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Chapter 46: Transaction Worth 20,000 Yuan

    Yang Yang negotiated the plan of the store with Mutou, and the decoration department inside was very easy to handle, Yang Yang mostly didn’t have to change anything.

However, Mutou said that the sign outside had to be changed, as it was a rigid regulation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Propaganda Department of the military.

    But Yang Yang didn’t come to change the military’s brand.

After thinking about it and discussing it with the rest, he decided to hang a small round signboard under the big signboard of “Garrison BBQ Restaurant”.

    The first version of the “YangYangYang” logo was a signboard was a separate word “Yang”, with a sense of fashion and design, and on the back was the word “porridge”.

    Monta took Yang Yang to a place in the city where one could make signboards.

    But when he got there, Yang Yang discovered a serious matter — he had no money.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    When he left the Zhou family, he was “cleanly cutting himself from the house”, and the tens of millions of remuneration as per the agreement could not be obtained until the agreement was finished.

After that, in Donton Manor, Amber arranged the food and clothing expenses, and there was no need to touch the money by himself, so Yang Yang actually ignored this matter.

    So Yang Yang looked at Monta: “Lend me some money.”

    Monta wasn’t short on money, but he had been stabbed only recently by Yang Yang’s five 8s before, and he was a bit sensitive on this point so he asked looking alert: “I don’t owe you money.”

    Yang Yang: “…I’m talking about borrowing.”

    Monta also recovered, coughed lightly, and opened the terminal to transfer money to Yang Yang: ” How much do you need”

    Yang Yang: “Lend 20,000 first, I’ll pay you back when I make money.”

    Monta: “What if you can’t return it”

    Yang Yang: “…Can you wish me that I be able to return it”

    Monta hehe-ed twice: “Done.”

    The signboard was not big, it cost 800 star coins, and the boss said that it could be made within an hour.

So Yang Yang decided to wait here.

    As he was bored, Yang Yang opened the terminal, took a photo of the signboard, and then logged on to Youtu to send a Weibo.

    As a result, as soon as he logged in, he saw that from the few fans he had before it became 100 million now.

    Yang Yang: “”

    Yang Yang looked at the comments on Weibo and found the source easily.

Because the comments are like that.

    【Following dear Monta’s likes and checking in.】

    【Check in 1, so who is this 】

    Yang Yang didn’t have to think to know why Monta followed him, Yang Yang smiled, just right, he could make an use of it.

    @YangYangYang: Hello everyone, I have been officially hired yesterday as the housekeeper in Donton Manor.

Although I’m only a backup worker, I’m still very happy! Thank you, Major Monta, for your recommendation.

During the tourist season, I was instructed to help at the garrison barbecue restaurant and hone my cooking skills.

If you have friends who like to drink porridge, you can come and try it.

[Picture] [Picture]

    The first picture was the lathe in the process of making the sign, and the second picture was the side face of Monta sitting.

    As soon as Yang Yang uploaded, a special following prompt box popped up on Monta’s light screen next to him.

    Monta glanced at it, then left the game and took a look at Weibo.

    After reading it, Monta was dumbfounded, and jumped up with a twisted face: “Yang Yang, why are you messing with me again”

    Yang Yang didn’t understand: “When did I mess with you”

    Monta pushed the screen close to Yang Yang’s face: “You can see for yourself.”

    Yang Yang looked at Monta’s light screen and saw the comment under the blog he just posted.

The atmosphere in comments went like this:

   【My God, it’s the housekeeper of the Duke’s house, ah ah ah, I’m going to have some porridge!!】

    【Dear Monta recommended a job to Butler Yang, and then accompanied Butler Yang to make the shop sign.

Tsk tsk, I seem to smell the taste of the new CP.

    【Nobody even knows if this housekeeper is a human or a ghost.

What if it’s an elderly grandpa or an old woman 】

    【Won’t we know if someone goes to see Comrades from the Old Emperor Star, come on*! 】

*衝鴨, an internet meme meaning cheering up for someone in a cute way.

It’s accompanied by a picture of a duck.

