela grass, —maybe Gu Lita did something to make you misunderstand Although I don’t know why, but I know she has always hated me.”

    Yang Yang was speechless with Zhou Hua’s shamelessness.

    Such Zhou Hua reminded Yang Yang of some unpleasant experiences in his previous life, and he felt a little disgusted.

    Yang Yang laughed and didn’t want to talk nonsense with him.

    Yang Yang took a deep breath and seemed to have made a difficult and important decision: “Whether you did it or not, Byrd would never forgive you, and between you and Byrd, I will choose Bird.”

    Zhou Hua felt a little uneasy, and asked, “What do you mean”

    Yang Yang, “I want to severe ties with you.”

    Zhou Hua immediately exploded, stood up directly on the sofa, pointed at Yang Yang and said, “I don’t agree! “

    His emotions were too strong, but in the end anger prevailed.

——He has planned carefully for so long, and even lost his granddaughter, all for the sake of Yang Yang, a cash cow and a life-saving charm.

    Now that Yang Yang wanted to make a clean break with him, he wanted to pay for it in blood.

    Zhou Hua angrily played the family card, “I am your uncle, your closest person.

I raised you, taught you to study, and taught you how to be a man.

Now you say you want to severe relationship, do you still have a conscience!”

    Yang Yang responded calmly “No.”

    Zhou Hua choked, “What, what did you say”

    Yang Yang “What I mean is that I will let Byrd pay back the amount of money you spent on raising me.

If you think it’s too little, I will let him give you double the amount.

    Zhou Hua’s eyes were red with anger.

Since he had entered the rich ranking, no one has dared to speak to him like this for in many years.

    But Zhou Hua still has reason, he took a few deep breaths, resisted his anger and said to Yang Yang, “I am Byrd’s uncle, how could he break off relationship with me.

Yang Yang, you are so wilful, won’t Byrd hate you”

    Yang Yang couldn’t help admiring Zhou Hua, he was quite prescriptive.

    Unfortunately, he doesn’t eat this set.

    Yang Yang stopped acting, his eyes became cold, and his expression became serious, “Why can’t the duke severe ties with you You forged my suicide note to artificially inseminate me, smuggled his samples to fertilize his child, and wanted to hide the existence of the child, to save it for later use.

    You’re making all these tricks, where did you get the confidence that the Duke will continue to put up with you”

    Zhou Hua froze, and the sharp corners of his soul power’s anger were like a fire that had been splashed with water and it instantly calmed down, but didn’t shrink.

    Zhou Hua denied it and said: “As I said, those are misunderstanding, suicide notes was left by you, but you just forgot.

The sample were in the Medical Research Institute, how could I possibly get them.”

    Yang Yang looked at Zhou Hua’s soul power and shook his head.

Some people just don’t cry without seeing the coffin.

    Yang Yang smiled suddenly, “Then, the mineral mines from 21 years ago were also a misunderstanding”

    Zhou Hua’s soul power suddenly shrank.

    Yang Yang “You said that the mineral mines were sold to others before the Duke broke his shell.

In fact, the signing of the agreement was at 13:39:21 pm on the first day after the duke hatched from the shell.

The signing place was at Room 1701, at Dagobel Hotel.”

    Zhou Hua’s soul power was almost shrunk to the extreme, and Yang Yang could even see his expression, which was filled with fear and disbelief.

    “You, you…”

    “How could I know”

    Yang Yang asked the question for him, and then smiled, “Not only I know, but I also have a copy of the agreement you signed.”

    Saying that, Yang Yang called up a light screen from the terminal and unfolded it in front of Zhou Hua’s eyes.

It was the mineral concentrate transaction agreement signed by Zhou Hua with the multinational group that year, but there was only a photo of the paper cover, and the content inside was not displayed.

    Zhou Hua’s pupils shrank sharply.

He confirmed that this thing was destroyed back then, how could it still exist

    Zhou Hua’s soul power expanded out again, and he firmly said, “Fake! You are lying to me.”

    Yang Yang stabbed out the soul power, the tip split into a fork, and gathered a piece of Zhou Hua’s soul power close to the brain, forcing it to tighten closer.

    Then Yang Yang sneered, “The day after you finished trading the minerals, the Duke’s father revealed the identity of the planet master, and you came back with a coy face to show your affection.

Don’t the people who traded with you know how to keep a backhand to avoid getting burned in the future After all, you almost killed his child.

    Or, I could show this agreement to the Duke and let him judge whether it’s true or not”

    Zhou Hua’s lips turned white.

    Yang Yang moved his finger, slid the photo aside, and then took out the agreement to sever the relationship.

    Yang Yang “As long as you sign the agreement to sever our relationship, I will destroy the scanned copy of this transaction agreement.

