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Chapter 78: Me, Thick and Long!

    Convalescence area.

    Not long after nine o’clock in the morning, there were already crowds of people outside the Garrison Barbecue Restaurant.

Yang Yang turned off the fire and looked over with a gentle smile.

    “The porridge is ready, please line up and don’t squeeze.”

    After he said that, Yang Yang took off his apron and handed over the work of selling porridge to the recruits.

    Seeing Yang Yang’s actions, the lining up customers immediately started shouting: “Butler Yang, aren’t you selling porridge today”

    Yang Yang smiled and replied: “The porridge is still being sold, but I have some matters to attend to.”

    There was a lot of exaggerated wailing from the customers.

Although they all came here for the shop’s porridge, without the gentle smile of butler Yang handing over the porridge, this bowl of porridge would have no soul—just like yesterday’s porridge.

    However, no matter how much the customers teased and persuaded him to stay, Yang Yang took off his apron and left the sales window, then went upstairs.

    Once upstairs, Yang Yang did not go to rest, but went into the small kitchen, took out a small casserole and rice, and started cooking porridge again.

It’s just that this pot of porridge Yang Yang planned to eat by himself, and there was only one ingredient in the porridge—— Bean Sprout’s fruits.

    That’s right, Yang Yang wanted to use himself as a guinea pig.

    ——Actually, it wasn’t exactly true, because Yang Yang was already convinced that it was okay to eat this fruit.

It’s just he wanted to try it to know for sure.

    One reason why Yang Yang wanted to do this experiment was of pure curiosity and the second was because of Archibald.

    Before, he only heard that Archibald’s disease could not be cured and he didn’t understand well the soul power medicine in this world, so he couldn’t do anything except regret and feel distressed.

    But what he saw and heard yesterday gave him a glimmer of hope.

    Since there was no solution from the medical point of view, why not find another way, starting from the Soul Cube’s direction

    What if it worked

    After all, the Soul Cube had also purified “genetic disease” of the fluorescent ball.

    But to prevent “the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment”, Yang Yang did not tell Archibald.


    After a while, the white rice softened and increased in size like blossoming flowers.

The water in the pot was covered with rice milk, producing fine bubbles, which often burst open due to the heat, releasing the thick grain fragrance.

    Yang Yang took out a red fruit from the storage surface and threw it into the pot without a glance.

    But what he didn’t expect was that as soon as the red fruit touched the scorching hot rice milk in the pot, it burst open like a balloon pricked by a needle.

    There was no pulp in the red fruit, only a layer of red skin burst open, submerging in the thick white rice milk in an instant.

If others looked at it, they would feel it odd, but in Yang Yang’s eyes, the scene was completely different.

    When the red fruit exploded, what Yang Yang saw was a mass of white soul power that appeared out of thin air, instantly expanding a hundred times, a thousand times! In just a split second, the small casserole on the stove was already covered by soul power.

    If it wasn’t for Yang Yang who had been on guard for a long time and had already extended his soul power to wait by the side, he most likely would be forced to watch this soul power overflow at this moment.

    However, even so, it was not easy to deal with the sudden burst of huge soul power.

By the time Yang Yang completely locked the soul power into the porridge, the soul power still had overflowed by a full third.

    Yang Yang had no time to cry over spilled milk as he concentrated all his attention on locking this soul power.

    Surprisingly, this process went much smoother—— if one wanted to make an analogy, locking the soul power of an ordinary soul essence plant was like driving a flock of disobedient sheep into the pen, but with the soul power of the red fruit, it was as simple as pouring water into a bucket, and once it went inside, there was no turmoil and no possibility of overflowing anymore.

    In just a few minutes, Yang Yang locked all the soul power, and compared with cooking time for the other porridge, the time taken by locking the soul power was shortened by more than ten times.

    Yang Yang easily finished locking the soul power and observed the porridge for a while worriedly.

After finding that there was no sign of spillage, the corners of his mouth curled up in surprise.

    “It seems that the soul power in the Soul Cube is indeed much easier to use than other soul power in this world.”

    But, despite time to lock the soul being shortened, but the porridge still needed to be boiled.

Yang Yang turned on a small fire, covered the pot, and left the kitchen, intending to rest for a while.

    As soon as he walked out of the kitchen, Roth’s voice sounded in Yang Yang’s mind: [Master, the tester you bought has been delivered and Mu Tou has signed the package for you.

    Since getting banned from the Internet once, Roth spent less time hanging out in Starnet and also connected to the reminder function to the Yang Yang terminal, as to make his sucking up less obvious.

    The main reason being, Yang Yang wanted to sit in the backseat with the panther-shaped warm baby when going out this morning.

As a result, Archibald got jealous and drove the black panther out of the car and forbade it to come to the store in the close future.

    At that moment, a strong fear of being send to the “cold palace*” surged in Roth’s heart.

*place for disliked/disobedient concubines to go when emperor was done with them or wanted to punish them

    It was now working hard to brush up its presence in front of Yang Yang, not even going to play with Rong Hui.

    “Pretty quickly.”

    Yang Yang was a little surprised.

He placed the order after arriving at the store in the morning, and he thought it would be delivered in the afternoon.

