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Chapter 35: God Speed Devlopment

“Older sister, beating someone is wrong.” Yao Yi was clinging to the wall, wishing she could disappear immediately.

The curly-haired girl’s face twitched: “Who are you calling older sister”

“Younger sister.” Yao Yi immediately changed her words.


“You deserve a beating, you!” a boy behind her raised a stick in his hand and threatened.


Yao Yi looked at the brand new long wooden stick in the boy’s hand and closed her eyes in fright.

At this moment, everyone in the alley heard a siren.

“Did the police come” The curly-haired girl asked the people in the back to spread out and listen carefully.

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“Gald’v usw clyvkdt…” Jlqsal Zys Zk nswze qkdkpb prlyjkdt, vbl nwazu-bykale tkaz pnyvvlale okvb lhlausdl.

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“…Mbl rszknl yal swvpkel.” Zys Zk oydvle vs pvlr cynj, cwv oyp tayccle cu vbl nwazu-bykale tkaz.

“Twaau wr yde vyjl wp swv!” Mbl nwazu-bykale tkaz oyp polyvkdt rasqwplzu, yde bla clywvkqwz xyjlwr oyp y ckv xlppu.

“” Zys Zk oyp ekpnsxcscwzyvle.

The curly-haired girl listened to the voices that were getting closer, and hissed anxiously: “We are lost! You take us to hide, good people will have a safe life.”


Soon a wave of people began to run through the alley, bringing with them a gust of wind.

“Go right, go right, I remember there is an exit over there.” Yao Yi ran forward with a deadweight behind her.

Finally running out of the alley, Yao Yi was pulled on by the curly-haired girl, leaning on the roadside to pant.

How did things develop to this point

Yao Yi looked at this group of neatly dressed boys and girls, and now they didn’t look like hooligans.

She didn’t know why, but when they surrounded Yu Qingying before, they looked like gangsters.

“Thank you for this time, I’ll treat you to an ice cream.” The curly-haired girl gasped and patted Yao Yi’s shoulder.

“…Shouldn’t you say that you will cover for me in the future” Yao Yi thought of those scenes on TV, puzzled, wasn’t it always said that art originated from real life

The curly-haired girl looked at Yao Yi up and down, and said speechlessly, “You have read too many novels.

What ‘we will cover for you’ Do you think I am a hooligan Study hard and improve every day, then you will not be cranky.”

The group of people rushed to a store, bought five ice creams, and stuffed them all into Yao Yi’s arms.

“Take it, I don’t owe you any more.” The curly-haired girl waved her hand majestically and led the people away.

She couldn’t hold all the ice cream, and Yao Yi couldn’t just throw it away.

After all, things were developing too fast, and she was still recalling.

Standing on the side of the road and eating two at once, Yao Yi felt so cold that she was about to fly away.


There were three more, Yao Yi ate an ice cream that was about to melt as she walked home.

Is that… Fu Chuan

As soon as Yao Yi saw an acquaintance, she ate the crispy cone in a few bites, holding an ice cream in one hand, and hurried to catch up.

“Want to eat ice cream” Yao Yi held it in front of Fu Chuan.

Fu Chuan, who was just walking and wanted to relax, was startled by Yao Yi who suddenly appeared.

 “It’s very sweet, delicious, you can try it.” Yao Yi’s head was a little cold now, but the ice cream in her hand had begun to melt.

Looking at Yao Yi who had unconsciously put on a pleading expression, Fu Chuan nodded.

Yao Yi breathed a sigh of relief, when the ice cream in her hand began to drip cream.

Subconsciously, Yao Yi took the ice cream in her right hand and licked it.

The ice cream in her left hand was not far behind.

Seeing that it was about to drip into Yao Yi’s hand, Fu Chuan lowered his head and bit it.

“…” Yao Yi first relaxed, then suddenly felt that their posture was a bit strange.

The two stood facing each other, one leaned over and bit the ice cream in the other’s hand, how strange it seemed.


