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Chapter 37: Prenatal Education

    It took a long time finish a drip.

Yang Yang was a little bored, so he opened the terminal and started to surf the Internet.

As soon as he opened it, the moth group jumped out.

    Universe’s Tower Lord: Brother Yang, Brother Yang, Brother Yang! ! !

    Universe’s Tower Lord: I heard something from my mother just now! ! !

    Universe’s Tower Lord: Hahahahahaha! ! !

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Don’t call me Xiaoqing: What has Brother Yang done

    Universe’s Tower Lord: He made a suicide attack on Archibald, made a pot of porridge, and the two of them emptied their stomachs for half an hour, and they are still having an IV drip hahahaha!

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: Amazing my dear Yang, take a quick video and so I can see how Byrd is hanging on a drip!

    Society’s Big Sister Li: Wow, brother Yang didn’t even let himself off I admire you.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: The Duke is right next to me, and I use an open screen.

    Four big moths: …

   【System prompt: The group owner has cleared the group message records from the last 7 days.】

    Yang Yang raised his eyebrows —was Archibald so useful

   Universe’s Tower Lord: Cough, let’s get down to business, Brother Yang, I’ll go out and play in a while~

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Where are you going

    Universe’s Tower Lord:  To the convalescent area next door.

It’s a renovated abandoned city, and it’s also the largest trade market in the tourist season.

It has opened two days ago.

    Yang Yang was instantly heartbroken.

    He has been in this world for more than half a month, but he has been busy dealing with Zhou Hua before, and he didn’t really take a serious look at this world yet.

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Okay, do you all go

    Universe’s Tower Lord: The three of them are all studying abroad, so they won’t bothered.

    Yang Yang thought for a while and glanced at Archibald.

    Archibald was still turned with his back to him, like a sculpture, if it wasn’t for the occasional movement of his tail in attempts to get rid of his embrace, Yang Yang would have thought he was asleep.

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Then I will call the Duke to go together.

    The four big moths said “impossible” at the same time.

    Yang Yang raised his eyebrows.

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: What if I manage to invite him

    Universe’s Tower Lord: I’ll settle the bill for going to play today.

    Society’s Big Sister Li: I will send you a speciality from Seablue Star Emperor planet.

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: I will give you the et007 holographic game sensor.

    Don’t call me Xiaoqing: I’m still underage.

Would you like me to send you a set of questions

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: No, thank you.

Other screenshots have been taken as proof, waiting.

    After sending the message, Yang Yang turned off the moth group and called to Roth in his mind.

    Yang Yang: 【Roth, tell the duke, “The duke, go to the next trade market to play later.” 】

    Rot: 【Ah 】

    Yang Yang: 【Simulate my voice.

    Roth: 【Oh, okay.】

    The black panther lying behind the sofa woke up from the standby state, and then ran to Archibald in small steps, squatted obediently, raised his head and imitated Yang Yang’s voice: “Duke, go to the next trade market to play in a while~~”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Archibald turned back and looked at Yang Yang with a strange expression.

    Yang Yang supported his forehead and explained weakly: “I didn’t tell it to use this tone.”

    He himself got goosebumps from fright, okay.

    Roth: “”

    Did it do something wrong

    Archibald glanced at Yang Yang suspiciously, gave up verifying the truth, then withdrew his gaze and continued to turn his back.

    It means still angry.

    Yang Yang looked at the back of Archibald’s head and smiled helplessly and lovingly—what should one do if the child doesn’t listen to good words Just say it closer to his ears.

    Yang Yang took back his gaze.

This time, instead of using his brain waves, he said directly to Roth: “Roth, tell the Duke ‘Duke, go to the next trade market to play’.”

    Black Panther Roth acted as a repeater and simulated Yang Yang’s voice accompanied by a coquettish tone: “Duke, go to the next trade market to play~~”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “Roth, say to the Duke, ‘Go, Lord Duke’.”

    Roth: “Go~ Lord Duke~~”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “Roth, tell the Duke—”

    Archibald couldn’t bear it anymore and interrupted Yang Yang: “Enough!”

