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Chapter 4303: The Other Side 272Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“He and I were never brothers!” Perhaps the boy was so angry that he began to babble.

“I have a little brother and it has always been Youyou.

This boy is not.

Hes just an intruder!”

When Gong Fan heard this, his expression became even more embarrassed.

His face flushed red, but he stubbornly pursed his lips and didnt say anything.

Despite his pretense of calm, Little Yichens cold and decisive words had set off a storm within him.

He and I were never brothers!

I have a little brother and it has always been Youyou.

This boy is not.

Hes just an intruder!



So in Little Yichens mind, he was just an intruder


Did everyone else think the same way

Gong Fans lips trembled slightly.

When he thought of this possibility, he felt a piercing pain in his chest! He looked up at his father and Hua Jin, scanning their faces intently, trying desperately to catch a hint of what was going on!

Was the concern in their eyes sincere

Or were they just faking it

Or were they worried that hed take it out on the boy, so they were just putting on an act, pretending to be concerned about him and treating him like family

Had everything been a lie

Gong Fan felt the sharp pain in his heart growing!


The boy lowered his head dejectedly, a picture of loneliness.

When Little Yichen saw this, he assumed Gong Fan was putting on an act.

Furious, the boy lunged at him and gripped his shoulders tightly.

“Please return Youyou to me,” he growled.

“And dont show yourself to us ever again! Leave us and stop pestering us! What family We dont have family like you!”

It was obvious that in Little Yichens heart, Gong Fan, who had stabbed Yun Shishi and even wanted to kill her, was unforgivable! However, Gong Fan remained motionless, like a soulless puppet.

Feeling sorry for the boy, Mu Yazhe went up to Little Yichen to stop him.

“Calm down, Mu Yichen! Whats gotten into you!” He didnt think it was that simple, but then, he was an adult.

He would never evaluate something from a single point of view.

Even though Little Yichen had witnessed the incident with his own eyes, from another perspective, Gong Fan had no motive to do what he did.

In other words, it didnt benefit him in any way.

Despite his suspicions, he did not come to any conclusions.

“Im not crazy!” The boy tried to defend himself.

“Daddy, dont you realize Youve always treated him like your own, but what happened when he came to our house We tolerated him and accepted him, but he tried to harm Youyou and Mommy! I cant forgive him and I dont want to hear his lies anymore!”

“I … I didnt …” Gong Fan used the last of his strength to try to explain, “I really didnt…”

“I dont want to listen to you! Get out of this body!”

That was a harsh comment!

Little Yichen shoved him away violently.

Caught off guard, Gong Fan was shoved to the ground.

Mu Yazhe yanked Little Yichen towards himself and raised a hand to grab his face.

“What are you doing, Mu Yichen Shut up! Calm down!”

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