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Chapter 62: Teacher Yang’s Enlightenment Class

    After the audio came to an end, Archibald withdrew the light screen in front of Yang Yang and his eyes locked on Yang Yang again.

    “Is there anything you’d like to say”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    There is quite a lot to say, but you may not be willing to listen.

    Archibald’s voice came through his gritted teeth: “You knew that I liked you, and yet you deliberately tricked me into thinking you like women Acting with Monta to see me jealous but not daring to say anything”

    Yang Yang: “… …”

    Well, judging from his glorious experience of Dapeng spreading his wings* on the edge of Archibald’s bottom line many times, this time Duke was mad quite a bit, probably to the extent that an apology wouldn’t go well with him.

*it means an imposing great action, Dapeng is a mythical creature with huge wings after all.

    ——In that case, he won’t apologize.

    Yang Yang met Archibald’s eyes and stared back: “I just guessed that you had a good impression of me.

If you don’t say anything to me, then I can only ask Monta to help test your reaction.”

    Archibald grind his teeth: “So the result of the testing was to continue to hide it from me, because you wanted to see how I’m ‘jealous and afraid to say it’”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    That’s right.

    But answering like this would be courting death.

    But even if Yang Yang didn’t say it, Archibald understood it.

    Archibald’s anger rose up another scale, but the person in front of him was Yang Yang, not Monta.

You can’t beat him, scold… He shouldn’t scold him either.

    In the end, Archibald could only take the initiative to stand up abruptly and turn to leave.

——Out of sight out of mind!

    When Yang Yang saw this, he couldn’t sit still — if Archibald went back like this, there would be cold war 80%.

According to sometimes childish and naive Duke’s temper, who knows how long would this cold war last.

    So Yang Yang slapped the table with a “BANG”, raised his eyebrows and glared: “You try to go out and we will break up!”

    Archibald’s outstretched hands froze before he opened the door.

First, he was startled by the sound of the table being slapped.

Then, hearing Yang Yang’s words, he got angry and replied: “We weren’t dating at all.”

    Yang Yang pointed at the door with his chin, his face was expressionless: “Okay, then you can go.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Although he wanted to firmly answer with “I’m leaving” maintaining face, but his reason told him that if he left now the chances are he won’t even have an occasion to “break up” in the future.

    ——But staying would be even more embarrassing, and he doesn’t want to be the first to step down and save face of others.

    Archibald: “…”

    To go, or not to go, this was the question.

    Fortunately, although Yang Yang had never dated before, he knew the importance of communication in a relationship.

    Seeing that Archibald didn’t mean to leave, Yang Yang secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and then took the initiative to hand over the ladder* to the Duke who was in a dilemma as to whether to step down or not.

*all wordplay of saying “smoothing out the situation” “saving someone’s face”

    Yang Yang put back his hand and said to Archibald: “If you calmed down, let’s talk.”

    Archibald stood there, not moving an inch.

On the other hand, although the tail was still tensed taut into a perfect arc, the scales that had puffed up slightly before had already smoothed down.

    Yang Yang was accustomed to judging Archibald’s mood from his tail.

Seeing this, he pursed his lips and continued, “Then I’ll talk about it first.

——Since we’re mutually not without feelings, why don’t we start a relationship.”

    Archibald : “…”

    He couldn’t believe it, what did this person mean Was the matter of “playing” with him written off Not even planning to explain

    Seeing that Archibald didn’t answer, Yang Yang looked disappointed, then his face changed in seconds, he covered his chest weakly, and exclaimed in astonishment and grief: “We’ve already expressed our attitudes to the parents, but you’re not going to be responsible for me Ying, you scumbag!”

    Archibald: “…”

    Every Soul Pierces Through Your Heart’s appearance was a visual and auditory challenge.

    Archibald couldn’t hold back any longer, he let out through gritted teeth: “Speak well!”

    Yang Yang took back his dramatical expression and smiled: “Oh, so you can hear me, so why don’t you answer You don’t to date me so much “

    Archibald’s anger passed the peak, and his reason returned to the high ground, but he still felt faintly pissed.

    He stared at Yang Yang: “You know that’s not what I meant.”

    Yang Yang pursed his lips: “En, I know.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang sighed, his face became more serious, and he said: “I didn’t mean to— alright, that was a bit of my bad taste, that’s because I thought you were cute when you were jealous.”

    Archibald looked doubtful: “…”

    Cute Him Was this guy tricking him again

    Yang Yang understood, and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “I’m serious.