    Yang Yang Yang looked at Archibald, blinking innocently, and at the same time there was a light screen floating next to it, that said: Duke, go~ [Little man twisting.gif*]

*check at the end of the chapter

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald found that these days, his temper was really smoothed by Yang Yang—at least he could look at a little twisting man now and don’t lose his calm.

    Archibald moved the tip of his tail, but still couldn’t pull it out.

He sighed and said, “I am not as familiar with those things as Monta.

If you want to play, you can go with him.”

    Yang Yang smiled and didn’t speak, and continued to type on the screen, this time in a more serious tone.

    Yang Yang: Today is such a memorable day, what’s the point of it if we don’t go together

    Archibald wondered: “Memorial value”

    Yang Yang: This will be a historic day when we make peace and become friends.

    Archibald: “…Who is your friend now”

    Yang Yang glanced at the water bottle and wrote: Don’t we have at most twenty minutes before we can shake hands and make peace

    Archibald: “That makes you an ordinary stranger.”

    Yang Yang raised her eyebrows and pointed to her belly—a stranger with your child

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: I have a special physique, the child’s soul can perceive the outside world through me, and now the child’s soul knows how to get close to others, are you sure you don’t cultivate a relationship with it In the future, if the transaction between our two ends, and the child wants to follow me, what will you do

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: Also, this kid is very naughty, it loves to play around.

At this time you still don’t follow me, do you want your child to develop a relationship with Monta Then after it hatches from its shell, what if it calls Monta dad

    Archibald: “…”


    Half an hour later, Yang Yang and Archibald changed their clothes, took their coats, and came to the living room side by side.

    Monta was eating melons with four elders in the living room, and when he saw them coming out, the melons almost fell.

    He Shu was also very surprised when he saw Archibald’s outfit: “Byrd, are you going out”

    Archibald nodded: “Well, Yang Yang wants to go shopping in the trade market next door.”


    Mother You and Gu Lita made a meaningful sound at the same time.

    Archibald frowned and explained: “Monta invited him.”

    Monta picked up his melon and nodded: “Yes, but I didn’t call you.

Don’t you hate shopping the most”

    Archibald gave him a cool look: “What do you want to do if I don’t go”

    Monta looked confused: “What can I do”

    Archibald imagined the picture of the child calling Monta Dad, and his already imposing face immediately turned five degrees more vicious.

    Archibald: “Hah.”

    Monta: “”

    No, did his little friend take the wrong medicine

    Yang Yang could completely imagine what Archibald had in his head.

He had no self-awareness of being the culprit, and even wanted to laugh.

    Yang Yang pursed his lips, coughed lightly, and then changed the subject saying to He Shu and the others: “Uncle He, do you have anything we should buy”

    Although He Shu was surprised that Archibald was going out to play, he was obviously happy to see it happen.

    He Shu smiled and said: “No, you go play.

Monta, Byrd, you have to take good care of Yang Yang.

He is still weak now, and the child in his stomach can’t stand any accidents.”

    When facing He Shu, Monta and Archibald were very docile, obediently replied “yes”, and then went out together.

    All the way until he sat in the car, Monta still felt very confused—because Archibald sat in the co-pilot, and Yang Yang and Roth were in the back seat.

They clearly haven’t made peace yet.

    Monta looked at Archibald: “So why are you following”

    Archibald glanced at Monta, still cold: “Concentrate on driving.”

    Monta: “…”

    Is it his illusion Why does it feel like his friend is a little unfriendly to him today

    Monta was puzzled, and when the car was on the sky rail, he turned on the autopilot, and then opened the moth group to seek the truth from Yang Yang.

    As soon as the moth group opened, Monta saw that Yang Yang had already posted a photo—the back view of Archibald he took from the back seat of the car.

    The most showy brother Yang: [Picture] Qing’s father, Li sister, send a letter.

Tower Master, thank you for paying the bill today~

    Society’s Big Sister Li: … Really went out

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: Brother Yang is awesome, it will be delivered to you by Interstellar Express next week.

    Universe’s Tower Lord: You tell me how did you do it first Why does it feel like he looks at me strangely

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Your illusion, I just let him accompany me for prenatal education.

