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Chapter 41: Soul Cube

    Yang Yang slept until after four o’clock in the afternoon and when he went out to check Archibald was no longer there, but there was a large package in the manor.

    Yang Yang was lying on his stomach and looked down when Monta came up.

Seeing Yang Yang, Monta breathed a sigh of relief: “Yo, you finally got up.”

    Yang Yang looked over, pointed to the downstairs and asked: “Is Old Liang already here”

    Monta shook his head: “Not yet, this Byrd’s purchase, he said it was to replace the combat models in his training room.”

    Yang Yang gave an “oh” not paying much attention.

    Monta: “Okay, let’s go down first.

You really can sleep, it’s few hours after lunch already, will you still sleep at night”

    Yang Yang: “Why wouldn’t I sleep”

    Monta: “… Forget it, go and change your clothes, the old man will be here soon.”

    Yang Yang: “En.

—Oh, by the way, I sent you the bill, remember to pay it.”

    Monta looked confused: “What bill”

    Yang Yang: “You were supposed to settle the bill for today, forgot”

    Monta: “…” He really forgot.

    Monta opened the terminal and a new email with a confirmation of payment on behalf of  someone immediately popped up.

The list was full of snacks, then a scalpel and a box of blades.

    It totalled a very lucky number, five eights*.

*88888 is overall a super auspicious number, it means getting rich

    Monta: “”

    Wait, it’s just snacks and a knife, how did it get to five figures

    Monta flipped through the list again and realised—the snacks were ordered in batches throughout the year.

    Monta: “…”

    After Yang Yang finished changing his clothes, he received a confirmation message of the completed payment and he smiled brightly when he came out.

    “Thank you for your hospitality~ keep up the good work.”

    Monta rolled his eyes, followed Yang Yang downstairs, and asked: “Why did you buy a scalpel”

    Yang Yang: “In order to reach 88888, isn’t five eights particularly auspicious”

    Monta : “…”

    Thank you very much.

    Just two minutes after Yang Yang and Monta went downstairs, Zhang Jun sent the old man over.

    Yang Yang was a bit surprised when he saw Old Liang.

    Different from the way he was dressed in the marker in the morning, Old Liang was now wearing a three-piece suit, gold-rimmed glasses and a long coat.

    However, Old Liang was only so serious for He Shu, he was more casual with other people.

    “Sorry for troubling you.”

    After the luggage was carried, Zhang Jun stood beside the car and had no plans to enter the house: “The research institute is at a critical juncture, I really don’t have time to take care of grandpa, and I will trouble Madam to take care of him this week.”

    He Shu smiled: “It’s no trouble, won’t you stay for dinner”

    Zhang Jun shook his head: “I have to rush back, I have to stay overtime all night tonight, so I’ll be leaving now.”

    He Shu didn’t force her and after sending Zhang Jun away, the group of people entered the house for dinner.

    Yang Yang was already thinking in his heart how to get Old Liang to promise to teach him — although simply saying “if you don’t teach me, I won’t tell you anything about how I see soul power” could achieve the goal, but Yang Yang didn’t want to to use this trick at the beginning.

    But before Yang Yang could speak, He Shu brought it up.

    He Shu: “Old Liang is here mainly for Yang Yang, right Yang Yang is not very good at controlling soul power.

We are not made to be teachers, could you please give him some pointers”

    Old Liang: “No problem.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    It’s that simple

    It’s really that simple.

And Old Liang’s efficiency was amazing so he started the teaching mode immediately after dinner.

    Of course, before that, Old Liang wanted to confirm that Yang Yang could see the soul power.

    Old Liang took out a plant, looking like a section of a tree that was broken off, but the branches and leaves were a little dry, and it could be seen that it had been left alone for a long time.

    Old Liang: “Can you see its soul power”

    Yang Yang: “I will try.”

    After Yang Yang released his soul power, he saw the soul power on the plant.

It was a soul essence plant.

Although wasn’t complete nor fresh, the soul power it contained was still the highest among the soul essence plants Yang Yang had seen in the past two days.

    Old Liang noticed that Yang Yang had released his soul power, and after a few seconds, Old Liang said: “Describe what you saw.”

    Yang Yang nodded and said: “Soul power filled the inside of the plant, it looks like a half-translucent white mist.

There are white silk threads-like veins in the middle, connected to the whole plant.

But the top leaf seems to have been broken off and has no soul power.”

    Following Yang Yang’s description, the old man’s eyes lit up.

When Yang Yang talked about the leaf, Old Liang excitedly patted the armrest of the sofa.

    Old Liang: “Good! Really great!”

    Yang Yang was taken aback, and before he had time to withdraw his soul power, he glimpsed at the shell of a large white silkworm cocoon suddenly fluctuate, as if something was about to come out.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang silently withdrew his soul power.

    Old Liang put away the plant and said with a smile: “It’s just a model.

Soul power can be freely changed, you’re correct.

The path to the leaf has been cut off, so there is no soul power in it.”

    Yang Yang understood now that this was a test.

    But within reason.

    Yang Yang smiled and asked: “Then do you believe me now Can you teach me how to control my soul power”

    Old Liang smiled as well: ” Okay, starting from tomorrow, I will teach you how to control your soul power in the morning and in the afternoon you will lend me your eyes.”

    Yang Yang: “Deal.”

     After he heard Yang Yang, Old Liang immediately waved his hand to take out a large box from the storage space and said to Yang Yang with great excitement: “It’s afternoon time now, very good, come here.”

