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Chapter 39: Love Quadrangle

    After Old Liang finished giving Monta a punishment, he looked at Yang Yang again.

    “The way you observed soul power just now was a little strange.

I don’t think you mobilized much soul power.

Could you see the amount of soul power contained in the soul essence plant

    Yang Yang paused, had an idea and said: “I can’t control my soul power and because I have a soul power out of control, I can see soul power.”

    Old Liang was stunned for a moment, then immediately turned happy: “Haiya! It’s rare!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Old Liang: “What’s your name Grandpa has a very interesting laboratory, do you want to play with grandpa”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Your words don’t sound quite right.

    However, Yang Yang also wanted to have a good relationship with Old Liang, so he smiled and said: “My name is Yang Yang.

You can leave me contact information.

Should I come looking for you when I’m free”

    Old Liang was very happy: “Good! Wait for me to flip the business card for you.”

    Archibald frowned slightly, pulled Yang Yang and asked in a low voice: “What do you want to do”

    Yang Yang looked innocent: “Why can’t I, I just want to learn soul control from Old Liang.

    Archibald was suspicious: “It’s that simple”

    Yang Yang: “Otherwise Can I actually eat him”

    Archibald let go of Yang Yang and said: “Father and Aunt Gu both respect Old Liang, you should pay attention to proper behaviour.”

    Yang Yang was helpless: “Duke, since we have made peace with our hands, can’t we advance a little trust between our friends”

    Archibald: “Your trust has already been overdrawn.”

    Yang Yang: “…”


Duke has been talking more and more smooth lately.

    “Come on, little Yang, remember it.”

    Old Liang pulled out the electronic business card and called Yang Yang over.

    Yang Yang withdrew his gaze, and immediately looked cute and well-behaved: “Okay, Old Liang.”

    As soon as Yang Yang wrote down the contact information, there was a sudden sound of hurried footsteps beside him.

    Yang Yang looked up and saw a young girl striding towards them.

    The girl had a shiny black ponytail and was wearing a white lab coat, with rubber gloves hanging outside the edge of her white coat pocket, as if she had went out in a hurry.

    Behind the girl was an intelligent housekeeper, still made of iron, but with human-like features and a worried expression.

    As soon as the smart housekeeper saw Old Liang, he ran up immediately, saying with a particularly aggrieved tone: “Mr.

Old Liang, please don’t force me to shut down again.”

    Oh, this was the android that was shut down by Old Liang.

    Yang Yang glanced back at Old Liang, and then he saw Old Liang who was still arrogant and arrogant just now wilted out of sudden, he even secretly shrank behind the smart housekeeper.

    Yang Yang: “”

    Yang Yang followed Old Liang’s line of sight and met the indifferent face of the young girl.

    The girl stared at Old Liang until he hid the smart housekeeper completely, and then said: “Grandpa, if you turn off the 148 next time, I will confiscate your access card.”

    Old Liang heard the words and immediately swiftly stuck out his head from behind 148 and complained: “148 has too many restrictions, it won’t let me eat skewered hoofs, it’s very annoying!”

    The girl narrowed her eyes: “So were you today also stealing roasted hoofs”

    Old Liang: “…”

    Old Liang: “I didn’t have any.”

    Girl: “Oh, if you have stomachs problem tonight, you won’t be allowed to go out for the next week.”

    Old Liang: “……just ate half a skewer.”

    The girl sighed and said, “I’ll go back with you for a check later, afterwards you’ll go and read the guarantee letter you wrote to me at that time and read the content of Article 4 three times.”

    Old Liang: “…”

    After finishing interrogating Old Liang, the girl looked at Archibald and Monta with a kind smile: “Duke, Major, long time no see.”

    Monta greeted warmly: “Sister Jun, long time no see.”

    Archibald nodded as well, and then introduced her to Yang Yang: “This is Zhang Jun, the deputy director of the Old Emperor Star National Research Institute, Old Liang’s granddaughter, and Rong Hui’s good friend.”

    Then he introduced him to Zhang Jun, saying: “He is Yang Yang.”