    Universe’s Tower Lord: Does this work too

    Don’t call me Xiaoqing: This can work too

    Society’s Big Sister Li: … This is unlike the little uncle in my memory.

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: Speaking of which, Byrd was really silly when he was a child.

    When Yang Yang saw this sentence, he couldn’t help thinking of the silly fluorescent ball in his stomach and smiled.

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Yes, the Duke is very cute.

    Four big moths: …

    Four big moths: Do you have a misunderstanding about the word “cute”

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Isn’t it cute [Flicking the tail in the shape of loving you.jpg*]

*this is a Chinese meme with different things heart shaped.

I drew how it can look like under the chapter!

    Four big moths: …

    Don’t call me Xiaoqing: wait, this tail looks a little familiar…

    Society’s Big Sister Li:c…Fuck.

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: Does Byrd know that you use his photo as an emoji

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Guess.

[The Duke is watching u.jpg]

    Four big moths: …

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: [Little jio jio* kicks and washes you!.jpg

*jio, also written jio in Chinese is a cute way to say feet.

Little Archibald’s jio!

    Society You Li: Emmmm, I don’t know what you guys think, but I seem to have suddenly got the cuteness of the little uncle.

    Don’t call me Xiaoqing: 1

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: Brother Yang, is there anything else

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: [anger turns me into a big pinecone.jpg]

    Monta: “…”

    Monta looked at the emojis in the group, and then looked at the expressionless Archibald next to him.

    At this moment, Monta felt that Yang Yang was like a grasshopper jumping on the tip of a knife.

    Then Monta happily saved all the memes.


    Twenty minutes later, the car arrived at its destination.

    The car slowly descended from the empty track, and the destination was an abandoned city, with crumpled walls and ruins everywhere, but it was not desolate—it had obviously been cleaned and rebuilt, but it still retained the appearance of ruins.

There were also colourful signs hanging on the collapsed tall buildings, thriving at its best.

    Monta switched the car back to manual driving, and drove slowly explaining to Yang Yang: “This used to be the capital city of the old emperor star.

At first, only the recuperation area was cleared.

Later, when the tourist season opened, the scope of different activities gradually rose and turned into re-using the abandoned city.

Originally, I just wanted to save money, but I didn’t expect it to become an iconic attraction later.”

    Yang Yang looked at the street, and when he looked up close, the decay of the buildings was very obvious but unexpectedly because of the traces of redecoration, this abandoned city was full of feeling of fantasy.

    Yang Yang liked it very much: “It’s really good.”

    Because the tourist season was about to start, there were not many tourists on the street, but there were many workers and vehicles for purchasing and arranging.

    Yang Yang observed street layouts and saw some interesting: “The style of this street seems to be the same everywhere”

    Monta smiled: “Well, not only this street, but the entire reorganization area.

There are different themes and organizers every year, and even some temporary passages will be built, they have a new look each year which is also one of the reasons for its longevity.”

    The Interstellar people knew how to play.

    Yang Yang leaned against the car window and looked around with great interest.

    The car went further, and there was an isolation fence.

Inside was the recuperation area that was originally rebuilt, and now it looked like a real city.

    Monta drove the car into the parking lot, then took a digital map to share it with the other two.

    Monta: “The map of the convalescent area doesn’t change much, but if you want to go out to play, the map is a must-have every year.”

    Yang Yang opened the map and looked at it and found that the entire reorganization area was planned to be a five-star hotel this year.

Shape, each corner has a different color, food, clothing, etc.

are divided, and the five corners are directly connected by a floating light rail, which is very convenient.

    Monta has put away the map and smiled: “The tourist season will only start later, and the most interesting thing now is the trade market.

These days are the time when the goods are the most and the people are the least.

Let’s go shopping, maybe we can pick up rare treasures.”

    The trade market wasn’t far away from the parking lot, only a ten minutes walk.

It looked like a pot-lid-shaped building.

    But Yang Yang was more curious about what Monta said about picking up treasures: “What stuff are you looking for”

    Monta is eager to share: “Of course it is a soul essence plant.”

