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Chapter 45: Little Bean

    “It’s really interactive period.”

    Gu Lita held the examination report and looked at the ultrasound photo with a surprised face, “You’ve been pregnant for less than four months.”

    Yang Yang nodded: “Yes, it will be four months in about a week.

——Is this normal”

    Although Yang Yang knew that the child’s soul was absolutely healthy, he could not guarantee the child’s embryo health.

    Gu Lita: “It’s normal.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Gu Lita spread her hands: “I’m not a gynecologist.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He Shu laughed out loud, “Don’t scare him.” Then he said to Yang Yang, “The length of the female’s pregnancy is closely related to the health of the female and the soul of the child.

You and the child are both healthy, and it is normal for pregnancy period to shorten ——Byrd was also born earlier than as in a normal pregnancy, in about three months.”

    Yang Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and asked again: “Then will I also have a month or two shorter term”

    He Shu shook his head: “The interactive period is a boundary term, and generally the longest gestation time for is before the interactive period.

Since it’s already here, if it goes on like this, you will probably give birth in early spring.”

    That is, in at most four months.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    His mood suddenly turned complicated.

    Gu Lita smiled: “Why, are you afraid”

    Yang Yang’s expression was strange: “It’s not that.”

    The female body was oviparous, and the egg was only the size of a palm.

The egg was still soft during birth allowing effortless birth.

Only after birth would the “secondary gestation” occur, and the egg would grow and harden until the time was right and the child broke the shell.

    It’s just, intellectually knowing that being oviparous wasn’t strange was one thing, but to experience it yourself…

    Yang Yang was a little worried: “If I go to the toilet and accidentally… what should I do”

    Gu Lita & He Shu & Archibald : “……”

    Keep it to yourself! !

     Archibald criticized Yang Yang seriously: “The child is very sensitive in the first half of the interactive period, and there have even been cases of generating memories.

Be careful when you speak.

What if the child hears it”

   If it hears it, let it hear, or else can it come out from somewhere else

    But Yang Yang didn’t say anything, he wouldn’t care, but He Shu was there, so he’d better shift this topic.

    Yang Yang glanced at Archibald and laughed teasingly: “You know so well.

Did you make up your pregnancy knowledge last night”

    Archibald did not sense the child’s soul last night and was unwilling to give up.

He touched Yang Yang’s belly at all angles, until Yang Yang couldn’t bear it anymore, and finally gave up after hearing a stern refusal.

    When he returned to his room, Archibald had a displeased expression on his face.

    It seems that he had not stopped thinking about it yet.

    Archibald really couldn’t calm down.

He checked the information until midnight last night, and made up all the common sense and precautions for female pregnancy, but because of this, he couldn’t feel relieved even more.

    ——Now was the period when it is easiest to perceive the soul of a child.

Why didn’t he perceive it

    Archibald stared at Yang Yang, and got excited again: “Give me a touch.”

    Yang Yang stretched out his clothes, and said generously, “Touch it.”

    Archibald reached out his hand to lift his clothes.

    Yang Yang quickly pressed it down: “Just touch it like this.”

    Archibald: “The soul power is weak during the embryonic period, and it is easier to perceive the child with skin contact.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Man, you are playing with fire.

    Seeing that Yang Yang didn’t let go, Archibald decisively lifted a part of the clothes from between Yang Yang’s hands, and then reached in, his big palm fully covering the small bulge.

    Yang Yang couldn’t stop it, and the moment he was touched, the whole person froze.

He was still sitting on the examination bed, and Archibald’s bending motion brought their faces so close to each other that he could even see the delicate hair on Archibald’s face.

    Yang Yang: “…”


    Yang Yang couldn’t help holding his breath, then lowered his eyelids, not daring to move his fingers, like a wild cat caught in the back of his neck, one that has withdrawn his claws not daring to move.

    Gu Lita looked at everything, then raised her eyebrows —ouch.

    He Shu smiled and shook his head lightly at Gu Lita—let it go with the flow.

    A minute later, Yang Yang quickly calmed down and showed his claws again: “Did you sense it”

    Archibald looked at him sideways, expressionless.

    Yang Yang understood — he couldn’t sense it.

    Yang Yang felt a little sympathetic to him and comforted him: “Maybe the child fell asleep again”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang continued to comfort him: “There’s still half a month, there will be a chance.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald retracted his hand: “I’m going to the training room.”