    Yang Yang: “…Evening is also afternoon”

    Old Liang: “Of course.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    All right.

    That night, Old Liang didn’t let Yang Yang leave until eleven o’clock — he didn’t know how the 200-year-old old man got so much energy.

    However, Yang Yang also learned a lot about soul essence plants, and got a small bag of soul essence seeds from Old Liang as a gift as well.

    Of course, he experienced the strictness and perfectionism of Old Liang as well.

——Yang Yang now feels that his eyes are going blind.

    Almost everyone was resting at time and so Yang Yang declined Amber’s offer to accompany him, and went upstairs while rubbing her eyes.

    The small garden on the top floor was still lit, and the warm yellow was not dazzling.

Yang Yang didn’t even look at the road, and walked to his room in a daze.

When he was halfway there, he hit a wall of meat head on.

    Yang Yang opened his eyes and looked up to see Archibald’s expressionless face.

    Yang Yang was surprised: “Duke hasn’t slept yet”

    Archibald stretched out his hand to support Yang Yang’s arm, frowning: “Look where you’re going when you’re walking.”

    Yang Yang stood firm, yawned and said: “En, I know.”

    Archibald let go of Yang Yang’s hand, he looked as if he wanted to say something and his lips moved but he didn’t say anything in the end, just turned and went back to his room.

    Yang Yang looked at his back, suddenly realised something* and said with a smile: “Duke, were you waiting here for me to come back”

*福至心靈 – open-minded, suddenly enlightened

    Archibald’s footsteps didn’t stop: “I just finished training.”

    Yang Yang: “Training in pyjamas”

    Archibald slammed the door shut with a BANG.

    Yang Yang pursed his lips and entered the house with a smile.

    There was no partition in his room and the moment he entered the room, he could see the pink door.

There was a new lock on the door, also pink.

    Yang Yang walked to the door and knocked, “Duke.”

    There was no reply.

    Yang Yang continued to knock, “dong dong dong dong”, non-stop.


    Archibald’s voice sounded through the wall, not too far away from him.

——Mhm, a little angered.

    Yang Yang: “It’s midnight, I wanted to say good night.

—Good night, Duke.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “I will continue to knock.”

    Archibald: “…Good night.”

    Yang Yang withdrew his hand, his smile widened a bit, and the exhaustion from just now seemed to have been swept away.

    “I’ll go take a bath.”

    Old Liang lived in the manor for a week and Yang Yang gained a lot.

    It had to be said that academic master was worthy of being academic master.

Even things like controlling soul power at the enlightenment stage could be explained in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

The most valuable thing was that Old Liang’s soul power perception was very keen, even if he couldn’t see soul power, he could point out the details in Yang Yang’s use of soul power.

    It made him in very good spirits.

    Yang Yang has spent the whole week studying, from 6:00 in the morning to 11:00 in the evening, except for meal time, almost all of it was used for learning.

The old man worked and rested in sync with him, but the Old Liang was in good spirits every day and Yang Yang was the only one who seemed to be hollowed out.

    Still, it was worth it.

    He now understood how to control his soul power, and after he learned to control his soul power, Soul Cube has finally fully opened.

    On the night before Old Liang left, Yang Yang entered the Soul Cube as usual after falling asleep, and then he saw that the Soul Cube had changed a lot.

    The empty void space still looked the same, but those floating clouds have turned into small squares, a total of 81, forming a cube suspended in this void.

    Roth explained: “This is the soul-cultivation matrix of the soul-cultivating cube.

Each square can contain a soul seed.”

    Soul seeds were newborn souls, such as fluorescent balls, or soul essence plants’ seeds, or animals’ eggs and the like.

    In addition to cultivating the soul, there were three more doors in the void.

The doors were also white, formed from clouds and mists, but each had a different symbol: the bud-shaped sign meant the planting space, the egg-shaped one was the breeding space, and the bag-shaped one was the storage space.

    Each side was filled with the same 81 cells, representing capacity.

    Of course, the scenes in the cells varies.

    The interior of the soul-cultivating space was full of white clouds and mist, floating and drifting slowly, seeming very gentle; in the planting space, there was a black soil-like thing at the ground, with some colourful crystals embedded in it; the inside of the storage space was very large, full of clouds and mist, but the clouds and mist were dyed with faint colours that was constantly changing; except for the cells on the storage surface, there was nothing in them, but according to Roth, the flow of time here was very slow, almost equivalent to total stagnation.

He doesn’t have to be afraid of damaging thing put in it.

    It could be said to be very convenient.

But Yang Yang was a little puzzled: “Why planting ground and breeding space I’m not good at planting and raising animals.”

    Roth: “The Soul Cube is like a Horcrux, which is bound to the soul of the owner.

Except for the soul cultivating matrix that was set by the previous master, and the composition of other aspects will be generated according to its master obsession.”

    Yang Yang: “Obsession”

    Roth: “In other words, when the master and the previous master exchanged souls, it was created with the greatest desire in your heart.”

    Yang Yang thought for a while.

    At that time, his greatest wish was “to have no worries about food and clothing”.

According to this standard, with Soul Cube, his wish could indeed be fulfilled.

    Yang Yang: “Hey, had I known I would have wished to get rich overnight, to gain immortality, and to be invincible in the universe.”

    Roth: “…”


Bamboo has something to say:

Ah so many new words this chapter, pls make do with what I figured out, it shouldn’t be too confusing ha.

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