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Chapter 5: Tyrant


Doton Archibald, Male, 21 years old.

The hereditary Duke.

Colonel of the Special Operations Regiment and was currently stationed at the Old Emperor Star as the trial base commander.

He led his first battle agaist the Soul Beasts at the age of 16.

So far, he has conducted fifteen command operations without any defeat.




Yang Yang sincerely admires that this Duke has such great future.


Archibald's parents weren't not simple.


Let's talk about his family.


The Doton family has a hereditary Duke title, which was unique throughout the Empire.

Although the Doton family had four siblings, but the Duke title can only be inherited by Archibald's family.

Archibald inherited the Duke title from his father when he was 20 years old.


In addition to the title, the eldest son of the Doton family, Rotari, can not be underestimated.

He is currently the deputy director of the General Administration of Foreign Trade of the Jiuyu Empire.

His wife and son are politicians and have a powerful force in politics.


Archibald's other father, Sauron Abel was born in the Soul Cable Star, one of the planet of Jiuyu Empire closest to the Soul Cloud belt and because it was close to the soul cloud belt it has been disturbed by the soul beasts all year round.

Over time the Soul Cable Star has become a National Battle Field Planet.


Although the Soul Cable Star belongs to Jiuyu Empire it has an independent administrative power, it is more like the "Empire" than the main Empire Planet, the Jiuyu Empire and Sauron Abel was the owner of the Soul Cable Star Planet.


By the way the throne of the Soul Cable Star can be succeeded.


Yang Yang "...so this throne can really be inherited."


251 nodded and said happily,【Not only the Soul Cable Star but the old Empire Star is basically the home of Doton family.

There are rumors that the family will run for the presidential elections next】


Yang Yang froze and he now understood why Zhou Hua wanted him to bear a child for the Archibalds.

This kind of tyrant, who doesn't want to lick their boots and hug their thigh


But even if you want to lick their boots and hug their thigh you have to pay a price.

So what kind of confidence does Zhou Hua has that he's so sure he can bring the Doton family to his side.


Yang Yang thought while he continued watching the information and then he understood what Zhou Hua was sure of.


As mentioned earlier the hereditary title of the Doton family was the only one unique in the entire Empire.

The reason was that, Archibald's grandfather the "Old Doton" did a great work, he killed a "Dragon".


Soul beasts are classified according to their size (from small to large) from A to E levels but the most heavy weight are called "Dragons".


Many years ago a dragon-level soul beast suddenly appeared.

Its mass was large enough to be compared to the size of the entire capital city and it was also surrounded by a large number of c-level soul beasts which was extremely dangerous.


It was a fierce battle, the old Emperor Star was severely ruined, the soul force field was disordered and the casualties were countless.

Old Doton was in his prime at the time and was the Admiral of the Jiuyu Empire.

He refused to gave up and went in the front line.


The war lasted for three months and old Doton continued going forward, killing the dragon-level soul beast with all his heart.

However, the old Emperor Star has been abolished and the old Doton has also severely damaged his soul leaving a serious after-effect to his Soul Force.


The scariest thing is that this after-effect was inherited.


There was no record of what happened during the treatment of the old Doton but afterwards the old Doton had four children, only his second child, Shu inherited this illness.

The illness was also pass to Archibald.


No one can overcome this kind of illness and the symptoms vary among individuals.


For example, old Doton is manic, unable to control himself and has no sense of reason.

Shu was weak, unable to store his soul and cannot be cured.

When it comes to Archibald, he was half alien and haft human and his soul power needs a regular maintenance.


Seeing this, Yang Yang remembered the appearance of Archibald yesterday and he thought it looked kind of a beast but seemed not.


According to the current records, the genetic inheritance of this illness was random, that is, Archibald's children may or may not inherit this illness.


Because of this reason, every child was precious to the Doton family.


Once the child in Yang Yang's belly was born, this child will become a bond that will tied Zhou Hua to the family tree of the Doton family.


As for Yang Yang.


In Zhou Hua's original plan, Yang Yang will die after the child was born.


Even if Yang Yang was now awake, Zhou Hua was raising Yang Yang into a walking human-shaped womb.

When the child was born Yang Yang's value will be gone.


I have to say that Zhou Hua's calculations was a good one.


But this calculation turned out to be himself and Yang Yang had only one thought " I'm Fucked."


251 Looking up in panic "..."


Master, what are you going to do


Yang Yang let out a sign and fell into contemplation.

He habitually tapped his right hand and the rhythm was slightly agitated.


Now he's in a bad situation and he needs to leave in order to get out of this mess.


But now he was too poor and under surveillance.

The only thing that could count as his bargaining chip was the unhatched egg inside his stomach.


The egg……


Yang Yang froze for a while then suddenly came to his senses.

Isn't Zhou Hua's biggest chip was his egg child


Yang Yang sat up from the bed and asked 251, "Roth I just discovered that the soul Cube can purify my soul's negative defects and my child's soul can also be purified.

