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Chapter 55: Confession

    There are many tourists in the name of Duke Mu this year, and naturally there are also many people who eat melons on the spot.

    So after the “Butler Yang” fell off his horse*, more and more tourists came to the store to watch.

*revealed identity

    Yang Yang was in the kitchen and didn’t notice what was going on outside.

    Cutting soul essence plants was very simple for Yang Yang, but cooking porridge was rather troublesome — especially today, five pots of 30 catties of porridge each had to be cooked at the same time.

Before the soul power of the soul essence plant was locked by the high temperature, Yang Yang had to concentrate on controlling the soul power of the five pots of porridge.

    At about 8:30, the soul power of five pots of porridge finally stabilized and the porridge quality was almost the same.

    Yang Yang breathed a sigh of relief, raised his head a little tiredly, and found that the store was already packed full.

Most of the tourists were taking pictures with the terminal, but Yang Yang had already become accustomed to it, so he didn’t care.

    On the contrary, Yang Yang was a little happy to see so many people — it seems that business will not be bad today.

    Yang Yang showed a smile to the guests outside, with a gentle and humble tone: “Everyone wait a moment, the porridge will be ready soon.”

    Most of the tourists came to eat melons, but they also knew how to behave, so after listening to Yang Yang’s words, most of them nodded obediently.

    Seeing this, the wood next to him greeted warmly: “The barbecue is ready to be cut, who wants it”

    Tourists: “…”

    No, we’re not hungry, thanks.

    But there were still a few newcomers who didn’t know the reputation of hell barbecue, so several people raised their hands and asked for one.

    The appearance of the grilled meat was not bad, although some places were a little overcooked, but the burnt aroma of the roasted fat still carried some attraction.

    Until the entered their mouth.

    Several tourists who bought barbecue: “…”

    How to say it, it was indeed cooked and it’s not that it didn’t have any taste, but the taste was interspersed with blandness, one piece had rich taste, one piece was bland, the left side could be salty after chewing, but the right may be sweet.

    The most terrifying thing was that the outside was tender and the inside was charred — after the meat of the gala beast becomes charred, it will become very hard.

All one could see was the tender and juicy barbecue, but upon tasting it was as if one had bitten into a stone skin.

    A male tourist covered his cheeks, the dignity of a man kept the tears in his eyes from falling.

    Very indestructible.

    Mu Tou didn’t see the pain of the diners at all, and was still enthusiastic: “You are the opener this year, and I specially gave you an increase in the amount without increasing the price.

Awesome, right!”

    Several tourists: “…”

    Thank you very much! ! !

    On the other side, Yang Yang’s porridge was almost ready.

He turned off the fire and asked the recruits to put the five pots of porridge on one side of the heat preservation rack, and hung the name and price of the porridge on it.

    As soon as the sign was hung up, the tourists outside immediately began to rile up.

    “One hundred for one bowl, up to two hundred and two Are you kidding me.”

    “The roast meat is only 30 star coins, why is the porridge so expensive

    “The ingredients don’t look unusual, so why so expensive”

      “Butler Yang, is that a mistake”

    Faced with doubts, Yang Yang still kept his smile: “There is no mistake, this is the real price.

And I promise, it is worth the money.

You can decide whether to buy it or not, but all purchases are limited to three bowls.”

    The amount is still limited How is this making money

    ——Many people suddenly had this idea in their hearts, but no one said it and slapped Yang Yang in the face.

It wasn’t because of how high-quality it was, the main reason was because of the door god standing next to the sales outlet — Monta.

    Although Monta was a cheerful person and his trumpet account on Starnet was also very playful, but in this case when a person who had always been lively suddenly turns cold, the deterring effect is doubled.

    But what tourists didn’t say, Yang Yang could guess.

    Yang Yang didn’t explain too much, but said: “Whether it’s worth it, you’ll know when you try it.

——But I rather suggest to eat it people with more sensitive soul power perception.

If ordinary people eat it, the price/performance ratio will not be this high.”

    As soon as he said this, a knowledgable person immediately understood: “Butler Yang, you mean that your porridge is all soul power dishes”

    Yang Yang nodded: “Yes.”

