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Chapter 54: The Opening Day

    It was the opening day today and when Yang Yang opened his eyes, he found out that it was snowing outside.

    Yang Yang wasn’t fond of snow.

In the last days of the apocalypse, snow often meant more deaths and he himself starved to death in the snow.

Although he was no longer worried about food and drinks, Yang Yang still didn’t want to go out and see the snow.

    But he had to make money.

    Yang Yang got up and changed his clothes — on the first opening day, Yang Yang changed his dressing style as well.

He asked Amber to prepare a three-piece suit, and his hair was combed back.

When he didn’t talk or laugh, he gave off slight alienating aura and when there was a smile at the corners of his mouth it felt both seductive but unattainable on the surface.

    Yang Yang looked at himself in the mirror, and was very satisfied: “Very attractive.”

    Roth: “…”

    After finishing finishing, Yang Yang went out, and when he opened the door, he met Archibald’s face.

    Archibald was still in military uniform, but his cloak was replaced by a thicker one, tightly hiding his tail.

    The moment he saw Yang Yang, Archibald’s face showed undisguised surprise.

    Yang Yang smiled at him: “What’s the matter Does it look good”

    “Good-looking.” Archibald replied without hesitation, paused, and then explained: “It’s just that I haven’t seen you dressed like this before, it looks so different it feels a bit like another person.”

    Yang Yang smiled, pulled up his clothes and said: “Then you should get used to it soon, because I will often dress like this in the future.

——Are you going to the convalescence area with me”

    Archibald nodded, looked at Yang Yang again, and then withdrew his gaze: “I will pick you up for half a month.

Will you still leave at 6 o’clock in the evening”

    Yang Yang: “En, if anything changes, I will contact you.

I’ll have to thank Duke first.”

    Archibald pursed his lips: “You’re welcome.”

    After the “little conflict” last night, his relationship with Yang Yang had become significantly close compared to the previous “whitewashed peace”.

Now was the real time they shook hands and reconciled.

    But today’s Yang Yang was different from before, not only in dress, but also in speech and manners, making him seem more serious.

    ——Archibald felt a little uncomfortable, but it wasn’t because he hated it.

He just couldn’t help but keep his eyes on Yang Yang.

He didn’t know what he wanted to see, however.

    After the two went downstairs, Yang Yang’s new dress won unanimous praise from the rest of the family.

Everyone took a big group photo with him on a whim.

After asking for permission Yang Yang posted it on his Youtu account.

    “Yang Yang Yang” was now a freshly baked internet celebrity and as soon as the photo was released, it immediately became a hit — obviously it was also because of the fact that although there were many official photos of the Donton family there were not that many private photos.

    Youtu netizens were very excited.

    【 Which bastard spread the news that the Duke was attending the Aquamarine Ceremony! I have just arrived at the star port of Seablue Star!  】

    【Hugging upstairs tightly, I arrived at Seablue Star yesterday and now I’m crying and buying a return ticket.

    【Wow, it’s been a long time since I saw Mrs.

Planet Master.

It’s a pity I’m not always here.

    【The one in the middle is the Butler Yang, oh my god, so good-looking! Does he have a girlfriend 】

    【Are you lacking a boyfriend The kind whose body is soft and easy to push down~ 】


    【Hey, why is there no snake, I mean, Duchess 】

    【Probably because the atmosphere is not fitting for everyone.

    【Can you not mention it I don’t want to be reminded of Duke’s aesthetics by him again, is it not good to treasure people’s heart 】

    【 1 】

    【 2 】

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Fortunately, Archibald doesn’t like to visit Youtu.

    In addition to netizens, Moths also sent congratulatory messages.

    Society’s Big Sister Li: You really dare to open it.

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: This barbecue restaurant is a king in the dark cuisine world, Brother Yang is very courageous.

    Don’t call me Xiaoqing: I don’t know whether to sympathize with Brother Yang or the tourists.

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Want to bet that my porridge will get absolutely enthusiastic reviews.

    Society’s Big Sister Li: A box of canned Cudo fish.

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: A piece of Cabella nut.

    Don’t call me Xiaoqing: ten packs of chocolate chips.

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Waiting for the delivery.

    Universe’s Tower Lord: Stop chatting, you said you were okay to post any photos, there are already so many people waiting I had to close the door of the store.

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: We’re close, store doesn’t open until 9 o’clock, we will be there soon.

    The car has slowly descended from the air track.

More snow fell in the convalescence area than in the garrison base.

A layer of ice-cream-like snow has fallen on the roof, and only the roads were still untouched thanks to the cleaning robots.

    The whole convalescence area looked like a vast expanse of white, the light and shadows cast by neon lights that were still on looked more and more splendid against the white snow, making the place seem like a fairy tale world.

    Although it was not yet seven o’clock, after the car entered the city, Yang Yang found that there were already many tourists on the street, all to see the first snow.

    When the speed of the car slowed down, Yang Yang turned his head to look at the street scene, and couldn’t help but sigh: “It’s so lively.”

    Although he didn’t like snow, Yang Yang liked the liveliness.

    Archibald didn’t speak — he hated the buzz.

    The car drove into the city and stopped in front of the barbecue shop.

    The door of the barbecue restaurant was closed, but there were already dozens of people waiting outside the door.

They were playing the terminal while waiting, and they were not afraid of the cold.

    When Archibald’s car stopped, it immediately attracted the attention of all these people.

The family crest on the car made it easy to recognize it, but even when it was recognized, no one dared to go forward, rather going three steps back to take pictures.

    Yang Yang glanced outside, then unbuttoned the safety buckle and said goodbye to Archibald: “Then I’ll go first, thank you Duke.”

    Archibald didn’t say anything, only glanced at Yang Yang’s belly.