    Yang Yang wonders: “Isn’t the soul essence plant already mass-produced and planted Can’t you buy normally when you need it”

    “You don’t understand.”

    Monta locked the car and walked to Yang Yang with a mysterious expression on his face.

He put his hand on Yang Yang’s shoulder and explained it well: “Although soul essence plants can be mass-produced, they are all edible soul plants.

It is difficult to cultivate medicinal soul plants, and soul plants with sufficient soul power and complete medicinal properties are even more rare.

Therefore, most advanced and high-quality soul essence plants still have to be collected from the wild.”

    Yang Yang thought about it and understood—it’s like the difference between greenhouse ginseng and wild ginseng.

    Yang Yang asked a little interested: “Then this kind of soul essence plant must be worth a lot of money.”

    Monta gave a “fellow comrade*” expression and leaned close to Yang Yang’s ear: “Of course, just last year— “

*同道中人 – fellow man/ similarily thinking someone

    Before he could finish speaking, Monta’s whole body was pulled back by his collar.

    Monta turned back and saw Archibald.

    Archibald put on a coat.

It was basically cloak-shaped, and his tail could be completely tucked inside without showing any of it.

But other than that, Archibald didn’t do anything else to cover up, and he didn’t seem to be afraid of being seen.

    Monta was stunned: “What’s wrong”

    Archibald walked to where Monta was standing, and then said: “Don’t get so close.”

    Monta: “…Ah”

    Archibald retracted his gaze, Looking at Yang Yang again, he answered Yang Yang’s question: “The highest price of soul essence plants sold in the trade market is 800 million, and the ones in the trading center will be even higher, but those are all boutique auctions that are not open to the public.”

    This number had been whispered by Monta in his ear no less than a hundred times last year, so what Archibald said was still quite impressive.

    Eight hundred million!

    Yang Yang’s eyes lit up at once: “Are these soul essence plants collected in the Old Emperor Star”

    Archibald paused, he didn’t really know.

    So Monta walked to the Yang Yang’s other side of Yang Yang: “Of course, do you know why the family visit season has developed into a tourist season It’s because the Old Emperor Star has the most soul essence plants and the high grade beasts.

As a result, more and more people came to visit relatives every year.

Seven aunts, eight aunts and nine uncles* were all hunting with a license-—after all, there are not too many restrictions on hunting here.”

*assuming it means a lot of people’s relatives hunt on Old Emperor Star to sell

    Yang Yang heard two words and his eyes started glowing: “You can hunt as well”

    Monta: “Of course, I have also hunted a few times.

What, do you want to play”

    Yang Yang: “I want!”

    This time it was Yang Yang who was pulled back.

    Archibald grabbed Yang Yang’s wrist and took a few steps forward, leaving Monta behind.

    Yang Yang also felt a little strange this time.

He looked down at his wrist, which was being held, and at Archibald’s stern profile——Mr.

Duke looked reluctant.

    Yang Yang wondered: “Duke, what are you doing”

    Archibald lowered his head and glanced at Yang Yang’s belly and said solemnly, “Prenatal education.”

    He checked it on the way here, and skin contact makes it easier for children to perceive their father’s soul power ——actually, the effect of touching the mother’s belly is better, but what if Yang Yang misunderstands So holding hands is enough.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    This person is serious.

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald’s unhappy face, and then looked at his hand lightly.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    It’s over.

He thinks Archibald is super cute right now.

    Yang Yang pursed his lips and suppressed the smile at the corner of his mouth, then took the initiative to stand side by side with Archibald, pointed to a snack bar by the roadside and said: “Hey, what is that, I want to eat it.”

    Archibald frowned: “Aunt Gu said you can’t eat indiscriminately.”

    Yang Yang pointed to another small shop selling bone carvings: “Then go and see that.”

    Then he went there.

    Archibald grabbed Yang Yang’s hand, paused for a second, followed him silently, and did not forget to lecture Yang Yang: “Don’t run, use walking.”

    It can be said that he was quite worried.

    Monta, who was forgotten in place: “…”

    emmm, is it his illusion How do you feel like you’re redundant


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