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Chapter 61: Large Scale Car Overturn Scene*

*大型翻車現場 internet buzzword meaning large scale humiliation/embarrassment scene

    Yang Yang called He Shu and Gu Lita, but no one answered, so Yang Yang sent them a message.

    The car drove for about a quarter of an hour before they arrived at the restaurant that Archibald had reserved.

    The restaurant was on the top floor of a high-rise building, the space inside was separated by light-colored translucent materials, making it seem like a huge crystal palace.

    The private box that Archibald had booked was by the window, overlooking the entire convalescence area.

The box was decorated in a minimalistic style, except for a bunch of red flowers in the center of the table, shaped like roses.

    Yang Yang felt moved and smiled at Archibald: “Is this for me”

    Archibald glanced at the bouquet of flowers and shook his head: “The decorations in the restaurant are available for every table.

If you like, you can also take it away later.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    You deserve to be single by your strength.

    At this moment, Yang Yang doubted his previous judgment— does this person really like him

    Archibald noticed Yang Yang’s expression changed, and he was a little nervous: “What’s wrong Don’t you like it here Then we can change the place.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Oh, that’s what I like about him.

    “No, I really like it here.”

    Yang Yang showed a smile, sat down and opened the menu to cover his face, smiling helplessly — he still overestimated Archibald’s emotional intelligence.

    On the way here, Yang Yang certainly didn’t waste the opportunity — a confined space, a good place to tease.

    So Yang Yang spoke ambiguously several times, showing his carefully prepared “abstinence-based temptation”, and “unintentionally” touched Archibald’s tail twice.

    But it was of no use.

    The only response Yang Yang got was a concerned greeting from Archibald after getting off the vehicle— “Are you cold Do you want to buy a scarf”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Buy one to strangle you


    Until now, Yang Yang kept being desperate for a certain Duke’s love cells to awaken.

    But correspondingly — you see, with this kind of emotional intelligence he can still realize that he likes him.

That Yang Yang felt that Archibald’s “straight man” character was probably much less than he expected.

    So Yang Yang thought that he should give up the subtle flirting, and change to the straight-ball flirting with the bold style — after all, his purpose was not to appease Archibald’s appetite, but to determine whether Archibald had that impulse towards him.

    The first step was to make Archibald aware that he was flirting with him, not to ask him if he wanted to buy a scarf!

    “Have you made your choice yet”

    Archibald asked out loud when he saw that Yang Yang had been holding the menu and not moving.

    Yang Yang closed the menu and put it down, shrugged his shoulders and smiled: “You can choose, just order what you think is good, I can’t be happy eating alone.”

    Archibald was dazed for a while, but soon he felt happy: “Okay.”

    Archibald lowered his head to order, and Yang Yang stared at Archibald, the whole time until Archibald finished ordering Yang Yang was looking at him with an ambiguous smile.

    When Archibald saw Yang Yang’s expression, he felt agitated at first, but then he suddenly reacted with a look of alertness: “What’s wrong”

    In Archibald’s point of view, Yang Yang didn’t like him.

    Therefore, the current situation cannot be viewed from the perspective of love, but from a normal perspective.

The normal perspective is that Yang Yang is suddenly gentle = there must be something suspicious going on, and in this place, there was only one person who could be affected, and that was him, Archibald.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He seemed to understand Archibald’s brain circuit.

    Well, he had to admit a fact — the reason why he couldn’t move Archibald was probably not only because of Archibald’s lacking emotional intelligence, but also because of the shadow from his “great achievements” on Archibald.

    After thinking about it, Yang Yang suddenly discovered a terrifying fact — not to mention being bolder now, he was afraid that even if he wanted to be a beast, take off his pants and say “I love you” to Archibald, Archibald would only think he was messing with him.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    God, what the hell has he done

    Yang Yang reached out to rub his forehead.

    Under such a premise, any action would be useless.

All abnormal reactions would only arouse Archibald’s vigilance, and he would have to wait for Archibald to confess to him… It would be a long way to go.

After all, Leicesters were a race with an average age of 180.

    After thinking that he was “secretly in love” for three or four years, Archibald’s bend would turn into Schrödinger’s bend because he couldn’t receive his provocative radio waves…

    Forget it, compared to the scene of Archibald’s “saying that he doesn’t like it, but his tail is drooping honestly”, Yang Yang was even more reluctant to see “I took off my pants and you still say I want to mess with you” kind of tragic picture.

    So, let’s put down the bull** and be honest with each other.