    【This seems to be the convalescent area The background of dear Monta’s photo is a building placed in the trading center.】

    【Fuck, I know that store, comrades, wait for me! ! 】

    Yang Yang: “…”

    This time, he really didn’t try to do anything, he just wanted to get popularity.

    The speed of the netizens was amazing.

Yang Yang had barely finished understanding the situation, when there appeared a few young people outside the store, two girls and a boy.

They looked like they were not adults yet.

Unlike tourists, they should be residents from the convalescence area.

    The three of them didn’t come in when they got to the door of the store, they just stood outside the door and whispered softly.

    Yang Yang and Monta noticed the movement outside, looked up and met eyes of the teenagers outside.

Then they saw the faces of the three young people turn red, who then they ran away with an exclamation.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta: “…”

    They probably couldn’t escape the “Butler Yang and Monta” CP.

    Yang Yang looked at Monta: “Or maybe, you could quickly find a girlfriend”

    Monta looked aggrieved: “I want to find one, too!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang patted Monta on the shoulder, work hard, comrade.

    In order to prevent someone from looking for them in the future, Yang Yang and Monta switched places, moving to under the trading center building not far in front.

According to Monta, the desserts in this tea restaurant were very delicious.

    Yang Yang asked for a piece of cheesecake and it was delicious.

At the same time in the flower bed outside the tea restaurant, a branch stuck in the soil suddenly trembled, and the wilted leaves stood up — fragrant!

    Yes, confirmed.

It was the aroma it had smelled before, the aroma that tricked it out of the stone nest, the aroma that had tricked it out and disappeared! qvq

    Twig opened its eyes and pulled itself out of the soil.

The broken bean on the right has grown a little, but it was still half smaller than the one on the left, and wasn’t so round.

    The twig was a little sad — the ground in this place was too hard, it managed to find such a piece of soil, but the soul power it could absorb was rather pitiful, and the tree was unfamiliar, it did not want to abuse its soul power, what if someone ate it when it went dormant

    Fortunately, finally there was food delivered to its door.

    The twig was very ambitious, it walked to the edge of the flower bed, swayed the leaves to sense it, and then locked in the direction of the tea restaurant.

It’s just that there were too many people in the restaurant and there was wall blocking, so it couldn’t find the specific location.

    So the twig looked left and right, and began to walk forward along the flower bed.

    Although the road was not long, it was a “handicapped tree” after all, and the plants in the flower bed were densely planted.

When it finally reached the end of the flower bed, it realised with desperation that the aroma has moved again! !

    The little twig couldn’t care about hiding anymore, and quickly stretched its upper body out of the flower bed, locked on the fragrance and found the source!

    Two people and one leopard just happened to come out at the entrance of the tea restaurant, passing by the edge of the flower bed.

    Among them, a person who was holding the milk tea and looking very pure and well-behaved was the source of the fragrance.

    The twig with its head sticking out: “…”

    Wait, why was it a human Shouldn’t this smell be coming from a soul essence plant How could it eat him if it was a human !

    The twig was stunned, and before it realised the person who emitted from the fragrance had gone far away, the fragrance gradually disappeared, and then the last trace broke off.


    Twig: “…”

    The twig hung on the flower bed, as if it could already see its future — unable to find enough soul power, gradually losing its soul essence, and then being forced to go dormant and degenerate into an ordinary tree, and then slowly withering…

    No! It won’t!

    The little twig cheered up, staring at the person’s far-away back, and ambition ignited in its heart — although it was a person, it still wasn’t impossible to eat! En!

    As Yang Yang and Monta returned to the shop where the signboard was made, they learned that signboard was ready.

It was mostly caramel in colour, simple and bright, seeming very appetizing.

Yang Yang was very satisfied.

    It’s almost 12 noon now.

Monta looked at the time and said: “Shall we put the sign back in the store and go back to eat”

    Yang Yang shook his head and refused: “The plan for the store is almost finished, I want to go to see the kitchen utensils in the afternoon and buy ingredients tomorrow as well as things like disposable tableware, and so on, the time is a bit tight, so I won’t go back at noon, as to not run back and forth all afternoon, I would be exhausted.”