    The man’s eyes immediately brightened and he came forward to say: “Please give me a bowl of animal bone porridge ——I remember someone said on Starnet that this was the Duke’s favorite.”

    Yang Yang smiled: “Yes, the duke prefers meat and doesn’t like vegetable dishes and aquatic products very much.

——You can wait a moment, it will be ready soon.”

    The bowl for the porridge was not the small bowl that Ashburn originally suggested, but Yang Yang changed it to a slightly larger one, for the sake of word of mouth, and secondly, to increase the price in the future — Yang Yang was very confident in his porridge.

    And that’s exactly what happened.

    The first person to buy porridge was one of the dozen or so people who first entered the store.

He came with his girlfriend.

However, because of Yang Yang’s words before, he did not return to his seat immediately, but took the porridge and tasted it.

    First of all, the smell of the porridge is very fragrant, but there was no overflowing soul power.

    The man was a little disappointed — a major feature of soul power dishes was existence of soul power spillover, the more advanced the dish, the less soul power spills out.

The best dishes could combine the escaping soul power and the aroma of the dishes into one, letting the soul power be inhaled into the body along with the aroma of the dishes and get absorbed, which was the ultimate enjoyment.

    But the bowl of porridge in front of him was very fragrant, but it didn’t have the soul power that soul power dishes should have.

    The man looked up at Yang Yang, meeting Yang Yang’s smile.

    Yang Yang knew about soul power dishes, so he roughly understood the meaning of the man’s expression.

He didn’t explain much, just raised his hand: “You try it first.”

    The man smiled and took a sip without expectation.

    The porridge was cooked well, and the rice grains were boiled into a thick pulp, fusing with the bone marrow boiled from the animal bones.

    As the porridge entered the abdomen, rays of gentle soul power exploded in the abdominal cavity like a burst of soap bubbles.

It warmly melted into the soul palace with the heat of the porridge, heating it until the soul and the body relaxed.

Some of the pent-up soul power was also washed away, as if it was about to be dispersed.

    Not enough, a little more, and a little more soul power that could be directly absorbed by the soul palace.

    After the man’s initial astonishment, he didn’t say any extra words, but just stood there and ate quickly, and after a while finished drinking a big bowl of porridge.

    And when all the porridge was finished on his face showed ecstasy.

    “Enough, it’s enough.”

    The man was very ecstatic, his behavior was still decent, but his tone was very excited: “The dark injury I suffered from a car accident five years ago was only the last bit to heal.

But the last injury was in the Soul Palace, and that part had never been able to heal.

Even absorbing soul power couldn’t heal that dark injury.

But, but it was all enough now! It was absorbed so easily, fully absorbed!”

    When the man was eating porridge, Yang Yang released his soul power to see the man’s soul power.

It was also obvious that the soul power in his abdomen was very disordered.

He didn’t know what it was, but when he heard that it healed, he was still happy for the man.

    Yang Yang said sincerely: “Congratulations.”

    The man smiled happily: “Thank you, thank you.

Please give me three more bowls — is the price because of the different grades”

    Yang Yang: “There is only a slight difference in grades, and the price difference is more because of the material handling.

Because most tourists are ordinary people, a quality that is too high may be counterproductive.

—In addition, each person is limited to three bowls.”

    The man was startled, “You mean, you can also make higher grade products”

    Yang Yang: “Yes.”

    The man was immediately excited: “Are you interested in being a chef I promise to give you ten times your current salary!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang smiled: “I’m sorry, I’m the housekeeper of the Donton family and I am not planning on being a chef.”

    The man was stunned for a moment, and then he reacted, suddenly embarrassed; “Ah, sorry, I mean, please give me five bowls of fish paste porridge, that’s my girlfriend, she also has three bowls.”

    Yang Yang followed the man’s hand, and a shy girl sitting at the table immediately blushed, and then gave Yang Yang a nod.

    Yang Yang smiled and said: “Alright.

—But are you sure you can finish it”

    The man: “We’re all bimorph Leicesterians, so we can eat a lot.”

    After speaking, the man left with five bowls of porridge.