“You take it.” Yao Yi said vaguely while biting her ice cream.

Fu Chuan accepted the advice, took it and smiled, “Thank you for the ice cream.”

“No need to thank me, someone else gave it to me.” Yao Yi was full and didn’t want to bite, so she could only lick the ice cream on top of it.

Fu Chuan looked at someone’s unconsciously exposed pink tongue, his eyes deepened, and he soon looked away.


Yao Yi suddenly remembered that her bicycle was still in the alley.

“I have something to do, I’ll go first, bye.” After Yao Yi finished speaking, she wanted to run back the same way, but was stopped by Fu Chuan.

“Where are you going” Before in Lugu Mountain, Lin Xiuyu talked a lot about their family, so Fu Chuan roughly knew the location of Yao Yi’s home in the city.

She was clearly going in the wrong direction now.

“Oh, I left my bicycle in the alley.” Yao Yi didn’t hide it.

Fu Chuan obviously couldn’t figure out how Yao Yi could go so far leaving her bicycle behind, but her bicycle had long since disappeared.

“I’ll accompany you, I happen to have time.” Fu Chuan said as usual.

It was as if they were good friends, Yao Yi looked up at Fu Chuan and muttered in her heart.


“Oh.” In the end, Yao Yi agreed.

She still didn’t understand the group of people just now.

What if the same thing happened again, one extra person was an extra chance to call the police.

It was the first time that Fu Chuan walked into such an alley, unlike the Qingshiban Road alley, that kind of scenic spot.

The alleys here are mainly made of concrete, and they were dull.

Some of the roads were a little narrow, and only one person could pass at a time, and the two people could only walk sideways.

Other paths were spacious and could even accommodate people fighting in groups.

“Why is your bicycle here” Fu Chuan couldn’t help asking.

“I want to take a shortcut to go home.” Yao Yi said honestly, in fact, it was not entirely for the sake of proximity, mainly because there were few people, so she could control the bicycle.

“It’s too isolated here, and it’s easy to get into trouble.” Fu Chuan immediately frowned, “You’re already grown up, you still don’t know the seriousness of the matter”

It was the first time that Fu Chuan spoke to Yao Yi in such a serious tone, which made Yao Yi beside him freeze.

“Then, I won’t take this shortcut anymore.” Yao Yi nodded and agreed, the incident just now had taught her a lesson.

When they were about to reach the place where the bicycle was left, Yao Yi secretly glanced at Fu Chuan next to her.

She didn’t know how to explain when he saw the bicycle lying on the ground.

“Is that your bicycle” Fu Chuan asked, pointing to a broken bicycle in front of him.

Huh Yao Yi’s eyes widened in surprise.

It had fallen to the ground before, how come it was lifted up now

Did the police uncles do it

“You can’t ride on it anymore.” Fu Chuan glanced at the battered bicycle leaning against the dull wall and found that its handlebar was crooked.

It was probably because it hit the wall before, Yao Yi recalled the collision from earlier.

Now, Yao Yi would have truthfully tell her parents about her bad driving skills.

Yao Yi picked up the bicycle with the crooked handlebar and turned it in a different direction, trying to push it out.

“I’ll push it for you.” Fu Chuan held the handle on the other side and told Yao Yi to back away.

“Oh.” Yao Yi was pushed aside and silently followed behind Fu Chuan.

Fu Chuan looked back at Yao Yi and said: “I’ll take you back.”

“No need to trouble you, when Uncle Li arrives, I’ll be close to home anyway.” Yao Yi didn’t see Uncle Li just now, so probbably Fu Chuan would have to call him to come.

“I’ll take you back.” Fu Chuan said beyond all doubt, “Walk.”

“Aren’t you going home” Yao Yi was very suspicious of Fu Chuan’s unusual enthusiasm.

“It’s nothing, I want to exercise.” Fu Chuan made an excuse at random, “I want to discuss with you about academics along the way.”