    As soon as the voice fell, there was a knock on the door.

Yang Yang opened the door, and Mu Mu came in with a small box the size of a basketball.

    “Butler Yang, your package.”

    Since Yang Yang “clarified” that he and Archibald were only “simple master-servant relationship”, Mu Mu’s attitude towards him finally returned to normal and he stopped saluting him at every turn.

    “Thank you.”

    Yang Yang took the package, opened it and looked at it.

    Inside was a home-use soul power detector.

Although it was not as sophisticated as the equipment in the scientific research institute, it was the one with most comprehensive functions that could be found on the market.

It could measure the soul power of animals, plants and even ores.

    The tester was much smaller than Yang Yang thought, and a hand-held terminal came with it, barely size of a soap bar and shaped like a round cat doll.

    Mu Mu glanced at it and suddenly exclaimed: “Butler Yang, this detector is so expensive! I have seen it in an advertisement.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Can you stop reminding me of this cruel truth

    Yes, it was very expensive — such a small thing costed 200,000 star coins, it was a robbery!

    But Yang Yang had to spend this money, because he had already made up his mind to temporarily hide the issue of Archibald’s abnormal soul power.

And since he wanted to hide it, he had to test Archibald’s soul power on his own— after all, although he had the soul power vision, the information he could see was quite limited.

    Yang Yang smiled and comforted himself: “It is not a waste of money to make the best use of everything.”

    Make the best use of everything

    Mu Mu didn’t understand: “But for the soul power test, isn’t it only 50 star coins per try in the hospital”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    You shut up.

    Yang Yang’s smile disappeared and he glanced at Mu Mu expressionlessly: “Aren’t you going down to look after the store”

    Mu Mu: “…”

    Mu Mu: “Yes.

I’ll go down first.

Goodbye, Butler Yang.”

    After finishing speaking, he swiftly turned around and left.

    Although he was oblivious as to why butler Yang got angry, but judging from Major Monta’s experience, it’s better not to mess with butler Yang.

    After closing the door, Yang Yang took a deep breath—he didn’t feel bad, not at all, since Archibald still owed him fifty million! A full 50 million, rounding up to 100 million!

    Thinking of this, Yang Yang finally felt better.


    After locking the door, Yang Yang entered the bedroom with the tester and locked the bedroom door.

    Because he bought a home version of the tester, its instruction manual was also very simple and straightforward, Yang Yang only had to briefly read it to understand.

    After starting the instrument, Yang Yang took out another fruit from the storage surface.

    Unlike the red colour of the previous fruit, this fruit was pale gold.

    It stored Archibald’s soul power.

    As for how he managed to store it, it’s very simple.

Yang Yang used the cost of”ten kisses a day”to convince the fluorescent ball save a bite from his mouth every day, and then hand it over to Bean Sprout to store as fruit.

——This was also the main motivation for Yang Yang to buy a detector.

    Yang Yang put the fruit into the detection box, selected the fragmentation and full analysis mode, and started the detection.

    After a while, the detector stopped “buzzing”, spit out the fruit residue, and sent a detection report to the bound Yang Yang’s terminal.

    Yang Yang opened the report, which had a lot of professional data on it, but at the bottom was a shorter text conclusion:

    Test object: soul essence plant

    Soul power reserve: medium grade-c

    Soul power purity: low grade-f

    Harmful impurities: no harmful impurities detected

    Other conditions : Detected an abnormal wavelength, no verification data.

    No soul power

    Yang Yang frowned, glanced at the last line, and called up Roth: 【Roth, look at that abnormal wavelength graph and compare it to the Starnet’s soul power database to see if there is any similarity.

    Roth: 【Yes master.  】

    A few seconds later, Roth gave the answer.

    【Master, there’s none.


    Yang Yang’s brows frowned even tighter, but then, he suddenly thought of something and asked:【Can you compare the soul power wavelength with that in the soul cube 】

    Roth:【I don’t have the wavelength graph of the Soul Cube’s soul power, only the test data from the scientific research institute yesterday, which is quite different from the data mode of this instrument, I need time to simulate and compare.  】

    Yang Yang: 【No need, I’ll just test it again.

    Upon saying that, Yang Yang took out a red fruit and put it back into the tester.

    Soon, the result came out.

    Detection object: soul essence plant

    Soul power reserve: high quality a

    Soul power purity: high quality a

    Harmful impurities: Soul beast’s soul power had been detected and the content radio exceeds the edible value, it is recommended to give up on consumption.

    Other conditions: Abnormal wavelength detected, no verification date.

     Two seconds later, Roth’s happy voice came over:

  【Master, there’s something! The abnormal wavelength of the two graphs has a high degree of overlap.】

     Yang Yang hurriedly asked: 【How much overlap 】

    Roth:【Based on the length of the soul beast’s soul power target wavelength, the overlap of these abnormal wavelengths is three times that of the target wavelength.

   This degree of similarity was enough to prove their common source.

    Therefore, in Archibald’s soul power, there was indeed a soul power of a soul beast!

     But just in case, Yang Yang made a further confirmation —Yang Yang flipped his hand and summoned Bean Sprout from the Soul Cube.