    After he finished speaking he turned to leave, his tail was almost drooping to the ground, and the whole person exuded a sense of depression and loss.

    Yang Yang looked at Archibald’s back, his eyes hung on the big tail, and he had the urge to pick it up and touch it.

    But impulse was the devil.

    Yang Yang retracted his gaze, tidied up his clothes, stood up, and said with a smile: “Then I’m going to the recuperation area, too.

I made an appointment with Mutou, and I’m going to the store today to take a look.”

    Gu Lita: “Good timing, let Monta send you off, he’ll be back soon.”

    Yang Yang: “Didn’t he party all night Won’t take a break”

    When he woke up in the morning, he saw Monta’s photos in the moth group, and he didn’t stop partying from 8:00 last night to 6:00 in the morning.

    Gu Lita: “Why should you rest after staying up all night”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    After half an hour, Monta came back, and he was really full of energy.

    As soon as Monta got out of the car, he moved things from the trunk: “Hey, I brought you a lot of local specialities.”

    Then, he stuffed Yang Yang with a big box: “This is for you.”

    The box was a bit heavy, he tried to move it but couldn’t push it at all.

    Yang Yang: “What is this”

    Monta: “A crib.”

    Yang Yang: “…is this a speciality”

    Monta: “It’s hand-made and craftsmanship from that place is really famous.”

    Yang Yang: “…” Okay.

    Monta bought a lot, filling a storage space plus a trunk, and built a hill of the gifts in the small garden in front of the door.

Others were accustomed to it and had no intention of opening the boxes — in most cases you’d find that at least 80% of them were useless strange objects.

    Monta also didn’t expect a response.

After unloading the goods, he clapped his hands to Yang Yang and said: “My mother said you are going to the convalescence area, are you going to open a shop”

    Yang Yang nodded: “I have already told Duke.

I’ll go over today to see how the store has changed, and try to open it within three days.”

    Monta didn’t know the details, so he immediately started to ask multiple questions after hearing his words, but Yang Yang didn’t want to delay time, so he pulled Monta into the car first, and then started chatting.


    The convalescence area was much more lively than yesterday.

Instead of the crowded trucks, there was a large number of tourists.

There were already round airships coming and going in the sky, and the whole city looked busy at once.

    When Yang Yang and Monta arrived in front of the store, they found that there were even tourists watching.

    The shop has not yet opened.

The tourists were not here to buy things, but solely to take pictures.

The main subjects of the pictures were the soldiers who are arranging the shop.

    Yang Yang was a little surprised: “Seems like this store is quite famous”

    Monta was proud: “Of course, the Internet celebrity shop is an iconic scenery in the convalescence area.”

    Yang Yang was even more surprised: “As an internet celebrity, you can still lose nearly a million every year”

    Monta: “…”

    Well, the conversation has died.

    Today was the first day of the official opening of the tourist season.

The number of tourists wasn’t at its peak.

Yang Yang and the others waited in the car for a while.

The few tourists who took pictures left, and only then did Yang Yang and Monta enter the store.

    “Housekeeper Yang.”

    When Mutou saw Yang Yang coming in, he first gave a military salute to Monta, and then greeted Yang Yang warmly.

    Monta, who didn’t understand such details, was stunned for a moment: “What”

    Yang Yang looked at Monta and showed a humble and confident smile: “Forgot to tell you, introducing myself, I’m the backup butler of the Donton Manor now.”

    Monta: “…”

    What the hell was this script

    Monta wanted to ask again, but then he felt his trousers being pulled.

He looked down, and it was Roth.    

      Monta gave Yang Yang a questioning look, then followed Roth’s pulling to the other side of the store, and squatted down to look at Roth:

     “What happened”

    Roth crouched and said in the baby voice anxiously: “Wait, let me finish this one.”

    It had enough energy now and could work simultaneously on Starnet and in real life, but it was essentially a living mind, and there was only one main consciousness, so if it wanted to PVP on the Starnet, it couldn’t use cloning without shutting off the game.

    Monta: “…”

    Five minutes later, the panther’s body relaxed, and then he started waving his tail happily.

    Monta: “…” Oh, looks like he won.

    Roth was in a good mood, so he told Monta about the setting of “YangYangYang” in detail.