    Yang Yang sighed, raised his head again, having swept away his ambiguous smile, and looked directly into Archibald’s eyes: “I’m just happy to have a dinner with you, this is the first time I’ve been out for dinner, and I’m very happy it can be with you.”

    Archibald was startled, his mood involuntarily soaring, but then, he suddenly remembered something: “Didn’t you go out to eat with Monta a few days ago”

    Although it wasn’t this sort of restaurant, more of a food stall.

But hearing Monta say several times in his ear: “I went to the food stall with Yang Yang and brought you some by the way.” made it etch into his memory deeply.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    First of all, I would like to thank Comrade Catalyst for being so dedicated where he can’t see it, and secondly, Lord Duke, can’t you see “sincere admiration” in my eyes

    Yang Yang closed his eyes and meditated three times — I like him, so don’t argue, don’t scold him, lest he became even more blockheaded against his advances.

    Then Yang Yang raised his head and smiled helplessly: “It was when I was going to buy ingredients, so I just bought some snacks.

I mean, this was the first time for me to have a meal in a formal restaurant like this.——Could it be that the Duke is reluctant to eat this meal”

    Archibald frowned, and after two seconds he replied, “I’m also very happy.”

    Yang Yang smiled and tried to move the subject on the right track: “Why are you happy”

    Unexpectedly, Archibald suddenly had an expression of “oh, so you were waiting to ask this”, and he replied carefully, “Oh, during the meeting today, the military said that there will be a boys scout class in this winter camp.

You know that I like children, so I’m in a good mood.”

    Yang Yang : “…”

    It’s only three things, I’ll bear with you this time.

     Yang Yang took advantage of the situation, taking the initiative to propose him:

    “Speaking of today, you haven’t fed the child yet.

Anyway, the food hasn’t been served yet.

Do you want to touch my belly first”

    Archibald was looking forward to touching his belly everyday the most, especially now that the child was sticking to him more and more.

    Sure enough, Archibald looked excited, but just as he was about to act, Archibald stopped again.

    “It’s better to go back and touch it later.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Well, how did he forget that Duke doesn’t eat soft food, he likes hard food*, so if he doesn’t listen to gentleness he can only use stronger means.

*basically doesn’t listen to gentle persuasion and prefers to be forced into doing things like the “shaking hands” lmaoo

    Yang Yang leaned back on the back of the chair and said with a smile: “That’s good, but the child has been growing up very fast recently, it’s also more and more fond of sleeping.

Aunt Gu said that because the embryonic development is close to finishing, it may be the soul perception period of 15 days will also be shortened accordingly.”

    Archibald was stunned for a moment, then changed his words: “Then I’ll touch it now.”

    Yang Yang: “But I’m so hungry all of a sudden.”

    Archibald: “…”

    At this time, the door rang twice, and then the waiter came in with the dining cart.

    There were three dishes in total, in very large portions.

A charcoal-grilled deep-sea blue shrimp tongs, a small fresh soup from the famous Seablue Star, and an assorted seafood ball that can be used as a main dish.

    After introducing the dishes, the waiter went out again.

    Yang Yang looked at the small fresh soup, and said with joy: “Ah, this is the famous product of Seablue Star.

I heard that it is made from 81 kinds of stewed seafood, and even the water needs to be fresh water from Seablue Star.

Turns out that you can eat it here too.”

    Archibald was a little surprised hearing him say this and glanced at Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang accurately caught his eyes and smiled proudly: “Are you wondering how I know It’s very simple, because Monta just told me yesterday.”

    Archibald: “…”

    His face turned gloomy in an instant.

    Yang Yang took a sip of the small fresh soup, with an intoxicated expression on his face: “I didn’t believe it when Monta said it, but it turned out to be so delicious!”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: “Ah, by the way, Monta also recommended boiled beard to me, and said it was very delicious, are there any here”

    Archibald tightened his jaw: “No.”

    Yang Yang: “Yi, but I saw it on the menu just now, was I mistaken”

    Archibald: “…”

    Seeing Yang Yang reach out to flip through the menu, Archibald opened his mouth to stop him, but before he could say a word, his and Yang Yang’s terminal rang one after another.

    The two froze for a moment, then looked down.

    Yang Yang’s side was the reply letter from He Shu and Gu Lita.

The replies from the two of them are similar, both being variations of:【Thank you Yang Yang, we will not go.

You young people go to play, Byrd rarely wants to go out, you can play as much as you like.】

    Gu Lita also added a sentence: 【if you end up late at night, you can find a hotel in the convalescence area, don’t drive at night.

