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Black holes were special celestial bodies that even light could not escape from.

Even many technological civilizations could not approach black holes.

It was the same for cultivators.

There were a total of three stages for planetary lifeforms: elementary planetary lifeforms, advanced planetary lifeforms, and ultimate planetary lifeforms.

Ordinary elementary and advanced planetary lifeforms could not even approach a black hole.

Only ultimate planetary lifeforms could contend with a black hole.

Hence, black holes were mysterious and dangerous to both technological and cultivation civilizations.

The Science Academy of the Matrix civilization actually wanted to capture a black hole this time.

If they succeeded, it would be a remarkable achievement! It would even allow the Matrix civilization to make a qualitative leap in technology.

Hence, this news had appeared been reported repeatedly recently.

Ordinary people of the Matrix civilization could all hear this major news.

Initially, Lin Feng did not pay attention to this news, but he found out that some of the magazines in the room included some astronomical magazines that described knowledge regarding stars and black holes.

In particular, the description of black holes was very detailed.

It introduced that the energy of some black holes was even equivalent to more than a thousand stars!

How daunting was the energy of a thousand stars It had to be known that the annihilative power in the Spear of Destruction was only the annihilative power of a collapsing star, and only made up a very small portion of the stars energy.

If there were a thousand stars, it would probably be equivalent to more than ten thousand Spears of Destruction, or even more.

“Hold on—energy.

Is it possible for a fiend to devour such a huge amount of energy in the black hole”

Lin Feng had a flash of inspiration.

He seemed to have thought of something, and a bold idea appeared in his mind.

“Master, that is impossible.

How terrifying is a black hole How would fiends dare to approach it Even if they were an advanced planetary lifeform, if they dared to approach a black hole, they would not be a fiend devouring the black hole, but a fiend devoured by the black hole.

According to records, five advanced planetary lifeforms once tried to explore a small black hole.

In the end, four advanced planetary lifeforms were devoured by the black hole, and only one advanced planetary lifeform was lucky enough to escape.”

Longbetham immediately imparted “common knowledge” to Lin Feng.

The horror of black holes had long been deeply rooted in the hearts of people.

Be it technological civilizations or cultivators, there was nothing they could do about black holes.

Lin Feng shook his head and said solemnly, “Of course fiends wouldnt dare to approach the black hole, but what if the black hole is captured”

Longbetham was slightly stunned.

It looked at the news again and said in shock, “Master, you mean that those fiends are hiding in the Matrix civilization for capturing the black hole This… This is insane!”

Thats right.

Something like this had never happened before.

Would fiends lurk and devour black holes with the help of technology It was hard to imagine, but on careful thought, it did not seem impossible.

If the Science Academy of the Matrix civilization could really successfully capture the black hole this time, once they devoured the black hole, those fiends were very likely to undergo metamorphosis through the massive energy in the black hole.

If it was an advanced planetary lifeform, it was very likely that it could metamorphose into an ultimate planetary lifeform.

At that time, it would be a huge disaster for the entire Bemond Galaxy.

It had to be known that fiends were the public enemy of the universe.

Wherever they passed, they devoured everything.

Once a fiend that was an ultimate planetary lifeform was born, it would be terrifying to the extreme.

Even the thousands of planets in the Matrix civilization would probably be devoured, and there would be nothing they could do.

Unless Divine King Bemond of the Divine Palace of Bemond personally took action, no one could resist fiends that were ultimate planetary lifeforms.

“Longbetham, hack into the Science Academy of Matrix Civilization immediately and check the Science Academys progress on the Black Hole Capture Project.

Are they really confident in capturing the black hole”

Longbetham immediately took action, but it failed to hack into the Science Academys system.

“Master, the Science Academy is securely protected by the Matrix civilization.

I am unable to hack into its system.”

Lin Feng frowned.

It seemed like the Matrix civilization was rather protective of its Science Academy.

Although Longbetham was a mechanical lifeform of a mechanical civilization, the technology of the Matrix civilization was not inferior to that of a mechanical civilization.

If the Matrix civilization put in a lot of effort to protect the Science Academy, even Longbetham would not be able to invade it.

“Can you find the specific list of people from the Science Academy who are participating in the Black Hole Capture Project this time”

“Master, do you wish to check the specific list of people who are taking spaceships to capture the black hole”

“Thats right.

If there are really fiends, I believe that they will definitely be on the list.”

Lin Feng was becoming more and more certain that Domila had “disappeared” because he had found some clues, and Domila was most likely dead now.

If those fiends were really here to capture the black hole, they would at least be advanced planetary lifeforms.

After all, if they were elementary planetary lifeforms, even if they captured the black hole, they would probably be unable to devour it.

The gulf was just too great.

As advanced planetary fiends, it would be much easier for them to deal with Domila discreetly.

This time, Longbetham did not let Lin Feng down.

Although the Matrix civilization protected the Science Academy very securely, that was only with regard to the Black Hole Capture Project.

Although information regarding scientific researchers involved in the Black Hole Capture Project were also somewhat protected, this did not stop Longbetham.

Longbetham found them in various ways.

“Master, I found 13,896 people who are confirmed to be participating in the Black Hole Capture Project.

There are 3,600 scientific researchers among them.

The rest are logistics, combat personnel, and so on.”

“So many people Thats a little tricky.”

It would probably be very difficult for Lin Feng to eliminate so many people and find the “fiend” hidden deep within in a short period of time.

After all, all of this was just his speculation.

What if there was no fiend

If this were the Blue River Empire, Lin Feng would not have any reservations.

He would just capture and interrogate them all.

However, he could not do so in the Matrix civilization.

The Matrix civilization was a powerful civilization that was capable of killing advanced planetary lifeforms.

Even the upper district disciples of the Divine Palace had no right to act however they wished in the Matrix civilization.

The weak were prey to the strong in the universe.

Strength was the eternal truth.

Just because the Matrix civilization did not start a war did not mean that the Matrix civilization was weak.

No cultivator dared to underestimate the Matrix civilization.

He could not capture people by force to interrogate them, and time was tight now.

The Science Academy had already announced the initiation of the Black Hole Capture Project in three days.

By the time the fiends scheme succeeded, it would be useless even if Lin Feng found the truth.

“Looks like I can only take a risk this time.

Ill infiltrate the people who are capturing the black hole and monitor the Black Hole Capture Project.

If the fiends appear, Ill destroy their scheme.

Then, my mission would also be deemed complete by the Divine Palace.”

Lin Feng had thought it through very clearly.

This mission was only to find His Highness Domila and investigate traces of the fiends.

Once there was concrete evidence, he would be deemed to have completed the mission.

However, the key was that he had no evidence now.

He had to obtain evidence.

“Longbetham, send the information Ive obtained so far and my speculations to the Divine Palace immediately.

Have the Divine Palace be prepared at all times.”

Lin Feng had already decided to take the risk and infiltrate the people who were involved in the Black Hole Capture Project.

He just needed to find conclusive evidence of the fiends presence.

Even if the fiends discovered him, he could use the Law of Space to escape directly.


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