    After Monta listened to it, although at first sight it seemed that there was nothing wrong with this setting, he always felt that something off.

So he opened the terminal and found “YangYangYang” on Youtu.

    Different from the style of “The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart”, the “YangYangYang” page was very clean.

The self-introduction was: keep improving and provide the best service for the host.

    There were only two Weibo posts under it, with a bit of natural shyness in his serious tone, like a perfect new cabbage.

    It wasn’t like “The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart”, nor like “Big Moth Yang”, neither like “Little White Flower Yang” from back then.

    Monta: “…”

    For some reason, he already felt that this account would be filled with the gunpowder smell in the future.

——he likes.

    Monta immediately followed “YangYangYang”, and also liked the only two microblogs on its blog — the ultimate objective of Moths: not to add icing on the cake, but to add fuel to the fire.

    At the same time, at the trading center.

    A chubby fat businessman was arguing with an appraiser.

    The fat businessman: “How could it be a waste mine When it was dug out, the soul power was at the top level.

Even if the stone collapsed, it would not collapse into a waste mine!”

     “You brought original ore and watched us cut it, and we didn’t have contact with it during that period.

If you feel that the results are not satisfactory, you can contact a third party for re-evaluation.”

    The fat businessman choked and looked to the side of the stone.

    That was the “sprouting” stone in the truck before.

At this time, it has been cut into several pieces.

The moss on the outer layer and the branches have been cleaned up and piled aside; and there was no clear ice blue inside the stone, but only a lifeless gray.

    A piece of waste ore without any soul power crystals, the only remaining soul power was a dry seed-like object in the center of the stone.

    But compared to the top-level mineral essence that it should have, this soul power was not even comparable to the bottom quality.

    The fat businessman couldn’t accept this result.

Although it was something he got in his mine unintentionally, he had seen the previous soul power measurement with his own eyes and repeatedly tested it a dozen times, so it was impossible to make a mistake!

    “That’s because your method of cutting was wrong, destroying the crystal of soul power, and then letting it go to waste!”

    The fat businessman became angry and planned to hold on to the trading center and not let go unless he got compensation.

    The appraiser was still calm: “I advise you to think twice before you speak.

I don’t think you want to receive a lawsuit letter from our lawyer team.”

    The fat businessman’s anger suddenly extinguished and his face turned pale.

    The appraiser continued: “If I were you, I would choose to auction this ‘seed’ as soon as possible.

It has a very high level of soul power, but it also has a slight loss percentage.

If you don’t hurry, it will become waste in around 24 hours.”

    The fat businessman took a few breaths, then gritted his teeth and admitted: “Okay, let’s auction it now.”

    The appraiser nodded: “Please come with me.”

    When they left, a robot came over to clean up the “scraps”.

The waste in the trading center has an unified recycling mechanism, which was set up in the empty space in the back alley and dumped once a day.

    The waste was dumped into the recycling cart.

The cart was soon full, and the scraps of gravel and moss were piled on the tip, quite inconspicuous among all the scraps.

    After the robot left, the back door of the trading center was closed again.

    After more than ten seconds, the moss from the stone shards on the recycling car suddenly moved, and then a piece of bright green extended out from it, and then slowly drilled out a branch.

    The branches were only palm-length long and thumb-thick, with a “人” shape as a whole, having only two young leaves at the top, which gradually changed from green to gray-brown from top to bottom.

At first glance, the plant appeared to be dying.

    The branch stood on the waste pile for a while, and seemed to confirm that there was no danger around it, and then the green branches on the top suddenly opened a pair of black sesame-like eyes, and then the “tree knots” under the eyes separated and became a mouth.

    The branches looked left and right, stretched out delicate branches, and nimbly climbed down from the recycling cart.

    But when it hit the ground, the branches staggered.

    The branches stabilized and looked down.

You could see that on the lower part of the “人” shape, there was a slightly flat round bump the size of a soybean at the left end, but the right is empty, and the size of the bump was smaller than on the left.

    Twig: “…”

    Its poor little bean*.

*it can mean foot in a cute way, but also soybean

    Forget it, I’ll try to grow a rounder one later.

The most important question now was…

    The branch looked up and left, the two leaves above the head swayed, and then slowly drooped down.

    Where is this! ! qaq


The twig: Poor_Weak_Helpless.jpg


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