    Zhang Jun looked at Yang Yang, first looked at Yang Yang’s face, and then her smile became brighter: “I have heard about you for a long time.

Rong Hui told me about you and showed me your photos.

——However, the real person doesn’t look like the photos.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He really didn’t see it before, Rong Hui was also a bit of a gossiper.

    Yang Yang was not embarrassed, and said with a smile: “Well, I may have accidentally turned on the photo filter.”

    Zhang Jun let out a burst of laugh, then lowered his head and glanced at the black panther at Yang Yang’s feet: “Roth, Hello.”

    Roth: “Hello, Sister Jun~”

    Yang Yang raised her eyebrows and glanced at Roth: “When did you meet”

    Roth: “I met her together with Rong Hui on Starnet.”

    Zhang Jun smiled knowingly: “Don’t worry, I didn’t do anything to it.

—I can’t do anything.

Rong Hui and I couldn’t even find its server anywhere.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    So you have already tried to do something.

    But this was also expected, Yang Yang was not worried about what would happen to Roth.

    Zhang Jun was probably quite busy, so she said goodbyes immediately after the greeting: “I still have one more experiment to complete, so I’ll leave first.

—Oh, by the way, you’d better check Youtu, it’s quite lively.”

    Three people with Yang Yang : “…”

    Suddenly had a bad feeling.

    However, the three still sent Zhang Jun and Old Liang to the parking lot first.

    After Zhang Jun’s car disappeared on the empty track, Archibald looked at the time and asked Monta: “Are you still going to the market to pick up treasures”

    Monta and Yang Yang have already opened the terminal and started logging on Youtu.

He didn’t lift his head: “No hurry, come back tomorrow, let’s find a place first —SHIT!”

    Monta showed a shocked face in the middle of the sentence, and then: “Hahahahaha!!”

      Archibald: “…”

    Archibald glanced at the screen that popped up from Monta’s terminal, then opened the terminal and logged in to Youtu.

    Archibald actually seldom visits Youtu, but because of the previous military propaganda, he was familiar as well with operating Youtu.

    After logging in, Archibald didn’t look at his billions of unread messages, but went straight to the real-time discussion top posts.

    The top three topics on the list were followed by “latest” icons, namely: “Love Triangle”, “Duke Cheating”, and “Pay Attention to Approval”.

    Archibald: “…”

    He clicked on “Duke Cheating”.

    In this topic, the source Weibo was pinned at the top.

    It was a photo posted by a Youtu user.

In the photo, he was shopping with Yang Yang.

It was taken secretly from the back and the side and processed, one couldn’t clearly see his face, but his unusual leg shape was still recognisable.

    The caption for this Weibo was: FUCK! Duke! Living Duke!

    Archibald: “…”

    Is he dead otherwise

    Forget it, it doesn’t matter.

    There seemed to be nothing wrong with the Weibo itself, but soon, netizens discovered the beauty in the picture.

    【Wait, is the Duke holding the man next to him 】

    【Impossible, it’s the OP’s mosaic paste.

    【But they are so close together, obviously together.

    【Have you not seen little Monta behind them Why is little Monta so far away 】

    【The third photo, dear Montha is looking at the Duke’s back, that look is so pitiful! ! qaq】

    Archibald: “…”

    Isn’t that the start of “Oh, there is gossip” scene

    Then the focus of the comments under this Weibo quickly shifted to “holding hands”.

There appeared some passers-by truth parties, and they began to take photos from different angles.

    These photos were all taken on the street today, and all the faces were blurred, but the part where he pulled Yang Yang’s wrist was high-definition and uncensored.

    It was precisely because of this HD uncensored photo that something went wrong.

   【The duke showing his affection publicly I! Do! Not! Believe!】

   【Wake up upstairs, the Duke has officially announced that he had a cub two days ago.

   【Wait, so the person being pulled is the snake face, or rather, the Duchess 】

   【I am the OP, go back upstairs, he is not! He is much better looking than the snake spirit, isn’t he! Super cute! 】

    At this point, the comments exploded.