    Yang Yang subconsciously felt that Gu Lita’s special reminder was a bit wrong, but he didn’t think much about it.

    It was because of Yang Yang’s sudden happiness, since that meant that the whole evening would be his date alone with Archibald.

    Yang Yang replied to the email, and then looked up with regret: “Uncle He and Aunt Gu both said that they would not go to the circus tonight, and neither would Amber and mother You.

It seems that we are the only ones to go to the circus tonight.”

    Archibald didn’t respond, still looking down at the terminal.

    Yang Yang didn’t care, and continued to fan the flames: “Why don’t we call Monta, anyway, it’s a private box, he can just lie down and watch, otherwise it’d be a bit of a waste of ticket money.”

    Archibald reacted this time.

He slowly raised his head, revealing a pair of deep eyes, staring at Yang Yang intensely.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Wait, why does he seem so angry

    Then, Yang Yang saw Archibald tap on the terminal, and a light screen appeared in front of Yang Yang.

The interface above was an email from “Father”, that is, He Shu.

    The email began with a screen recording of a group chat titled “Old Father Had His Heart Broken Today”.

    Starting at around ten in the morning.

    Rong Tan: 【Big news! Byrd is in love! 】

    Rong Tan: 【The other party is a man! female body! 】

    (The fancy shock of filtering dozens of accounts at ten times the speed)

    Kudo Wasseren: 【Impossible! How could Byrd fall in love earlier than my Monta! ! 】

    Sauron Abel: 【What do you mean, Old Hua Why can’t my Byrd fall in love Old Rong, tell me who it is! Let Old Hua listen! 】

    Rong Tan: 【Ah I do not know.

    Sauron Abel: 【…………】


    Donton He Shu: 【It’s Yang Yang, has Byrd admitted it Good! 】

    Sauron Abel: 【Hahaha! Old Hua, look! It’s Yang Yang, so he’s not only in love, but also with children! ! 】

    Kudo Wasseron: 【What are you so proud of, kid In reality, it’s just Byrd’s unrequited love!】

    Kudo Gulita: 【Dear, our son is still in love with a paper man.

    Kudo Wasseron: 【………】

    In the end, this video only stayed on the conclusion that “Archibald’s favorite person is Yang Yang”.

    Yang Yang blinked, not understanding why Archibald wanted to show him this, was it because he was in a hurry and confessed directly

    Yang Yang was a little proud and said with a smile: “Is the Duke confessing to me Oh, this—”

    Before “this” was finished, Archibald’s finger slid down, and the screen in front of Yang Yang was on the screen, turned into a screenshot, still the old father’s group chat.

Only one sentence.

    Donton Ashburn: 【It doesn’t seem like Byrd is in unrequited love.


    Yang Yang: “…”

    He suddenly had a bad premonition.

    Without waiting for Yang Yang to think about other things, Archibald poked his finger lightly, clicked the play button, started playing the audio.

Roth’s unique baby voice sounded immediately in the box.

    Roth: “Rong Hui~ I’m here to play with you~”

    Rong Hui’s voice was very happy: “Hey, Roth, why are you free today”

    Roth: “Because the master went out for a dinner with Duke~ He put the black panther upstairs on wait~”

    Rong Hui was surprised: “Byrd went out to eat I remember he hated eating out.”

    Roth: “Hee hee hee, because he wants to pursue master~ shh , you can’t tell others.”

    Rong Hui also lowered his voice: “Um, is it true Byrd likes Yang Yang”

    Roth; “Yes, master changed his picture into him wearing women’s clothes today, and he didn’t even get angry, having even bought snacks for master and praising master for doing a good job!”

    Rong Hui: “Wow, he must really like him.

If it were Monta, Byrd would have killed him.

— Does Yang Yang like Byrd”

    Rotter did not hesitate: “Likes, definitely likes him! But he deliberately lied to the Duke that he likes women, and even acted with Monta for Duke to watch, saying that he likes to watch Duke being jealous but unable to say anything about it.

I think he will definitely play himself in the end, but master said it was fun.

——Don’t tell anyone else!”

    Rong Hui: “En, en, I won’t say it! ——Ah, I forgot to talk to Brother Ash, hey, Brother Ash, can you hear me You can’t tell anybody else either!”

    The audio ended.

    Yang Yang; “…”

    Okay, here’s a question, was it too late to pretend to be dead now


Author has something to say:

Yang Yang: Brother Ash, have mercy,

Ashburn: Eldest brother is like a father and I am willing to sacrifice my mercifulness for the sake of Byrd’s happiness.


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