Beauty lies in the lover’s eyes*, understand I think you are very cute.”

*情人眼裡出西施meaning that through lover’s eyes, all their sweetheart does is cute and beautiful.

Love filter

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald’s ears quietly reddened, his eyes wandered everywhere but not looking at Yang Yang, he felt a little embarrassed.

    Look, that’s the kind of reaction that’s cute.

    ——Yang Yang added a sentence in his heart, but did not say it.

    Back to proper business.

    Yang Yang continued: “But my main motive is to make sure you have sexual desires for me.

Because you said that you have never been in a relationship, I don’t know if you have a crush on me on impulse, or if you have a crush on me because I have your child and gave you favourable impression, or because you really like me.”

    Archibald was slightly startled, and then felt a little guilty — because he had indeed hesitated for a few days before.

    If it was because of this, then Yang Yang can be forgiven for playing with him.

    Yang Yang didn’t know about Archibald’s self-awakening process, so he just held his chin and looked at him: “So, can you tell me now Have you ever had a sexual impulse towards me Dreaming, waking fantasies, or even a momentary impulse.

——If not, then we will stop the loss in time before the relationship is determined.”

    Archibald: “…”

    What, what if he hadn’t had that yet He had been thinking about how to isolate Monta from him these days! Even in his dreams, he beat up Monta several times, and then happily brought Yang Yang back to the nest in his dream to keep him in captivity, laughing until he woke up.

    When Yang Yang saw Archibald’s reaction, he sighed and said: “It seems that there is none.


    “I won’t break up!”

    Seeing that Yang Yang was about to announce his “death penalty”, Archibald immediately panicked.

    What anger, what face, how was it of any worth in comparison of importance of one’s wife

    Archibald’s chest heaved up and down, his tail swayed anxiously, and he poured out his old thoughts: “I told you before that my condition is relatively serious, and I have no desire for this at all.

My body’s need for this kind of thing is very low, even as an adult as a beast-shaped I should have gone through estrus but it never happened.

    And you said before that you like women, so I only held favourable feelings towards you and didn’t think in the direction of liking at all.

Only when I found out that Monta was very close to you, and that you have so many fans online on Starnet, that I became very angry and realized that I like you.

    ——You give me a little more time, I can definitely do it!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang didn’t expect to hear these words at all.

    Such a Duke was too cute.

    Yang Yang felt that his heart softened, and he smiled at Archibald: “Actually, what I just wanted to say is that if you don’t have sexual impulses towards me, then we can cultivate it slowly.”

    Archibald: “……”

    A second later, not to mention Archibald’s ears, but even his face and neck all turned red.

    He stared at Yang Yang, so angry that he puffed up again: “You did it on purpose!!”

    Yang Yang couldn’t help laughing and denied: “I didn’t, I just didn’t expect you to like me so much.”

    Archibald: “……”

    After Yang Yang finished laughing, he looked at Archibald again with a warm expression: “I’m very happy, really.”

    Archibald looked at Yang Yang’s serious and gentle expression, the heat on his face receded a bit, the sense of shame turned into something sweet, melting into his soul palace and trickling into the soul.

    Yang Yang: “So, are we officially in a relationship now”

    The temperature on Archibald’s face gradually returned to normal.

Hearing this, he wagged his tail and said lightly: “Mm.”

    Yang Yang: “Then can you come back and sit down to eat After all, it’s our first date, so don’t let the dishes get cold.”

    Archibald: “…”

    Forget it, what kind of face he still needed, he just lay his heart bare anyways.

    Archibald walked back from the door, but just as he was about to sit down, he suddenly stopped.

    Yang Yang wondered: “What’s the matter”

    He suddenly didn’t want to ask for permission.

    Archibald didn’t speak, only lifted his chair, moved from the opposite side of Yang Yang to the right side of Yang Yang, and sat down.

    Yang Yang was stunned, looking at Archibald who was moving his cutlery beside him, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help raising his mouth, and he said half-jokingly: “Lord Duke, if you are so cute again, I won’t be able to help pouncing on you.”

    The spoon Archibald had just brought over fell into the bowl with a “ding”, and then his ears turned red again.

    He turned his head to stare at Yang Yang, and said solemnly: “You need to be more reserved!”

    Yang Yang was amused: “You still know what ‘sneak attack’ means.”

    Archibald glanced at Yang Yang: “I only have low needs, but I’m not stupid.”