    Monta had no objections, in any case, he was on vacation, and he was as idle as never, following Yang Yang was still more fun than being a sparring partner by Archibald.

    But someone has an opinion.

    As soon as Yang Yang and Monta returned to the barbecue restaurant, Yang Yang’s terminal vibrated and a phone call was connected.

    Yang Yang looked down at the caller ID and was surprised — it was Archibald.

    At this time, Yang Yang had already walked into the store, so when he answered the phone, he automatically switched to the mode of the butler Yang, his tone was respectful but not cowardly: “Second Young Master, do you have any orders”

    Archibald: “… …”

    Archibald: “Come back for dinner.”

     He specifically called him to go back for dinner

    Yang Yang was a little surprised and a little happy, but he didn’t agree: “We won’t be back at noon, because the store layout hasn’t been finished yet, so we’ll be back in the afternoon.”

    But he didn’t expect Archibald to be silent for a while, then suddenly say: “Then I’ll bring it to you.”

    Yang Yang: “”

    No, Lord Duke, did you take the wrong medicine

    However, before Yang Yang could say anything else, Archibald hung up the phone.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta saw Yang Yang’s bewildered face, and came over and asked, “What did he say”

    Yang Yang looked at Monta: “He’s telling us to go back to eat.”

    Monta: “He did We can’t.”

    Yang Yang: “He said he would bring it to me.”

    Monta: “…Did he take the wrong medicine “

    Yang Yang also wanted to know.

    But Yang Yang thought about it for a while, and felt that there was a very possible answer: “Could it be because of the child”

    Monta didn’t know what he meant and asked for details.

    Yang Yang first handed the sign to Mutou and asked him to install it, and then he moved aside with Monta, and whispered to Monta about the child’s interactive period.

    After Monta heard this, he also became interested: “Show me, I haven’t touched belly of a female body yet.”

    Yang Yang: “…Do you know that you sound particularly like a hooligan now”

    Monta: “If you let me touch it, you won’t have to pay me back.”

    Yang Yang: “Go, go to the next alley, as to not not be seen by others.”

    So the two moved to the next alley and started a transaction of 20,000 star coins.

——There were decorative flower beds at the entrance of the alley, so there was no fear of being discovered by pedestrians.

    Yang Yang lifted up his clothes to reveal the curvature of his belly and said a little proudly: “Look, it’s bulging.”

    Monta grew up in a military camp since he was a child, not to mention seeing a female pregnant, he didn’t even see an ordinary pregnant woman.

He felt it was really novel.

    Monta bent over and looked at Yang Yang’s belly, then asked: “Just touch it like this After unleashing some soul power”

    Yang Yang nodded: “Only a little bit, just to sense the soul power, not the way you put it out as a shield.”

    Perceptive soul power was able to connect with one’s own soul perception, and the external soul power was used as a barrier, to attack and so on, so its connection with soul was more weak and it was more forceful.

    Monta rolled his eyes: “I don’t need you to teach me, I still have some common sense.”

    Monta put his hand on Yang Yang’s stomach carefully, released his soul power, and let out a small strand.

Soon, he felt a warm presence.

Although his soul was small, it had a strong response and was very healthy.

    Monta couldn’t help but show a smile on his face.

When he was about to report to Yang Yang, he felt that the small soul suddenly rotated, and then “bit off” a small strand of his soul power.

    The released soul power could be consumed and stolen, but after the perceptive soul power was taken way, there would be a “pain” signal in the brain.

    So Monta yelled “ow”, suddenly retracted his hand, and then looked at Yang Yang with a look of horror: “It bit me!”

    Yang Yang was also startled, just as he was about to say something, the entrance of the valley suddenly turned dark, and a tall figure blocked the light.

    Monta looked at Yang Yang and saw Archibald standing there with a frosty look on his face: “What are you doing”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta: “…”

    Why are you here so fast !


Author has something to say:

Archibald: Still blaming me for arriving so fast If I come slower, what else would you want to do

Yang Yang: …..

Monta: ……


Bamboo has something to say:

Don’t be so quick to eat vinegar, Archibald will be happy next chapter heiheihei.


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