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Chapter 33: Distressed

    Archibald turned off the message notification function as early as the day he had registered his account.

But he knew what kind of turmoil it would cause when his news was sent out, so when the terminal got stuck as he exited the Youtu Archibald didn’t care.

    After posting Weibo, the agreement with Yang Yang was fulfilled.

    Archibald retracted the hand that was holding Yang Yang’s hand, and the hot temperature of the Yang Yang’s skin remained on his palm, which made his fingers itch a little, and he couldn’t help clenching his hand loosely into a fist.

    He looked at Yang Yang who was sleeping.

When he didn’t speak, Yang Yang was truly as quiet and beautiful as a porcelain doll, the kind that people couldn’t bear to speak loudly to.

    Archibald lost his temper seeing such a Yang Yang, he took a deep breath and said: “Let’s write it off.”

    Even if Yang Yang was still dizzy, it’s not like he couldn’t hear it.

    After unilaterally declaring a truce, Archibald seemed to have felt he had done something embarrassing and felt a little uncomfortable staying in the same space with Yang Yang, so after confirming that the settings of the treatment cabin were good, he turned and left.

    The sleeping Yang Yang: “…”

    Black Panther Roth lying on the side of the treatment cabin: “…”

    Sorry, but it may not be written off.

    Roth was about to cry, it stood up and laid on the side of the treatment cabin, and cried in the baby voice: “What should I do, Master, the Duke has made up with you just now, if he finds out your Youtu account now, won’t he be very angry!”

    The sleeping Yang Yang slowly opened his eyes, because he was woken up by Roth ahead of time the pain and high fever in his body had not disappeared yet.

He undered it covering the expression in his eyes weakly: “Can’t help it…”


cold salad, meaning that one can’t help in this situation

   He didn’t expect that Archibald would take the initiative to post such Weibo, and would also admit the existence of the child—after all, although there was evidence of stealing the sample, but only after the child was born, could they determine whether the child was Archibald’s.

     For example, what if the people at the fertility center temporarily replaced the matching samples, no one could guarantee that such a small probability event couldn’t happen.

    Archibald’s move was a bit reckless, but it also represented a kind of trust.

    If it was half an hour ago, Yang Yang would be very happy to have this trust.


    Yang Yang: “Roth, is it too late to delete my blog now”

    Roth: “Master, you now have 10.8 billion followers, and all Weibo is going viral on the Internet.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Are all interstellar people so free

    Roth’s black panther face even squeezed out a sad expression: “Master, maybe you could explain to the Duke, this was a last resort strategy to hide your identity, he should understand.”

    Yang Yang sighed: “He’s not as stupid and sweet as you.”

    This account was created by Yang Yang with a thought “one day Archibald’s expression will be wonderful when he finds out”.

——Only Roth believed that he changed his face in order to hide his identity.

    But the current Roth is not the same Roth who just had his database written.

    It immediately understood what Yang Yang meant, and even imagined what Yang Yang thought at that time.

    Roth: “…Master, you haven’t thought about what to do afterwards”

    Yang Yang: “I just thought about what his expression will look like.”

    Roth: “…”

    Black panther’s head suddenly raised up, and then the panther humanely covered his face with his paws: “Master, Monta sent a screenshot of your Weibo to the Duke.

The Duke is heading towards the treatment cabin—”


    Before Roth could finish speaking, the door of the treatment room was blocked.

Kicked away, Archibald’s tall figure appeared outside the door.

——He probably went to change his clothes just now.

His military jacket was gone, and the two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, exposing his collarbone and slender neck.

    But Yang Yang has no time to appreciate the beauty.

    Yang Yang sat up startled to death, he bounced up like a carp to the other side with one hand supporting the treatment cabin, then met Archibald’s murderous expression of wanting to eat people across the treatment cabin.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Ah, this expression is really wonderful.

    Yang Yang: 【Roth, hurry up, take a picture of his expression.】

    Roth:【… 】

    Rotter couldn’t believe it.

Was his master’s spirit too fearless not even afraid of death

    But Roth complied, and then the panther crawled under the treatment cabin—whatever was happening, it was just a poor and helpless baby AI, ying*.

*cute way of crying, for example, yingyingying is also crying and pretending to be a pitiful baby

    Yang Yang’s body was still a little weak, and just this one movement made him out of breath.

    But now even the weak Yang Yang was unable make Archibald feel any pity.

    Archibald walked towards Yang Yang, gritting his teeth: “The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart, the snake-face, and my aesthetic are worrying”

    Yang Yang “…the latter is not my words.”

    Archibald slapped the treatment cabin and looked at Yang Yang: “Do you think what you said is not enough”

    Yang Yang blinked, weighed the choices, and chose a relatively simple plan—to be reasonable, aka a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water*.

*means that those in dire straits are not afraid of more danger.

Or that, like for a dead pig, boiling water can’t do anything.

    Yang Yang looked up at Archibald and confidently said: “I was also angry with you at the time! Think about this, did you give me a good face”

    Archibald’s anger continued: “It was you that first that threatened me with the existence of the child in the beginning!”

    Yang Yang “I did it for self-protection, and traded with conscience, but you deducted a full zero of my pay!”

    Archibald “I threatened you because I was angry.

But I still took you out of Zhou Hua’s house, and taught you to perceive and use soul power.

Even if I knew that Roth was a dangerous existence, I didn’t treat you like a spy.”

