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Chapter 44: YangYangYang

    The matter of him joining the garrison booth was settled quickly, and the net income would be all be attributed to Yang Yang.

In exchange, Archibald asked Yang Yang to supervise the creation of his “identity he joined as” throughout the process.

    Yang Yang expressed his pleasure and shared his thoughts with Archibald.

    “I want to sell porridge in the store — the same porridge I made before.

Didn’t Aunt Gu say it was a good thing I also checked, and it turns out that the food made with soul essence plants is also high quality, so as long as it won’t make someone have diarrhea to the point of dehydration, it’s definitely not bad~”

    Archibald: “…You’re quite proud of this, aren’t you”

    Yang Yang: “Of course, professional star chefs may not retain so much soul power as me.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang continued to tell his plan: “But if there was only one flavor, it would seem a bit monotonous.

Thus, I will cook a few more kinds of porridge in the afternoon, and you can help me try all the flavours.”

    Archibald strongly refused: “I won’t eat it.”

    Yang Yang: “Don’t, how can you advertise for me if you don’t eat it”

    Archibald: “…Why would I advertise for you”

    Yang Yang: “Because I am the newly hired housekeeper of Donton Manor, Amber’s successor.

——This setting is not bad, this way I won’t have to explain why I live in the manor, and after we finish the agreement, you can say I was fired, zero trouble.”

    Archibald was startled, and suddenly asked: “After the agreement is over, where do you want to go”

    Yang Yang tilted his head and thought for a while, before saying: “I haven’t thought about it yet, if I haven’t decided by then, well, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to open a store here.”

    Archibald listened and the tip of his tail shook lightly: “As you wish.”

    Yang Yang looked happy: “Then the setting is settled, from now on, I’ll be the Donton’s family backup butler.”

    Archibald: “…”

    He didn’t say it, nevermind.

    But there was one point Archibald still wants to emphasize: “I won’t advertise for you.”

    Yang Yang: “Ai, okay, then just help me try the taste.”

    Archibald: “I won’t eat it.”

    Yang Yang: “Why not Last time was a special situation, and if Aunt Gu and the others also ate it, wouldn’t it be okay Duke, one can’t be afraid of the rope for ten years after being bitten by a snake once.

The more afraid you are, the more courageous your fear will be.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “Try at least, my cooking skills are still good.”

    Seeing that Yang Yang was about to start playing a rogue again, Archibald sighed: “Okay.”

    Yang Yang smiled and opened the terminal: “Then I will now register a Youtu account for publicity, and then I will take some pictures of the manor — not revealing anything private, but I will use the fame of the Donton family to gain some popularity, is that alright”

    Archibald didn’t object: “You just need to be careful.”

    Yang Yang: “Yeah.”

    So ten minutes later, a Youtu user with the id “YangYangYang” was officially born.

    After the registration was completed, Yang Yang first followed everyone in the Donton family, and then posted the first blog.

    @YangYangYang: A new starting point, a new beginning.

    Very serious, not one expression is useless.

    Yang Yang was full of ambition: “From today, the housekeeper Yang will officially take up his post!”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang stood up, imitating Amber, and gave Archibald a gentlemanly salute: “Second Young Master, I’m going to cook porridge now.”

    Archibald: “…Go, go.”

    Yang Yang laughed, then waved to Archibald and left the training room.


    Although Yang Yang had this idea on a whim, it wasn’t for fun.

    After returning from the training room, Yang Yang first contacted Mutao to confirm the opening and meeting time.

Then he contacted Old Liang again and asked him questions about a few recipes, so that the food would not clash.

    After that, he plunged into the kitchen and didn’t come out until before dinner.

    During the few hours he was busy, everyone in the family also learned that he was going to open a shop.

So they looked at the porridge on the table after dinner and everyone was very supportive.

He Shu even called Ashburn and Rong Hui over to try it as well.

    There were five kinds of porridge — vegetable meat porridge, animal bone porridge, fish porridge, multigrain porridge, and milk porridge.