    Yang Yang couldn’t help laughing, no, why so humble, your emotional intelligence is really not high.

    Thinking of this, Yang Yang suddenly rose up and teased Archibald: “Then why you didn’t respond when I teased you in the car”

    He pointed to two buttons left open on his collar: “Look, that’s it.”

    Archibald glanced at him, confused: “Wasn’t it because it was too hot in the car”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Now he understood, Archibald had its own immune system to such suggestive flirting.

    But Yang Yang was not reconciled, so he decided to try a bigger one.

    ——Yang Yang unbuttoned two more buttons of the shirt, opened the collar all the way to the bottom of the V-shaped sweater, and then pulled it apart to reveal the small half of his chest.

    Then Yang Yang took Archibald’s left hand and put it on his exposed chest while Archibald wasn’t paying attention: “What about now”

    Archibald: “…”

    Archibald: “!!!!”

    Yang Yang only saw that Archibald’s eyes widened and he was at a loss.

——Unexpected expression.

    Under Archibald’s expression, a seed that had been silent for many years was sprouting rapidly.

    Archibald first felt a delicate warmth touching his palm, and then due to the Yang Yang’s force,  his hand sank into the soft skin a little, letting him feel the hardness of his muscles and bones — but the feeling was much softer than his.

    The skin under his hands seemed to have suction, and Archibald’s fingers stuck to it for half an inch and didn’t want to leave.

    And Yang Yang, still in the mood to tease Archibald, shook Archibald’s hand twice, with a strange smile on his face: “How is it, do you feel any—”

    The voice stopped abruptly.

    Because Archibald’s ring finger rubbed a delicate hill, the place where the fingertip touched rapidly hardened due to external stimuli.

    Yang Yang and Archibald were stunned for a moment, then Archibald realized what it was.

    However, in the next second, Yang Yang was shocked, and immediately released Archibald’s hand, and smiled awkwardly: “Cough, just kidding.”

    After that, Yang Yang hurriedly lowered his head and fastened his buttons.

At the same time, he reflected in his heart — he clearly wanted to be the one to play Archibald on the spot, so he should have taken the opportunity to continue, why did he let go, still embarrassed and a little ashamed Why

    Then Yang Yang understood that the so-called expert of spiritual love was a coward in practical operation.

Before the actual operation just now, he always thought that he was a genius with full marks in practice.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    It’s a little embarrassing.

    In short, it would be too shameful to let Archibald know.

    And Archibald next to him didn’t notice Yang Yang’s strangeness, because he was concentrating on his hand.

    The hand was as usual and intact, but right now his whole palm seems to have been anesthetized, especially the ring finger.

It felt as if it had its own consciousness, independently retaining the touch just now, letting a clear image appear in Archibald’s mind — although he didn’t see any scene, in his mind right now, even the lines of Yang Yang’s skin could be clearly seen.

    Archibald’s Adam’s apple rolled, and then his left hand slowly clenched into a fist, then hidden under the table, as if nothing had happened.

    Yang Yang fastened his buttons and raised his head again, no embarrassment seen on him at all, seemingly completely regaining the calmness of an old driver*.

*veteran regarding sensual affairs, because driving is a metaphor for sex

    Because of some guilty conscience, Yang Yang didn’t realize that Archibald, who should have been “red-faced” and “at a loss”, now had a thoughtful look on his face.

    Yang Yang picked up the chopsticks, quickly changed the topic, and talked about tonight’s date: “The two of us will go to the circus tonight.

It will start at seven o’clock in the evening, in three hours, is that okay with you”

    Archibald’s train of thought was interrupted.

He glanced at Yang Yang and picked up his chopsticks.

His voice was as same as usual, even calmer than before: “En, no problem.

If you don’t open the store tomorrow, will you stay at home in the morning”

    Yang Yang: “En, I won’t go out on such a cold day.

Only come back to buy ingredients in the afternoon.”

    Archibald; “If that’s the case, then talk to my father and the others about our marriage tomorrow.”

    Yang Yang: “…Ah”

    “You don’t want to”

    Archibald put down his chopsticks and repeated what Yang Yang had said before with a blank expression: “We’ve already expressed our attitudes to the parents, but you’re not going to be responsible for me You scumbag!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Come on, if you have the ability, you can also say that “ying”.


    The author has something to say:

    Yang Yang: So dangerous, almost was found out to be all talk and no experience! Let out breath of relief.jpg

    Byrd: thoughtful.jpg



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