Does that mean that as long as the soul cube was present I can guarantee that the child won’t get the genetic illness of the Dotons ”


251【Yes, in theory】


Yang Yang heard the words and suddenly laughed.


251 got confused【Master, what are you laughing at】


Yang Yang glanced at 251, and asked in a good mood, "Roth, there are two apples of the same size in front of you.

What would you choose"


251 was confused but still obediently answered,【Choose the better one】


Yang Yang's smile became deeper.

"That's right."


He and Zhou Hua may have the same bargaining chip but what Zhou Hua can give to the Doton family was only "a child", but what can he give was "a healthy child".

Only if he's alive he can guarantee that the child would healthy once born.



If he wants to protect himself, he must find a big tree that even Zhou Hua can't shake and that is the Doton family.

As long as the people of the Dotons are convinced that he can guarantee the health of the child, his safety will not be a problem.


Zhou Hua wanted to use ‘egg’ to offer to Buddha.


However, he had to know and understand first the Doton family as so that he won't leave the wolves den just to enter the tiger's den.


As for how to know and understand the characters of the Dotons.

The best way was to find something to look at, such as ...


Yang Yang, "Roth, look up the mineral concentrate that Zhou Hua traded 21 years ago.

See how long it took him to sell the mineral concentrate since the birth of Duke Doton and the relationship between the Doton family and Zhou Hua before and after the trading happened."


251 quickly responded with the result【21 years ago, Zhou Hua sold the mineral concentrate to a multinational group at a low price.

Therefore the other party abandoned the bidding.

Zhou Hua obtained a large project from the Empire and has since entered the top 100 list of the Empire Richest Man.

The mineral transaction was signed half a month before the birth of the Duke of Doton but the data stream records I extracted showed that the actual signing time was one day after the Duke of Doton hatched from his shell.

As for what happened to the Dotons ...


251 "snapped" and said,【It turned out that Abel had previously concealed his identity of being the owner of the Cable Star Planet.

The day after Duke Doton broke his shell, he disclosed his identity and then purchased a lot of minerals across the entire galaxy.

In heaven, one of the city's main owners sold the appropriate minerals.

Abel thanked him and gave him a batch of top notch soul crystals which was worth enough to buy half a city.

After that, the news about the Doton family was intentionally erased and they withdrew from the public.

One week later, Zhou Hua was interviewed for the project and talked about Abel.

Then he said that he regretted that the mineral concentrate had been traded early for half a month and almost hurt his nephew.

Oh,at that time he was also sobbing with 'Red eyes.'】


Yang Yang "..."


He had never meet anyone this shameless.


Yang Yang signed.


Zhou Hua's little movements was impossible for the people of the Doton family to not know, so that's the reason why they were cold to Zhou Hua all these years.

But even so, Abel did not settle accounts after the fall.

The only reason Yang Yang could think of was because of Mu Shuyi.


It seems that the people of the Dotons really value their loved ones.


Regardless of their temper, this was enough.


【Yeah ~】


251 suddenly exclaimed and then its whole body didn't looked good, his skull was leaking streams the same as a boiling pot lid.


Yang Yang was startled and asked, "What's wrong"


251's skull returned to normal but the antenna above its head keep turning【Master, Duke Doton is so handsome ~~】


Yang Yang "........."


Two seconds later, Yang Yang beckoned to 251 "Let me see."




The next second, a photo was put in front of Yang Yang.


It was a half body length photo profile and the person in the photo was nodding slightly to accept his father's adult blessing.


His sword like eyebrows were dark, his eyelids were half-closed and his long eyelashes covered the sharp edges of his eyes, under was his straight nose bridge, his thin lips were hooked with a slight arc, and he admiredly looked at the person who was blessing him.


The Duke of Doton himself had a strong and sharp as a blade temperament, but on this photo he showed a gentle expression.

The tenderness presented at that moment was enough to make everyone see it.


Yang Yang is no exception.


Yang Yang's heart missed half a beat and was captured by 251and it twisted excitedly,【Master, he's so handsome ~】


Yang Yang turned back, took another look at the photo and then nodded calmly.

"Indeed, very handsome."


It also happens that this Duke Doton was to Yang Yang's type.

Unfortunately he's too young.


251 completely transformed into a brain residual powder and continued to wiggle.【This photo was from his becoming an adult ceremony and was his first appearance on public.

Many people have slandered him before saying that he looked like a monster, violently kills people and says he's too ugly! Hmm ~ As a result, the gossipy people shut up as soon as they saw him】


【Duke Doton was originally a fighting force and he was called a killing machine but after his public appearance, the result was he became a "God of War".

Now he's still the star of the military.

The last military recruitment ad used his battle videos for promotion~】


At the end, 251 hummed,【Those superficial humans who only look at the surface!】


Yang Yang "...

oh, so you became his fan because you saw the beauty of his soul"


251 embarrassedly twisted【Uhh ~】


Yang Yang laughed and said to 251 "Well I'll give you a chance to get close to your idol.

Go and send an email to Duke Doton."


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