    Leicester people prefer to eat meat, so when they came to the table, everyone chose the first three kinds of porridge, and only Yang Yang drank milk porridge by himself.

    As soon as the porridge entered his mouth, Yang Yang was stunned.

    The rice grains have been boiled until they have lost their shape and were in a form of a soft, glutinous and thick flowing paste.

The milk brought a sweet fragrance, which blend with the grain flavour of the rice grains extremely well.

Just smelling this rich aroma could make people feel satisfied.

But after this satisfaction appeared craving, making one impatient to take a sip of this porridge.

    After the porridge was eaten, it melted into one’s mouth and the fragrance overflowed between teeth.

One’s hand seemed to have its own consciousness, and without even waiting for the mouth to swallow, it went to scoop the second spoon.

    In addition to enjoying the taste, the Soul Palace also warmed up with he porridge, the soul power felt as if it have passed through a hot spring, the soul was warmer, and the body and mind relaxed unconsciously.

    Yang Yang took a mouthful of porridge, looked up at the others, and saw that they were all stunned.

    “It’s so delicious!”

    Rong Hui held a bowl of fish paste porridge, narrowed his eyes happily, and continued to eat.

    However, other people had a relatively strong self-control.

After tasting it, everyone else expressed their own opinions.

    He Shu: “It tastes very good.”

    Gu Lita: “The soul power is gentler, and even the weaker people should be able to bear it.”

    Ashburn: “The taste lives up to the taste of state banquet.”

    It’s not that the state banquet was bad, but that people with detailed control of soul power like Yang Yang was on top level in the medical industry, and no one would “waste” this talent on cooking.

    Yang Yang smiled happily, then turned to look at Archibald.

    Archibald had been training for a day, and he was already starving.

When everyone commented, he kept his head down and drank porridge.

The moment when Yang Yang looked over, his line of sight really could not be ignored.

    Archibald glanced at Yang Yang and gave a two-word evaluation: “Delicious.”

    Yang Yang asked, “Which one do you like”

    Archibald: “I haven’t finished this bowl yet.”

    Yang Yang: “Then you eat, remember to tell me after eating.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Is this person planning something again

    Although Archibald muttered in his heart, he didn’t stop at all, and the others continued to eat.

    In the end, each of the five pots of porridge that Yang Yang cooked was eaten up, and even He Shu said that he had eaten enough.

    Gu Lita was quite curious: “How did you boil it I don’t think you used a lot of soul essence plants, and the quality level is the same, so how can the soul power be integrated so well”

    Yang Yang: “Just control the soul power during the boiling process, not let it spill from the soul essence plant.”

    Gu Lita: “…You mean, you can accurately controlled every wisp of soul power that spilled out”

    Yang Yang nodded: “Yes, very simple.”

    Gu Lita: “…”

    Others: “…”

    You may have misunderstood the difficulty of soul power control.

    Gu Lita sighed: “I understand why Old Liang was so patient with you.”

    Yang Yang smiled.

    He knew that the precision of his soul power control was outstanding, but it was only a general concept, because he doesn’t have a comparison.

    And compared to this, Yang Yang was more concerned about the porridge in front of him.

    Yang Yang rubbed his hands together and smiled: “Then how much do you think I should sell these porridges for”

    Gu Lita: “Three hundred star coins a bowl.”

    Ashburn: “You can set different prices according to different grades of the porridge’s soul power.

For example, this pot of fish paste porridge could be sold for five hundred for each bowl.”

    Yang Yang: “…It won’t be sold like that.”

    Although he knew this porridge was a good thing, he would be selling in a roadside shop for tourists who are ordinary people.

If he really put up this price tag on it, he would be afraid of discouraging tourists.

    In the end, the price was set as low as 100, in increments of 30, and the highest was 221 per bowl.

    However, in order to be close to the people and open up the market first, Yangyang also has to prepare some “affordable” things, such as going to try their barbecue tomorrow.


    After the meal, Yang Yang was also tired and went upstairs to rest early in the morning.

    There was a bathtub in his room, and Yang Yang took a bath every day to relieve fatigue.

