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Chapter 42: Unidentified Creature

    The happiest to see the change of the Soul Cube wasn’t Yang Yang, but the fluorescent ball.

    For the fluorescent ball, the Soul Cube was its playground.

Now that the playground has expanded, of course it’s happy.

    Yang Yang watched the fluorescent ball running back and forth between the three doors, and laughed: “You like it so much”

    When the fluorescent ball heard his voice, it flew over immediately and rubbed against Yang Yang’s cheek.


    Yang Yang held the fluorescent ball in the palm of his hand, and compared its size to his hands.

“It’s grown again.”

    This week, as Yang Yang’s control over his soul power has improved, the growth of the fluorescent ball has also increased by leaps and bounds— —Roth said that it was because he could not control his soul power before, there was not much soul power in the Soul Palace.

Because the growth of the fluorescent ball is closely related to the Soul Palace, after he was able to lead the soul power back into the Soul Palace, the fluorescent ball became “sufficiently nourished”.

    Before, the fluorescent ball was only the size of a pigeon egg, but now it was almost the size of an egg.

    En, it feels better to hold.

    The fluorescent ball was held by Yang Yang and didn’t mind.

It was still rolling in Yang Yang’s palm.

The warm soul power seemed so sticky that it glued itself on Yang Yang’s palm, and it couldn’t fall off even if it was buckled upside down.

    “Here we go again.”

    Yang Yang felt helpless, and twisted the fluorescent ball with his other hand.

The soul power of the fluorescent ball was pulled out a little bit, just like cotton candy.

    But as soon as he it pulled over, the candy thread wrapped around fingers of Yang Yang’s other hand again, and the sticky yellow strands looked like apple candy melted on fingers.


    Yang Yang leaned over with a smile, kissed the fluorescent ball, and if it wasn’t enough, he kissed twice, and then spread out his hands: “Enough, I have to go to sleep, play by myself.”

    The fluorescent ball that got kisses conveyed a happy mood, then turned around like a spinning top for a few times before taking back his soul power and flying wildly around.

    But after Yang Yang fell asleep, the fluorescent ball jumped back to the old position on Yang Yang’s forehead — now it was so powerful, it doesn’t need to twist and turn, but could directly use “cotton sugar silk” to easily cushion the nest, much faster than before.


    On the third day after sending off the Old Liang, the tourism season started.

    The tourist season lasts about a month, and on the first day there is a carnival-like the opening ceremony.

This year’s party was held far away from the garrison base.

    Monta was frantically chasing after Yang Yang: “Go, why no go Although it sounds like a party, it’s actually a carnival.

There are parades, delicious food, cross-dressing… everything you can think of and what you can’t think of,  it’s a pity to miss it!”

    Just yesterday, He Shu announced that their “not stepping a foot outside order” had been lifted.

    The “love quadrangle” incident on Starnet has subsided.

In the end, the Donton family did not publicly say who the “legitimate*” wife was.

The public opinion on Starnet has also changed arguing about “Duke cheating” to “True and False Madam”.


main palace like the queen not the concubine

    So, early this morning, Monta couldn’t wait to get off the reins.

    Yang Yang still refused: “I want to clean up the wasteland.”

    After unlocking the Soul Cube, Yang Yang thought about attempting to farm.

He first threw the seeds given by Old Liang into the Soul Cube’s soul-cultivating grid, but he didn’t plan to directly plant them in the Soul Cube — he was still a novice after all.

    So Yang Yang set his sights on the open space of the manor — Archibald’s manor was very big, but the ground actually put to use was less than one tenth of the wasteland that could be seen everywhere.

     So, after getting permission from Archibald, Yang Yang owned a “testing field” right in front of the villa.

It used to be a small garden, but it has been left deserted for several years.

Yang Yang was planning to clear the ground in these two days.

     Monta knew about this, and when he heard the words, he had a strange look on his face: “Are you really planning to plant Byrd is not short of food and clothing, what are you doing farming”    

    Yang Yang: “Hobby, ah.”    

    Monta: “…..”    

    Can I believe it*.

*can also mean “like hell I’d believe” or “I really believe it” (sarcastic).

Depends on the dialect though.

    Monta sighed: “You really don’t go to the carnival party”

    Yang Yang: “Mn, don’t want to go.

I’m not very suitable for that kind of occasion.”

    He has never been a person to like this kind of activities in his previous life.

In such a passionate carnival the crowd seems as if it could get out of control at any time, making him feel a little insecure.

    Monta looked incredulous: “You don’t like carnival nights”

    Yang Yang: “What do you mean by this expression”

    Monta: “Because you’re very energetic, you’ll be restless if you don’t make trouble for a day.

I thought you would like it very much.”

    Yang Yang: “…You think too much.

And I don’t like to cause trouble that much, I’m a peace lover.”

    Monta snorted, “If you like peace so much, then help me with arranging the garrison stall this year.”

    Yang Yang: “Oh What kind of stall”

    Monta: “Every year during the tourist season, the garrison base will open a booth in the nearby rest area, selling snacks and decorations and so on —ah, it’s the bastards from the Propaganda Department that came up with it, they’re too bored, the shifts only rotate once a week, and the person in charge can’t leave the neighbourhood for a month.”