    Yang Yang laughed: “It’s not easy to unbutton this outfit I have today.

Let’s do it like this, you come over for lunch at noon and then you can touch.”

    Archibald’s expression became a little happier: “Okay.”

    Yang Yang opened the door and got out of the car, not forgetting to send off to Archibald in the car: “Thank you Second Young Master, take care Second Young Master on the way back.”

    Archibald: “…”

    After Archibald’s car left, more than a dozen people outside the store immediately gathered around him and chattered excitedly: “Butler Yang, was the Duke of Donton in the car just now”

    “Butler Yang, does the Duchess really look like in the photos”

    “Butler Yang, can we go in and sit It’s so cold, I will definitely buy your hellish barbecue.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    It seems that the barbecue restaurant really “lives up to its reputation”.

    Yang Yang laughed: “Okay, please come in.”

    Yang Yang opened the store door and went in first with the wave of customers from outside.

    In the store, the more than 100 kilograms of Gala animal legs have been put on the stove, Mu Tou and one recruit were preparing the barbecue and the other two were washing vegetables.

    “Oh, you’re here — what’s the matter with these people”

    Supervisor Monta was sitting on the side nibbling on nuts, and seeing a bunch of people behind Yang Yang he was a little puzzled.

    Yang Yang smiled politely: “They were all waiting outside.

It was very cold, so let them in.

Major Monta, please open the store door, Xiaoyi, you can serve them some hot tea, and I’ll get the dishes right away.”

    The recruit Xiao Yi nodded, wiped his hands and went to do the tea.

Monta pouted and said nothing, but still went to open the door obediently.

    Yang Yang took off his coat to one side, then put on his apron and went into the kitchen.

    In the store, a dozen or so people who just came in filled their seats, held hot tea poured by the recruits and discussed in a low voice with excitement, constantly taking pictures.

    Monta didn’t care about them either.

As the person in charge, he was fine as long as there was no major incident in the store, so he played the terminal with peace of mind.

    But after playing for a while, Monta raised his eyebrows — ho ho.

    On Youtu, the group photo posted by “Yang Yang Yang” was still in the top three most popular trending searches and was soon followed with several hot topics discussions.



    ——It the photo of when Archibald drove Yang Yang over just now, with Yang Yang standing outside the car, bending over to salute inside the car.

    It stood to reason that this was a normal photo and that there was nothing wrong with it.

But if you thought about it carefully, how could there be a butler driving in the car with the young master as a driver

    So there must be some unknown shady transaction in there.

    Netizens did not hesitate to use the observational power of a magnifying glass to give Archibald a cp and so soon a new cp rose up — Ram*.

*公羊 this is a word play because 公爵 means Duke and 公 means male, while 羊 is Yang Yang’s surname and means sheep: so a male sheep is ram.

    The momentum immediately overwhelmed the “Cute Sheep*” cp that had been hot for less than two days.

*again, wordplay because Meng is both a character in Monta’s name and also meaning cute.

    Monta was delighted to see this and helpfully began to add fuel to the topic.

    @Universe’s Tower Lord: I asked why didn’t you let me send Butler Yang in the morning, you were waiting for this.

    Monta had two accounts, the one verified by the military was similar to Archibald’s and there were all official news or neutral posts like”the weather is so nice today” or “I participated in the military exercises today and won” and so on.

    And this trumpet was his main account.

It was also the focus of his fans and various entertainment news.

    As the saying goes, follow Monta to eat melons.

    See, here it comes.

    Monta posted a Weibo post, a big melon landed on Youtu and the melon-eating crowd rushed up.

    【 It’s Monta’s stamp, the Young Master x Butler stocks are rising! 】

    【So is it implying that Duke cheated 】

    【The Duke said by upstairs is too black, go away*.

If all the Duke cp came true, then the Duke would be really busy.

*meaning that the comment under the post from above is unsightly

    【Does anyone think that Lil Monta’s tone is a bit sour 】

    【Thinking, so the question is, is Dear Monta sour of the Yang Butler or the Young Master 】

    【Mom, I seem to have found a melon within a melon! 】

    In less than a moment, a new topic came to the fore: pentagonal love.

    Monta: “…”

    The smile gradually solidified.jpg

    Netizens were getting more happier the more they picked up and then someone discovered a new trace — the mysterious man the Duke held hands with last time and Butler Yang were suspected to be the same person.

    The evidence was a close-up of a hand photo.

    There was a small mole on the skin of Yang Yang’s left wrist, size of a needle point, and it was really hard to see it if one didn’t look closely.

    Butler Yang and the mysterious man had a stack of hand photos and the position and size of the moles was proved to be exactly the same.

Then someone analysed height, figure, and even hair colour.

    But the really decisive evidence was that the first blogger who posted on the day of the “splitting scandal” stood up and said: Although I can’t post photos, I guarantee with my reputation that the person the Duke pulled that day was indeed Butler Yang.

    The comments exploded immediately.

    【Mom, so they already knew each other before he became a butler 】

    【And the Duke also personally took butler Yang to visit the trade market It could be said to be very pampering.

    【Although I don’t want to stand up, I still want to say: The Donton family has not announced the Duke’s marriage so far.

    【dei! And the Duke hasn’t paid attention to the duchess yet! No interaction, none! 】

    【I have already made up the plot for 70 episodes.

    【Butler Yang — Your vest is off! ! ! 】

    Monta: “…”

    No, you naive children, you don’t even know how many layers of vests he wears.


Some stuff that I didn’t know if to make a note of but I’m gonna just write them here:

– “betting on stocks” is also a way to call cheering for your favourite cp when there is more possible than one, stocks rising means more possibility that your cp is true.

– remember vest it means false identity!


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