    After soaking in the bathtub, Yang Yang opened the terminal, logged in to YangYangYang, and posted a blog.

    @YangYangYang: The first dinner, I was a little nervous, but everyone seemed to like it.

[Picture] [Picture]

    Two pictures, one was before the five-pot porridge is served, and the other was after eating.

The one that showed empty bowls, also showed a few hands, these were Yang Yang’s foreshadowing to “attract popularity” in the future.

    Yang Yang closed the terminal as usual, then relaxed and lay down, fiddling with the water at will.

Yang Yang froze for a moment when his hand crossed his stomach unintentionally, and then opened his eyes.

    Yang Yang sat up and looked down.

He was very thin when he was just discharged from the hospital.

Now he has raised some meat, but he didn’t gain any weight from muscles.

    There was no fat on his waist, but now there was a bulge in the position below his navel, on his lower abdomen.

    Yang Yang was stunned for a few seconds before suddenly realizing it was the child.

    Then Yang Yang was even more surprised.

    Although he didn’t pay special attention to his body, but because he was interested in female physique, he asked Roth to record his body changes and embryo growth.

Just yesterday, his stomach was still flat.

    If Yang Yang remembered correctly, this was the interactive* period, but didn’t it start only after 5-6 months of pregnancy He was only 4 months pregnant now.


conjunctival period, but it sounded a bit weird so I changed it more according to what it actually works like.

Like, isn’t conjunctival part of the eye

    Yang Yang blinked, a little stunned.

But Gu Lita was checking his body every day, and he was not worried that it was a problem with the child.

    Yang Yang touched his stomach with novelty, it was a little hard, and it bulged into a small lump.

The belly bump was about the same size as the fluorescent ball.

    Yang Yang suddenly thought of something and smiled: “Could it be that you were too full, so you grew faster.”

    As he said that, Yang Yang suddenly had an idea.

    He changed his pyjamas and came out of the bathroom, walked to the pink door beside the bed and knocked: “Duke.”

    Archibald took two seconds to respond: “Good night.”

    Yang Yang was stunned for a moment, then smiled: “Good night, I got it, but if you open the door, I’ll show you something good.”

    Archibald refused decisively: “No.”

    Yang Yang: “The child has entered the interactive stage, and there is soul force fetal movement in the early stage of the interactive period, and it cannot be perceived afterwards.

Are you sure you don’t want to see it”

    After Yang Yang finished speaking, there was no response.

    Yang Yang just waited by the door and didn’t walk away.

Sure enough, after a while, there was the sound of unlocking.

    When Archibald opened the door, all he saw was Yang Yang’s smiling face.

    For a split second, Archibald thought he was being tricked.

    Yang Yang knew what he was thinking when he saw his expression, so he quickly lifted up his clothes, revealing his bulging belly: “Look, I didn’t lie to you.”

    Archibald looked at the little bulge with a stunned expression.

His brows furrowed, and his tail started to sway unconsciously.

    A little happy, a little nervous.

    Yang Yang smiled and said, “Would you like to touch it When you touch it, release your soul power, only a little.

If the child is awake, it will respond to you—it should like you (r soul power).”

    Archibald hesitated for a moment, then bent down and stretched out his hand.

    The dry palm was touching Yang Yang’s belly, because Yang Yang had just taken a bath his skin was moist and warm, soft and delicate like mutton tallow*, which felt very good.

*it can mean mutton fat, mutton tallow or even a type of jade, but it’s most likely a wordplay: the word contains character 羊,which is Yang Yang’s surname.

    What Yang Yang felt was the thin calluses on Archibald’s palm, his hand was rough and big, with powerful palm.

It brought reassuring touch.

    Archibald and Yang Yang were stunned at the same time, they both noticed the other’s body froze for a moment, but neither broke the silence.

    Archibald hesitated for a while, but instead of taking back his hand, he released his soul power to try to interact with the child.

Yang Yang maintained the posture of lifting up his clothes, in a bit of a complicated mood.

    ——He had a hunch that he played himself off this time.


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