After a heated discussion and comparison, netizens came to a conclusion.

    —The Duke cheated! ! !

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang, who just looked up after reading the outline of the matter: “…”

    Yang Yang: “…You really can’t blame me this time.”

    Archibald didn’t want to speak.

    Yang Yang adjusted his screens, faced Archibald, and said: “The main evidence of your cheating is what brother Ash and uncle did.”

    There were several screenshots in Yang Yang’s screen.

    The interception was the following list of several accounts, and the “The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart” was highlighted in the lists with a red frame.

    These people were: Ashburn’s official account, and the IDs were “Sister Li who is studying medicine”, “You have Qing’er at home”, and “Blue is the Green* of Qingshan”.

*the character Qing can mean both green, blue and black so it’s a wordplay,

    You don’t need to guess who the remaining three were, and the Moths used their actions to bring out the spirit of “watching the fun without taking it too seriously” to the fullest.

    Yang Yang: “If these few hadn’t followed me, my account would not have become the main palace ‘known by and recognized’ by the Dontons.”

    In fact, Yang Yang had already planned to abandon this account—the previous agreement requiring disclosure of the marriage contract was to prevent Zhou Hua from making trouble, so he wanted to tie himself to the big boat of the Donton family.

But now that Zhou Hua has been resolved, there was no need to show his face publicly.

    Yang Yang was also surprised: “Why did Brother Ash follow me”

    There were only 34 people on Ashburn’s follow list, and most of them were official accounts of some important figures.

The “The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart”‘s snake face profile picture looked very out of place on this list.

    In Yang Yang’s impression, Ashburn didn’t seem to be such an unreliable person.

    Archibald didn’t answer, but Monta said, “It must have been Rong Hui.

Brother Ash and Rong Hui share the same things, and it’s not like this hasn’t happened before.

But this time it is really a timely coincidence, hahahaha.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Comrade Monta, look at the Duke’s frozen face, are you sure you want to continue laughing

    However, Monta had no survival instinct at all, and even began to read Starnet’s comments.

    “Some people actually said that Byrd was drugged, and the child was an accident, so he doesn’t care about The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart.

This plot is too powerful!

    Oh yo, there are a lot of people who are supporting Yang Yang, because they can’t accept that the Duke’s aesthetic is a snake spirit, hahahaha, what would they choose if they knew your good score Snake Essence vs Drama Essence, ultimate PK! ——Eh, it seems kind of interesting.

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Even if you let some people live they will get themselves killer earlier or later.

    Yang Yang smiled kindly and said to Monta: “Speaking of the plot, your plot is also quite interesting.

    In the top three rankings, there was a “love triangle”, and there were two versions for this topic.

    One was the indescribable relationship between Yang Yang, Archibald, and The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart; In the other there was also an indescribable relationship between Monta and Archibald.

    Monta didn’t care: “Isn’t it just mine and Byrd’s CP, so many years of melons about this and it doesn’t make much sense to add you now.

    Yang Yang: “Then let me help you make it more interesting”

    Monta: “…”

    Suddenly he had a bad premonition.

    The next second, Monta heard a prompt from the terminal: the user “The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart” followed you.

    Monta looked confused: “Why did you follow me “

    Yang Yang:” Let me give you something.

    Monta: “ “

    Soon, Monta understood what Yang Yang meant.

    ——On Youtu, as one of the main protagonists, the act of The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart paying attention to Monta was immediately discovered.

    Why did the “Duchess” pay attention to Monta

    Why was the “Duchess” paying attention to Monta at this time

    Does this move have a special meaning

    In less than a minute, on the real-time discussion list, a dark horse came to the fore—”Quadrangle Love”: the things that had to be said between the Duke, The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart, the mysterious man, and Monta!

    Monta: “…”

    The smile suddenly froze.jpg


Author has something to say:

Monta: I’m straight! Ladies, believe me!! QVQ


Bamboo has somethin to say:

Had a last minute struggle whether to use four corners love or Quadrangle love but because it’s love triangle then love quadrangle makes more sense ya


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