“What can you discuss with me” Yao Yi felt uncomfortable as soon as she heard Fu Chuan tell her about studying, “The first place in the grade needs my help”

Fu Chuan shook his head: “I just wrote the essay composition normally, the other subjects are not comparable to your’s.”

Yao Yi was completely led by Fu Chuan, and she was distracted with just a sentence he said.

Fu Chuan smoothly pushed the bicycle with the crooked handlebar to accompany Yao Yi home.

Yao Yi didn’t walk fast, and sometimes paused for a few seconds.

Even if Fu Chuan slowed down, she would still fall behind him.

Now Yao Yi looked at Fu Chuan’s long hair and her thoughts began to scatter.

It looked dark and straight, but she didn’t know how it felt to the touch.

 Fu Chuan’s hair was tied with a red cord.

Yao Yi stared at the knot and found that the hole seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

After a while, the red rope disappeared from Yao Yi’s sight, it loosened and fell straight down.

Yao Yi quickly reached out her hand to take it, but Fu Chuan’s long hair spread out at this moment, covering half of his face.

The footsteps of the two of them slowed down at the same time.

Seeing that Fu Chuan’s hair was making him uncomfortable, Yao Yi subconsciously stretched out her other hand to help him pin his hair behind his earlobe.

Thin and soft, not as rough as her own hair.

This was the only thought in Yao Yi’s mind, but Fu Chuan stopped.

“…Can you help me tie it” Fu Chuan asked tentatively.

“I don’t know how to tie your hair knot.” It was impossible to tie his hair back with a hair cord, for Yao Yi.

“I’ll teach you.” Fu Chuan put the bicycle aside, and the two sat together on the edge of the flower bed.

“Okay.” Yao Yi handed the hair rope to Fu Chuan.

Fu Chuan picked up Yao Yi’s hand and said, “Look carefully at my movements.”

He planned to tie the hair rope to Yao Yi’s wrist, gently folded her sleeves, and pressed his thumb on her wrist.

Yao Yi froze for a moment by the warm touch.

“Your skin is broken here.” Fu Chuan was about to tie the hair cord around Yao Yi’s wrist, but noticed a small piece of skin on the lower part of her palm that was torn apart.

Yao Yi looked down and guessed that it was torn by scraping her arm against the wall when she was grabbing Yu Qingying.

Originally he wanted to use the hair rope to be more intimate with Yao Yi, Fu Chuan changed his mind and just wanted to clean up her wound immediately.

“There’s a pharmacy down the road, wait for a moment.” Fu Chuan tied his hair as he walked forward, skillfully tying it with a red hair cord.

“He can tie his own hair” Yao Yi sat beside the flower bed and looked at Fu Chuan’s back, feeling inexplicable.

Fu Chuan ran out after he bought the medicine.

He looked serious and looked at Yao Yi who couldn’t take care of herself at all.

He wanted to scold her, but he couldn’t find his position.

Finally, he pursed his lips and fell silent.

Opening the bag, there were various medicines, as well as band-aids.

Fu Chuan didn’t sit down, but squatted in front of Yao Yi, took out the liquid medicine and began to disinfect.

“Actually, it’s not serious, it will get better on its own after a while.” Yao Yi said unconcerned.

Fu Chuan glanced at Yao Yi coldly: “Not counting that you hurt yourself, and then adding on not applying medicine, you are really amazing.”

Yao Yi heard Fu Chuan’s unpleasant tone, and quickly closed her mouth.

She let him carefully rub the medicine on her wound.

His eyelashes were really long, and the ends of his eyes were upturned.

Yao Yi stared at Fu Chuan’s drooping eyes and saw his long eyelashes.

With a straight nose and fair and clear skin, he should look really handsome.

Yao Yi was absent-minded, looking at Fu Chuan in a daze.

She forgot that someone was still applying medicine for her, and she was stimulated by the liquid medicine that couldn’t help but shiver twice.


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