    Yang Yang: “But you scolded me during training and scared me with worms.”

    Archibald: “Then you retaliated by beating me up, lying to me with the disappearance of your soul reaction, and even recorded my apology! —It hasn’t been deleted yet!”

    Yang Yang: “And you later deducted my payment for dealing with Zhou Hua, and didn’t even give me a zero for so much hard work, of course I was angry.”

    Archibald: “So you made this account to smear my reputation”

    Yang Yang: “Yeah!”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Oh, he said it accidentally.

    Yang Yang blinked, and suddenly held his forehead: “Ah, my head hurts.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald took a deep breath, stared at Yang Yang with a fierce look, the scales on his tail all raised and fell back again, making a crisp, heart-pounding sound.

    But in the end, Archibald did nothing.

    After taking a deep look at Yang Yang, he hit the treatment cabin as if venting, and then left angrily.

    Just two steps away, Yang Yang stopped him again, “Duke.”

    Archibald stopped and stared back at Yang Yang, as if saying—what are you trying to do now

    Yang Yang put down the hand from his forehead, his face became serious, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth: “Thank you for posting that Weibo.”

    Archibald’s expression froze, as if he did not expect Yang Yang to seriously thank him.

    Yang Yang: “Also, I heard what you said about writing it off before, does it still count”

    Archibald began to grind his teeth again—he was dreaming when he through he would act otherwise!


    Archibald threw out two words angrily, then strode out of the treatment room.

    The treatment room became quiet again, Yang Yang looked at the trembling door, and after a while, he suddenly laughed.

    Rotter stuck his head out of the treatment cabin, puzzled: “Master, why are you laughing”

    It was scared to death, alright.

    Yang Yang pursed the corners of his mouth and said: “I just think he’s really cute.”

    Roth “”

    No, did anything else happen between the two of you just now besides quarrelling

    Good, even this was cute.

    Roth felt that he couldn’t understand human feelings: “Since you think he is cute, why are you making him angry”

   Yang Yang: “He’s cute when he’s angry.”

    Roth: “…”

    Its owner, er…

    “Ai, no, I have to lie down again, it hurts too much.”

    Yang Yang supported his body and climbed back to the treatment cabin.

After only a while, a thin layer of sweat already appeared on his body.

Although it was not as painful as the broken hand bone at the beginning, this kind of pain drilling in his heart stirred up some bad memories.

    Hopefully he won’t have a nightmare.

    Yang Yang lay down in the treatment cabin and fell asleep after a while.

When the soul entered the Soul Cube, it was in a deeply asleep state.

    Yang Yang didn’t know how long he slept, but finally woke up with a jolt.

    Yang Yang opened his eyes in confusion, and then saw the chandelier on the ceiling shaking.

    The chandelier was a simple wrought iron chandelier.

When shaking, the light and shadow shaped beautiful geometric figures on the ceiling.

    Yang Yang reacted after a while—he was in his own room.


    Yang Yang got up.

He feels very good now.

The high fever and pain in his body have disappeared, and he didn’t even feel weaker after the illness.

Instead, he was in good spirits.

    Rotter was playing at the Starnet.

After hearing Yang Yang’s call, he quickly jumped back to the black panther’s body, and then trotted out of the room after Yang Yang.

    It was already dark outside, but the moonlight was shining so brightly that it looked like frost on the ground.

    “Master, what’s the matter”

    Rotter ran to Yang Yang’s feet and raised his head to ask.

    Yang Yang felt the shaking under his feet, and wondered: “Is it an earthquake”

    Roth: “Oh no, it’s the Duke.

He jumped into the lake at three o’clock in the afternoon, and then everything in the neighbourhood began to shake.”


    Yang Yang took a few steps in a different direction and saw the big lake next to the manor.

The lake was surging with ripples, spreading out from the center of the lake.

    Yang Yang frowned slightly, as if remembering something: “Is it his soul power rioting”

    Roth: “Well, I heard them say that, because the Duke’s soul power is too strong, it is easy to hurt others and himself every time his soul power riots, so they built a suppression chamber at the bottom of this lake, which could suppress him for a while, and it will be fine after the attack.”

    However, even after suppression, it still brought a vibrations of a similar strength as a earthquake, was the suppression chamber not working, or was Archibald creating it himself

    Yang Yang recalled the “chocolate pieces” on Archibald’s body, and clenched his hands slightly.

    “Oh yes, Master, Monta sent an invitation to you.”

    Rotter interrupted Yang Yang’s meditation, and a small light screen popped up in front of Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang glanced at it, it was an invitation to join a chat group.

    Yang Yang agreed.

    There were only 5 people in the group plus Yang Yang, and the group name is “What trouble did you do, moth*”.

*remember when I told you it’s a slang for making trouble The making trouble past is character moth as well.

It might also has something to do with the “Son, did you do, son” meme but they just call moth instead.

    Yang Yang “…”

    What kind of sand sculpture* group name is this

*sand sculpture means silly and dumb.

    Then Yang Yang saw the four people originally in the group lining up one after another.

    Universe’s Tower Lord: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart.

    Don’t call me Xiaoqing: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart

    Society’s Big Sister Li: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart~

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart!

    Yang Yang “…”

Leaving the group


The author has something to say:

Yang Yang: Those who are loyal to death will not be afraid of losing their horses! Because I always have a hundred ways to put it back on!

Byrd: ……………..


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