    Bean Sprout have also changed a lot these days.

It’s not that it grew up or became deformed, but that the whole tree seemed to have been cleansed, giving it a kind of vitality.


     Bean Sprout appeared on the bed and was stunned for a second.

     Yang Yang tapped Bean Sprouts to attract its attention, and then asked, “You feed on soul power, can you tell the difference between the soul power you consume”

     Bean Sprout didn’t know why he asked this question, but still proudly replied: 【Of course I can tell the difference, otherwise why would I follow you 】

    What a life, it thought it would be able to eat its fill, but didn’t realize that it stepped into the bandit’s den.

     Yang Yang raised his eyebrows, but didn’t pursue the problem and asked, “What are the similarities and differences between the soul power of the Soul Cube and the soul power my son gave you this morning”

     Bean Sprout shook its branch: 【What’s different, oh, the ones in the Soul Cube tasted like honey, and the ones your cub gave me was simply broad beans snack! 】

    Its voice was full of disgust.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    A tree actually has taste

    Forget it, that’s not the point.

    Yang Yang: “I mean, was it all soul power from a soul beast”

    【This one.

    Bean Sprout thought for a while, and said: 【I haven’t eaten before the one in the Soul Cube before, but you said its the soul power of a soul beast.

I haven’t eaten before the one your cub gave me, but it’s very similar to the soul power of a soul beast that I have eaten.

Although there are many other flavors that I can’t tell, the main flavor is the soul power of the soul beast.

    Yang Yang was overjoyed, it should be correct, Archibald’s soul power does have the soul power of a soul beast.

    Looking at it this way, the cause of Archibald’s disease was probably not the damage to the soul palace, but the infection of soul power by a soul beast.

    As for why the soul power of soul beasts could be inherited, Yang Yang thought that it should be related to dragon-level soul beasts.

After all, Zhang Jun herself also said that dragon-level soul beasts were extremely rare, with no reference data at all, let alone being able to research.

    But why couldn’t the soul power of the soul beast be detected

    Yang Yang looked at the two test charts and pondered.

When he was in a state of desperation, he suddenly heard a slight noise from outside the door.

    ——Like, the sound of dishes colliding.


    Yang Yang was taken aback, then suddenly remembered the porridge he was making and quickly stuffed Bean Sprout and the detector back into the Soul Cube, opened the door and ran out.

    As soon as the door opened, he saw Monta sitting in the living room, holding a small casserole to eat.

Seeing Yang Yang coming, Monta quickened up his speed and drank the last mouthful of porridge.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta put down the casserole and let out a long sigh: “I’m full.”

    After he finished speaking, he turned his head, showing a very artificial smile as if he had just noticed Yang Yang.

    “Oh, did you cook this Could it have been for Byrd

    Ouch, I’m so sorry, it’s because not knowing who left me yesterday and didn’t call me, causing me to be dragged home for dinner by Miss Jun, after having to listen to Mr.

Liang lecturing I couldn’t eat a bite, so I’m really super, extremely, hungry now!”

    Yang Yang: “………”

    Moth, you are really a natural trouble-maker*.

*also moth but moth means basically a troublemaker.

    Yang Yang closed his eyes, then took a deep breath, walked up to Monta, and asked, “Do…do you feel uncomfortable”

    Monta immediately glared over: “Yes, the trauma of being forgotten by my friends yesterday made me feel uncomfortable!!!”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Shut your mouth!

    Yang Yang resisted the urge to roll his eyes, and chose to open the vision of soul power to see for himself.

    In front of him was the familiar “Human Plaster Popping Candy” without anything unusual about it.

On the contrary, Popping Candy was very active and was showing signs of strong emotions.

    But Yang Yang was still worried, and continued: “If you feel uncomfortable, dizzy, or there is something wrong with the soul palace or soul power, please tell me immediately, or go to the hospital.

Do you understand”

    Monta: “…”

    Monta finally felt that something was wrong and asked cautiously, “What do you mean”

    Yang Yang glanced at the casserole that Monta had emptied, and said nothing.

    Monta: “…What were you cooking”

    Yang Yang hesitated for a moment, then said vaguely: “Experimental dishes”

    Monta: “…”

    What does the question mark at the end mean

    Yang Yang patted Monta on the shoulder and said, “It’s okay, I planned to eat it myself.

——It should be fine.”

    Should be

    Monta was silent.

At this moment, he remembered the heroic deeds of Yang Yang dragging down Archibald to “die together”, when the two had diarrhoea and had to have IV drip.

    Monta: “…”

    Monta opened the terminal and began typing something seriously.

    Yang Yang: “What are you doing”

    Monta said with a tragic face: “Writing a goodbye note.”

    Yang Yang: “…”


Author has something to say:

Monta: I was wrong, I was wrong I shouldn’t have befriended you from the beginning, if I hadn’t known you, there wouldn’t be so many moths, and without so many moths, I wouldn’t treat you as a member of the organisation and if I didn’t treat you as a member of the organisation I wouldn’t have been cheated so badly by you!!!

Yang Yang: …… it was you who wanted to eat it this time.

Monta: ……(slapping the table and crying)


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