If you don’t sign it, I will send it to the Duke immediately.—Think about the Duke’s attitude towards you just now, do you think that if he saw this thing, would he shot you only in your legs

    Now, you have three seconds to choose, three, two—”

    “What if you go back on it”

    Zhou Hua asked quickly anxiously, his voice trembled a little, the extreme guilty conscience nourished fear, and fear was eating away his reason.

    Yang Yang smiled, put pressure on Zhou Hua’s soul power again, and showed a intimidating face: “Then you’d better pray that I don’t go back on it.


    “I sign! I sign!”

    Zhou Hua was afraid that Yang Yang would send the agreement to Archibald, so he immediately signed the agreement and entered his fingerprints and iris.

    “Wise choice.”

    After taking back the agreement, Yang Yang praised Zhou Hua.

After confirming that the agreement was fine, he deleted the mineral essence trading agreement in front of Zhou Hua and took back his soul power.

    Zhou Hua’s extremely tense emotions immediately relaxed.

As soon as he relaxed he fell and sat down on the sofa, he looked exhausted.

    Yang Yang wasn’t much better either, he was continuously using his soul power, especially the last attempt to “oppress” Zhou Hua’s soul power, which made his soul power load a little heavy, and now his head was dizzy.

    However, Yang Yang didn’t show any signs of fatigue, he still sat there playing with the spoon, completely having stripped off the good baby’s image, the whole person was lazy and ruthless, seeming poisonous and dangerous.

    Although Zhou Hua’s rationality was back in cage, he still felt a little scared when he looked at Yang Yang.

    Seeing that Zhou Hua seemed to be planning to sit for a long time, Yang Yang raised his eyebrows impatiently and pointed at the door, “Mr.

Zhou Hua, you can go.”

    Zhou Hua moved his mouth, but said nothing.

——He didn’t know if Yang Yang has used too much force, but Zhou Hua’s spirit power was still in a state of contraction, obviously it hasn’t recovered.

    Hearing Yang Yang’s words, Zhou Hua even trembled slightly.

After two seconds of silence, Zhou Hua got up and tidied up a little, then opened the door and went out.

    But as soon as the door was opened, Zhou Hua froze in place—outside the door, Archibald and Mu Shuyi were facing him.

Looking at the expressions of the two, it seems that they were not happy.

    “B, Byrd.”

    Zhou Hua’s heart jumped, and his whole brain was filled with a question —did Byrd hear what Yang Yang said just now

    Archibald ignored Zhou Hua, and looked back at Mu Shuyi, “Aunt, you are welcome to come back during the festivals, but if I see Zhou Hua’s face again, I will make him a waste.”

    Zhou Hua’s tense nerves suddenly snapped.

    It’s finished.

    Mu Shuyi also had a sad face, but she could only nod her head, “I understand.

Today we will leave first.

The mineral stones will be placed with your mother.

You must it give Ya Qing in time for him to make medicine for you.”

    Archibald didn’t answer, and didn’t even look at Mu Shuyi.

    Mu Shuyi pursed his lips, then reached out and pulled Zhou Hua, and left the manor.

    After confirming that the two had left, Yang Yang on the sofa let out a sigh of relief and collapsed on the sofa.

—He felt like there his temples were pounding as if there was a little guy dancing inside.

    Yang Yang closed his eyes and rested for less than two seconds, when he felt someone approaching.

    Opening his eyes, Yang Yang saw… a mass of chocolate pieces.

    Archibald’s voice sounded, “What you said just now was true”

    Yang Yang’s eyes fell on the “chocolate pieces” and he nodded, “It was, but there was no copy of the agreement, this cover was from Roth’s from the scraps found in the database of the group.——But this matter, you should know it by yourself already.”

    Archibald did not answer.

    There is still a big difference between knowing what was in his your heart and confirming it.

    Yang Yang knew that Archibald was in a bad mood today, so he didn’t say anything more.

    He sat up a little and changed the topic “What is it on you”

    Archibald looked down at the pool of “unedified substance” on the military uniform, and gritted his teeth, “Don’t say you don’t know”

    Yang Yang was baffled “How should I know”

    It was the first time he saw soul power in colours other than white, right

    Archibald looked incredulous—wasn’t this person too shameless Obviously he was rubbing against him like a vigorous fish before!

    In Yang Yang’s eyes, as Archibald’s mood fluctuated, he saw those “chocolate pieces” floating up, and then they were trying to tie to the cotton balls.

    Yang Yang swore that it was a subconscious thought at the time, he wanted to see what it was.

    But it may be because after he used his soul power excessively, his soul power was in a state of “stocking”.

That strand of soul power, which had not yet retracted, followed Yang Yang’s subconscious thought and touched the “chocolate pieces” on Archibald’s body.

    The moment his soul power touched the “chocolate pieces”, Yang Yang felt as if he had been suddenly shocked, and in the blink of an eye, he was in the Soul Cube.

    Yang Yang “…”



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Yang Yang: Who am I, where am I, what happened


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