    And with the performance of the man, the other tourists suddenly looked at each other in dismay — was this true or was it false

    But there were always those with good money and strong curiosity.

So the second and third customers came over soon.

    And as long as there were people who bought porridge, 90% of them would go back and buy their share.

The remaining 10% were mostly ordinary people with one form.

They could only feel a slight difference in soul power and their appetite was limited.

    Although there were five pots of porridge, each pot weighting 30 catties, but after two hours, there was only a little left.

    And there were still many customers who had just heard the news and queued up outside.

    Yang Yang measured the amount of porridge, and then hung up the final bowl count.

    But at this time, Yang Yang received a call from Archibald.

It was only then that Yang Yang remembered that he said that he would have lunch with Archibald at noon—and depending on the situation, he had to prepare Monta’s share.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang quietly changed the “10” from “Last 10 Bowls” on the hanging electronic screen to “0”.

    The customer who happened to be in line: “”

    Yang Yang said without blushing: “Sorry, I made a mistake just now.

But if it’s convenient for you, come tomorrow, and I’ll leave you three bowls.”

    Saying that, Yang Yang raised his voice and said to the remaining customers who had not dispersed: “Starting from tomorrow, each person is limited to one bowl.”

    Although the customer was very regretful, he did not doubt it, left the terminal number for the recruits and left.

    As soon as the customer left, Yang Yang immediately took out the rest of the porridge, put it aside, and let Monta bring it upstairs.

    Other guests who haven’t left: “…”

    What is this operation

    Soon, the guests understood.

Because Archibald was there.

    When Archibald came in, the whole shop fell silent.

    Yang Yang was cooking — they can’t just drink porridge.

After noticing the strangeness in the store, Yang Yang looked up and saw Archibald.

    Yang Yang immediately smiled: “Second Young Master, wait upstairs, the dishes will be ready soon.

Major Monta has already gone up.”

    Archibald nodded coldly: “En.”

    As soon as Archibald disappeared at the entrance of the stairs, the shop, which had been silent just now, immediately boiled over.

    “Oh my God, the living Duke!”

    “Heavens, the Duke was so close to me!”

    “Ying, the Duke was so handsome!!”

    “So this porridge was reserved for the Duke I actually ate from the same pot of porridge as the Duke!!!”

    “I was going to be served this bowl of porridge, woo woo…”

    Yang Yang smiled at these discussions, and then went upstairs with the dishes.

    Upstairs, Archibald sat and looked at Monta, who stood with an innocent face.

    Yang Yang put the dishes on the table, unbuttoned his apron, and asked, “What’s wrong”

    Monta spread his hands: “This happened when you came in the morning and was photographed by tourists.

When we went shopping with Byrd before, someone took your photo, remember Now netizens have discovered that you and the mysterious man are the same person.”

    Yang Yang sat down, very calm, and said while serving the porridge: “So what”

    Monta: “Now your and Byrd’s ‘Ram’ cp has became popular, aren’t you upset”

    Archibald: “If it wasn’t for you to help fuel the flames, there wouldn’t be so many things.”

    Monta: “I was telling the truth, didn’t you tell me to go first and then sent Yang Yang yourself”

    Archibald narrowed his eyes, his expression becoming kinder.

    Yang Yang felt his heart move put the porridge in front of Archibald, and asked casually: “Do you not like getting involved with me so much”

    Archibald frowned: “You know that’s not what I meant.”

    Yang Yang smiled: “Does that mean you wouldn’t like to be in a relationship with me”

    Archibald said without hesitation, “It’s impossible for us both.”

    Yang Yang was stunned for a moment, his heart ached unexpectedly and his expression froze for two seconds, before he asked again: “Why”

    His tone was already a little down.

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang strangely: “Don’t you like women”

    Yang Yang: “…Ah”

    Archibald: “When you first met, you said it yourself, you thought I forgot already”

    Archibald had an “don’t you try to tease me with this thing” expression, looking proud.

    Yang Yang: “………………”


Author has something to say:

Monta: Hahahahahahahaha!!!

Yang Yang: ……….shut up

Monta: I won’t! Hahahahahahaha!!


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