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Today, when Gu Yiyin came home from work, he carried a rectangular object wrapped in a black cloth bag.


Su Yunluo was curious, “What’s that”


Without a word, he unzipped the black cloth bag.

The cat cage was presented, and inside was an orange kitten.



So cute.”


Su Yunluo was adorably charmed by the kitten.

She carefully opened the cat cage and held it out.


Gu Yiyin spoke softly, “A friend of mine’s female cat just recently gave birth to some kittens.

He didn’t need so many cats in his house, so he wanted to share some of them away.

I took this one when I saw it and brought it back.

Do you like it”


“Love it so much.”


Su Yunluo’s eyes were shining brightly.


She was already fond of pets like cats.

She had thought of proposing to Gu Yiyin to keep a cat, but then she forgot about it.


Now that she had seen this kitten, it was no doubt that she was more than happy.


The kitten was a bit bigger than her hand.

It was lying asleep atop hers.

She gently smoothed down its fur.


She looked up to ask Gu Yiyin softly, “How old is this kitten Is this a male or a female”


“It came out a little over a month ago, and it’s a male,” replied Gu Yiyin.


“Should we feed him when he wakes up later Did you buy cat food” Su Yunluo asked.


Gu Yiyin was troubled upon hearing her.


“I brought him back just now that I forgot to buy him cat food.”


“Then after dinner, on the way to the supermarket, let’s go to the pet shop.”  Suggested Su Yunluo.


The couple headed out after dinner.

When they arrived at the pet store to buy cat food, they also purchased various cat items such as mats, bowls, shelter, cleaning supplies, and toys.


The two left the pet shop and drove to a nearby supermarket to buy daily necessities.

Together, they pushed a cart and chatted as they walked.


“Shampoo, shower gel, paper towels .”


Su Yunluo took a shopping list and crossed off one item for each one she took.

Once everything was bought, the two went to check out.


Su Yunluo took a few more glances when they passed by the snack section.

Gu Yiyin saw that she looked like she wanted to buy but was a little hesitant.


Amused, he spoke, “Go ahead and pick out what you want to eat.”


Su Yunluo cheered and went to pick out snacks, “Chips, chocolate, cookies, jelly.”


Unconsciously she took a whole bunch that Su Yunluo felt a little embarrassed.


“Will it be too much I’ll put some back.”


Gu Yiyin dotingly looked at her, “It’s okay, I’m still here, right I’ll see to it that you don’t overeat.”


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