    Yang Yang became interested and hearing resentment in Monta’s voice, guessed: “So, you’re in charge this year

    Monta sighed: “I wasn’t going to be originally, but Old Bai’s wife gave birth, and other people at the same level couldn’t be transferred, and only Byrd and I were free on vacation.

    Yang Yang responded with an “oh” and asked a few more questions.

He quickly learned that the stall was located in the convalescent area, and it was a food stall selling barbecued meat as usual.

    Because of this, as long as you sell barbecue meat, after the first week of freshness has passed, the stall will become deserted, and staying there would be no different from standing guard.

    Yang Yang: “Can I go take a look I’m a little curious.”

    Monta looked at the time, stood up and said: “Okay, let’s go now or I won’t be able to go to the city carnival in time.”

    Yang Yang: “Okay.”

    Yang Yang asked the smart housekeeper to help clean up the weeds first, after saying greetings to Amber and the others, he set off with Monta.

    Compared with ten days ago, the sanatorium area has changed a lot — mainly in the reorganization area.

    It was originally build in the shape of five-pointed star, but now the five-pointed star had more decorations, shining everywhere, and there were many colourful lights, they must be very beautiful at night.

    It was very lively at the gate of convalescent area and there was a traffic jams.

    Yang Yang looked at the front and was very surprised: “Why are there so many trucks”

    Monta: “The trading center also opened today.

This is the first batch of traded goods, to hit the jackpot many people like to show the goods on the market on the first day, then auction them or put it up for sale.”

    “I see.”

    Yang Yang retracted his gaze and glanced over the truck in front of him.

He was suddenly felt something was wrong, but he didn’t find anything unusual after second glance, so he leaned back on the back of the chair and continued to play with the panther.

    At the same time.

    In the van in front of them.

    There was only one cargo in this compartment.

The compartment was connected to a huge protective bracket.

There was a transparent cube container in several layers of protection and inside the container was a stone the size of a basketball.

    It looked like it had just been dug out of the ground.

    When Monta’s car came to a stop, a very small noise suddenly sounded from inside of this unremarkable big rock, like an egg shell being lightly crushed.

    After another minute or so, the moss wrapped around the big stone peeled off a piece, and even the stone skin fell off, revealing the clear blue crystal-like substance inside.

    But in the next second, a piece of green appeared in the crystal blue substance, gradually becoming richer, and then slowly dripped out of the stone.

What came out was not a liquid, but a small crisp and tender leaf.

    Like buds on the top of a tree in spring.

    The little leaf seemed to have just woken up, and after lazily stretching out, it shook a few times to wake up.

Then it seemed to be looking for something, and the tip of the blade rotated a few times, and finally settled in the direction towards the back of the car.

    The leaf shook again, and after a few seconds, it seemed to confirm something, and then it began to struggle to continue squeezing out, and a thin branch appeared after a while.

    At this time, the long line of trucks that were moving slowly suddenly stopped, as if there was a problem with the procedures in the previous truck.

    When Monta saw it, he became impatient: “Tsk, let’s go the other way, Yang Yang, sit tight.”

    When Yang Yang heard the words, he quickly re-fastened his seat belt and asked: “Where to”

    Monta: “We’ll take a side road.”

    Entering the city was a no-fly zone, and the car could’t take off, but fortunately, Monta was very familiar with this area.

    side road.

    Yang Yang looked around, his eyes swept across the alley between the collapsed buildings, and suddenly he had a bad premonition.

    Sure enough, when Monta saw Yang Yang get ready, he drove the car out of the convoy and inserted it into an alley.

    In the reorganization area, except for the main streets, other streets had not been cleaned up, but plants have been cut down, wild animals have been driven away, and some safety hazards have been removed.

    It was very difficult for a car to pass through these places.

    But it didn’t seem to be hard at all to Monta, he didn’t even slow down.

    Monta: “Wohoo~ cool!”

    Yang Yang, who was already motion sick: “…”

    And after Monta’s car left, the “unidentified creature” that had drilled out of the stone with its branch in the van suddenly stopped moving.

    It paused in confusion, and then swayed back and forth with its only two leaves, like a spider using spider silk to sense its prey, trying to sense its prey’s breath.

    Unfortunately, it didn’t perceive anything.

    Unidentified creature: “”

    As if in disbelief, the blade swung in a larger arc, going back and forth several times.

But the result was the same — the breath it sensed before had disappeared.

    Unidentified creature: “…”

    It was mistaken

    As if struck by the fact that it “perceived wrongly”, the two leaves shrank down at a speed visible to the naked eye, and then the branches that were drilling out began to slowly shrink back into the stone.

    But when it hid back to only half a leaf, the remaining leaf tip got stuck, and it could’t shrink further for a while.

    Unidentified creature: “…”

    The blade paused, then extended a little more, adjusted an angle, and tried to retract again.

However, this time, even the blade that had just stretched out couldn’t be retracted.

    Unidentified creature: “”

    As if not reconciled, the blade stuck out a little more and adjusted the angle again.

Can’t shrink back, adjust again…

    And again and again.

    So when the truck restarted, there was only a little leaf tip left on the big rock outside, but a small branch had “grown”, and two young leaves were sticking out of the rock, which was particularly conspicuous.

    Unidentified creature: “…”

    Okay, accepted the reality, I really can’t go back.


Author has something to say:

Fluorescent ball evolution ———— drawing fluorescent ball! OVO


Bamboo has somethung to say:

oh my wrist hurts ow ow ow


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